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Margaret Knight: Empowered American Female Inventor

Anyone who has ever carried groceries from the grocery store or packed a lunch for work or school may be familiar with Margaret Knight's invention, the flat-bottomed paper bag. This was the most well-known of Knight's inventions, which she patented in 1871.

Hiring in Manufacturing: Meet the Challenges and Create Interest

With roles becoming increasingly technical and demanding, but fewer people choosing to pursue education and training in sectors like manufacturing. 

99 Problems but a Niche Ain’t One: Kickstart Marketing Through your Niche

For many companies, the idea of jumping into a different marketing approach oftentimes is met with a bit of apprehension. 

Leadership Development Plan: The SMART Way

Leaders play a crucial and critical role in every organization across industries. The success and failure of an organization hinge hugely on the quality of its leaders.

Marketing Misconceptions: What Early-Stage Tech Entrepreneurs Should Watch Out For

In the minds of many business people, marketing is just selling on a greater scale. But in reality, what is marketing, anyway?

Florence Nightingale: The Mother of Modern Nursing

In the realm of nursing, Florence Nightingale is the most well-known name. Her work was crucial in the development of modern nursing practice, and she worked tirelessly to ensure that the patients in her care had all they needed to get well. Her Environmental Theory revolutionized nursing by establishing sanitary working environments for both patients and nurses.

Jamsetji Tata:The ‘‘Father of Indian Industrialization’’

As John D. Rockefeller was building unimaginable wealth in the United States in the 19th century, which he would devote to improving the welfare of the nation, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata was doing the same in India.

How to Fuel Your Success: Growth Marketing or Growth Hacking?

Many in the business industry would take pains to differentiate growth marketing from growth hacking. These terms have been hovering around for some time now, and since both are effective models, they deserve some clarification before being put to good use.

Tips About Social Media For Marketing You Can't Afford To Miss

With B2B Social Media Marketing strategy, I hear these statements. They could be wrong or right because social media is a straightforward and tricky marketing channel at the same time.

Leo Baekeland: The King of Plastics

Ever wonder why, when cooking, the plastic parts on your pots and pans don't burn?

JOSEPH GAYETTY: Entrepreneur Who Revolutionized Bathroom Trips

Have you ever sat back and tried to remember why some things were invented?

Alfred Nobel: Peace-Loving Founder Makes Everything Go Boom!

It’s amazing what we can find out in history when it comes to inventions of things that have shaped the world into what it currently is.

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