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The 10 Best Lead Generation Techniques with AI for 2022

In this article, we'll go through the top 10 AI lead generation techniques you may use to generate new leads for your company in 2022.

AI bees Ranked as 2021's Top Global Digital Marketing Company by the Manifest

AI bees is so proud to announce that The Manifest has recognized us as the global most recommended digital marketing agency for 2021!

Not a Necessary Evil: Why Founders Should Embrace Sales

I never paid much attention to the story until I had the chance to chat with several startup tech founders at a seminar. 

Beyond 2021: Lead Generation Strategies For Business Growth

Sales reps are not only maneuvering a minefield of savvy buyers and facing armies of hungry competitors but they are also hammered with a bombardment of misinformation.

The Triumvirate: A Catalyst for Social and Economic Development

These three remarkable gentlemen, known as the "Triumvirate," carried The North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company to unprecedented success. 

How To Create The Perfect B2B Sales Plan

Today's customers desire to do their research and make their own purchasing decisions, free of vendor interference.

Teaching Older Workers The New Sales Technology

In this modern era, companies are starting to acknowledge the fast-paced digitalization of business. 

Thinking of Creating a Playbook For Your Sales Development Team? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Imagine a world where we were all given a cheat code to use while dealing with the hurdles of life.

Social Media and the Future - Trends in 2021 and Beyond

If there’s one thing the last year has taught us with Covid-19, it’s that our lives will never remain the same again, ever!

Marjorie Merriweather Post:The Feisty Female Mogul of the 1900s

Post may have lived like royalty, but she was so much more than a well-heeled socialite with impeccable taste.

Age, Leadership, and Greatness

It could be stereotyping, like judging glances older individuals get while going on about their everyday lives, or about the looks and mannerisms of older people.

Beat The Holiday Slump: How To Book Last Sales Meeting Before the Holidays

It can be quite hard trying to book a meeting with a prospect who is planning to go on a vacation during the holidays in a few weeks. Imagine if this prospect was one of those you had to work hard for, and then boom, the holidays come knocking on your door. 

Ensuring Job and Employee Retention in the Era of Remote Working

Remote work, flexible working, or any other name given to this transformation in how we work has come to stay.

The Ultimate Marketing Strategy for Startups

Did you know that 90% of startups fail, most of them dying within the first year? This implies that learning how to successfully and cost-effectively sell oneself is essential.

Cold Calling: Unethical Or Not?

I used to be in charge of making cold calls when I first started out in sales. I got a lot of encouraging feedback, and I thought I'd figured out some terrific tactics for maximizing my effectiveness on the phone.

Madam C.J. Walker - America's first female self-made millionaire

Hair is a woman's crowning glory. And for most, using hair care products is necessary to keep their hair looking preened, polished, and beautiful at all times.

The Best Strategy When Dealing With Unresponsive Leads

You're having a busy sales day when you receive a request notification. Naturally, you phone the client's number as soon as possible. Although they appear to have just completed filling out the form, they do not pick up. You become frustrated and wonder if following up with them is worthwhile.

Remote Work, The Pandemic and What it Means To Have Great Leadership

Before the pandemic, 15% of US employees were working from home some of the time. When the pandemic unfolds, almost half of US employees are doing their work remotely.

Remarketing Interactions: Key Elements To Maximize Results

Simply place the notice on the entrance, and clients will walk straight in, purchase your products, and money will begin to flow in.

At What Point Does Sales Own Lead Generation?

Over and over, I hear the same issue. Marketing is handling all aspects of lead creation and distributing the leads to sales.

Top Things to Learn from Marketing Legends

Marketing legends are not born with outstanding strategies. They are influenced, molded, and formed through experiences, success, and failures throughout their lifetime.

Levi Strauss: A Life of Originality, Business Integrity, and Philanthropy

We try to follow the dictates of an era, but who among us has never owned a pair of jeans? Or a better question yet, who doesn't have a pair of jeans that we keep coming back to like a comfort blanket?

Margaret Knight: Empowered American Female Inventor

Anyone who has ever carried groceries from the grocery store or packed a lunch for work or school may be familiar with Margaret Knight's invention, the flat-bottomed paper bag. This was the most well-known of Knight's inventions, which she patented in 1871.

The Lady Who Stops Bullets: The Genius of Stephanie Kwolek

We celebrate all inventions that humankind has benefitted on. But sometimes, there will that one inventor who would come up with something with a hundred uses. Stephanie Kwolek was one of those.

How the Kellogg Brothers' 'Battling' Revolutionized American Breakfast

In the little town of Battle Creek, Michigan, the creation of the first flaked breakfast cereal is a story of sibling rivalry, a new church, and a health-food obsession. Few people know how two Michigan brothers invented and promoted Kellogg's Corn Flakes, one of the most popular cereals in America.

Warm-up Those Cold Leads: The Fastest Ways to Connect with Prospects

In sales, we are often told we can't have them all. We must learn to walk away. 

B2B Social Selling: The Art and Science

Let’s play a game, shall we? Put a finger down if you have an active social media account. I bet 97% of you put your finger down. A study done shows the number of people using social media from 2010 to 2018 increased by 23%.

Edwin Binney and Harold Smith: Co-inventors of Crayola crayons

Edwin Binney and Harold Smith: American Creative EntrepreneursLearn how these cousins’ innovation changed the artistry and education of millions of children worldwide.

Men and Women's View on Entrepreneurship: Is It Really That Different?

While we are working to ease it, the gender gap (particularly as far as entrepreneurship is concerned) continues to expand

Recognizing Women Who Revolutionized Technology

The prominent faces for "Women in Tech" may be Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg, and Meg Whitman, but how does their popularity translate for other women in this field?

