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Anna Bissell: America's First Female CEO Sweeping Up The Competition

Read how Anna Bissell became a successful businesswoman in an era where business was wholly a masculine field.

Ingvar Kamprad: The Visionary Swedish Entrepreneur

You'll be surprised to find that a young boy named Ingvar Kamprad began selling matches at young age and later became a visionary successful entrepreneur forming IKEA.

Charles Goodyear: Resilient As Vulcanized Rubber

There is nothing more frustrating than wasted effort. That’s how it was for Charles Goodyear. Read more about his recurring efforts to make car tires.

Alan Turing: The Once Obscure Father of Computer Science

Turing showed his machine that could calculate anything that needed to be calculated. The Turing Machine was no exception, with an infinite memory capable of processing any set of instructions.

Robert Watson-Watt: The Man Who Led The Development of Britain's "Secret Weapon" in World War Two - Radar

Sir Robert Watson-Watt, who was knighted in 1942 for pioneering the technology that helped win the Battle of Britain.

George Westinghouse: A Dynamo and a Giant Among Inventors

As George was often on train rides to do business in other areas, he repeatedly experienced inefficiencies in the railroad industry.

Top Strategies in Content Marketing for Manufacturing Companies

Read on to learn about the top strategies in content marketing for manufacturing companies and how to stay ahead of the pack.

The Inventor Behind the Iconic Swiss Knife

Elsener's Swiss Army Knife is among the few things associated with Switzerland together with its banking industry, alps, and watches. Karl Elsener established the Association of Swiss Cutlers.

Henry Heinz: A True Food Pioneer

Henry J. Heinz. Heinz was a genius pickles magnate with the kind eyes, caring face, flowing mustache, and side-whiskers of so long ago.

Resolving the Difference Between Sales and Marketing

This article discusses the difference between sales and marketing and how to resolve the conflict between these two business factors.

Future Technology - What to Expect by 2050

This article discusses future technology and what we can expect the tech landscape to be by 2050. The projected breakthroughs in all aspects of living included.

B2B Digital Marketing ROI: How To Measure and Improve It

Learn how to improve your B2B digital marketing ROI in this blog, as well as how to measure it and update it.

History of Influencer Marketing and What to Takeaway for 2022

Read about the history of influencer marketing and what to expect in 2022 as we prepare to navigate the ever-changing social media world.

Top Lead Researcher Skills and Tools to Have

Read about the best lead researcher skills and tools to help you get started with customer research and lead generation.

B2B Sales Consulting Strategies SaaS Companies Need to Know

Learn about the top B2B sales consulting strategies that can help your SaaS company uncover new business opportunities.

10 Reasons to Get an Outsourced Team

Reading this article will guide you to make a learned decision whether to hire an outsourced team or not.

Brand vs Product Marketing in 2022: What to Expect?

Learn how to solve the split-personality problem with brand vs product marketing and transform your marketing plan.

How to Connect with C-Level Executives: An SDR's Guide

In this article, you will have a better insight into C-Level Executives and learn how to connect and engage with them successfully.

Teaching Older Employees in the Workplace New Sales Tech

The fate of older employees in the workplace has been up for debate for years. So, how do you teach them the new technology, especially in sales?

WFH Companies: How To Ensure Job and Employee Retention

This article focuses on how WFH companies can ensure employee retention; and how remote workers can remain relevant to their companies.

Best Business Turnaround and Comeback Stories

The business turnaround and comeback stories of some of these big brands are nothing short of inspirational!

Leadership Development Plan: The SMART Way

Personal development plan is your roadmap to career satisfaction while creating an impact on your organization. Let this article guide you how.

Gender Equality in Business: the Future is Here

This article, with verified data, discusses the issue of gender equality in business.

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