Cold Outreach In The Era of 8-Second Attention Spans

Are you tired of collecting lists of high-quality leads, building a cold emailing plan, and receiving no response?

The Power of Business Storytelling

Think back on the last story you read or your favorite movie. What was the main character's name? What did you find appealing about him or her? What happened to the character during the course of the film? You remember the plot in great detail.

Age In The Workplace: How To Manage Generational Differences and Drive Your Business To Success

Never in history that the workplace becomes more interesting and exciting than it is right now.

How To Write ‘Can’t-Wait-To-Open Emails: Improve Your Readability

It's never been more critical to send high-quality emails and content. Inboxes are jam-packed, and the number of competing emails is staggering. How will you ensure that your content gets read and that you achieve your objectives?

Gender and Internet Access: The Great Divide

 If you’re perusing the internet today, then know you’re enjoying a privilege, not every woman has — access to the internet. 

6 Email Marketing Tips All Saas Brands Need To Know

Every day, many people must read dozens of business emails. But, the task becomes more challenging with the presence of the same cliches. This happens far too frequently. 

Your Journey Might Be One of the Biggest Comebacks

If one scrutinizes what endeavors to succeed, it is because of the leader and its employees. What failed? Its people. And what made it turn around? People. 

How to Harness The Power of Video Marketing

Over the years, a big part of content marketing shifted to video streaming. There is no question that video’s popularity has exploded and will continue to be extremely popular in the years to come. 

10 Useful Tips on How to Take Advantage Of Email Marketing

Many professionals feel that email marketing is on death row due to the growth of social media. But even combining the two most popular social media platforms, namely Facebook and Twitter, direct email marketing impressively gains converts 40% higher.

How AI is Changing Personal Selling Now and Into the Future

Before you get alarmed and panic thinking your job is at risk, wouldn’t it be a better approach to ask yourself how AI can help you be more efficient and effective in your job?

Why AI is the Future of Lead Generation

A company lives or dies by its ability to sell. Indeed, sales are the lifeline of any business. Before selling, though, a business must have 'leads.' So how were leads generated throughout history?

What Makes a Top Marketing Executive?

Do you want to be among the movers and shakers of the marketing world? Then you better start thinking big and aim high to grab one of those rare-to-find executive seats. 

The Real McCoy

Imagine riding on a train, and before long, it has to stop to let oilmen lubricate the machine to avoid breakdowns. 

Tourism and Travel Post-Covid: What Now?

The Crisis of COVID-19 has damaged so many key businesses, particularly those that depend on human movements. 

Reinventing Yourself At 50+: For Real?

Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your life. The most interesting people I know didn't know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives. Some of the most interesting 40-year-olds I know still don't.

Decision Makers vs. Decision Influencers: A New Perspective

Enticing customers to decide in favor of your products and services involves technical skills and interpersonal skills. And finding the right person to talk to gets complicated each day. Should you speak to the decision-maker, or should you be finding the influencer?

We’re All in This Together: Your Guide to Teamwork In Sales

The sales industry is quite a competitive field. For those not in sales, let me paint you a picture of how competitive the field is. 

Growth Hacking vs Growth Marketing: What's The Difference Anyway?

If there was an award for Buzz Phrases, I believe "growth hacking" would have quite an impressive collection of plaques by now. 

Sales-Marketing Alignment: A Step By Step Guide

In your firm, marketing and sales serve two vital functions: obtaining new customers and nurturing existing ones. Both have the same end goal: to make more money.

How To Stay Ahead of the Curve: A Guide To An Effective Sales Approach

Sales is not a sprint but a marathon. You have to stay motivated to have the stamina to win.

LinkedIn or Facebook: Which Social Media Platform is the Best for Lead Generation?

Social media has come a long way in terms of how people are using it. This means social media platforms can provide us with visibility and the best positioning for B2B lead generation.

99 Problems but a Niche Ain’t One: Kickstart Marketing Through your Niche

For many companies, the idea of jumping into a different marketing approach oftentimes is met with a bit of apprehension. 

Leadership Development Plan: The SMART Way

Leaders play a crucial and critical role in every organization across industries. The success and failure of an organization hinge hugely on the quality of its leaders.

Marketing Misconceptions: What Early-Stage Tech Entrepreneurs Should Watch Out For

In the minds of many business people, marketing is just selling on a greater scale. But in reality, what is marketing, anyway?

Florence Nightingale: The Mother of Modern Nursing

In the realm of nursing, Florence Nightingale is the most well-known name. Her work was crucial in the development of modern nursing practice, and she worked tirelessly to ensure that the patients in her care had all they needed to get well. Her Environmental Theory revolutionized nursing by establishing sanitary working environments for both patients and nurses.

Jamsetji Tata:The ‘‘Father of Indian Industrialization’’

As John D. Rockefeller was building unimaginable wealth in the United States in the 19th century, which he would devote to improving the welfare of the nation, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata was doing the same in India.

How to Fuel Your Success: Growth Marketing or Growth Hacking?

Many in the business industry would take pains to differentiate growth marketing from growth hacking. These terms have been hovering around for some time now, and since both are effective models, they deserve some clarification before being put to good use.

Tips About Social Media For Marketing You Can't Afford To Miss

With B2B Social Media Marketing strategy, I hear these statements. They could be wrong or right because social media is a straightforward and tricky marketing channel at the same time.

Leo Baekeland: The King of Plastics

Ever wonder why, when cooking, the plastic parts on your pots and pans don't burn?

JOSEPH GAYETTY: Entrepreneur Who Revolutionized Bathroom Trips

Have you ever sat back and tried to remember why some things were invented?

Alfred Nobel: Peace-Loving Founder Makes Everything Go Boom!

It’s amazing what we can find out in history when it comes to inventions of things that have shaped the world into what it currently is.

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