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Meet some of our clients and read what they like about AI bees

Nikhil Jain
Skellam AI Case Study
Their commitment to work for the client and proactiveness in responding were outstanding.
Gary Speck
ABS Telecom LLC case study
Our project was successful.
Maurits Schreuders
ROI Hunter Case Study
AI bees impressively used LinkedIn and Email Marketing to bring in a consistent number of leads per month.

Here are Royal Jelly Perfomance
based Growth Service Features

Campaign Manager
Data Researcher
B2B Target Analyst
Social Media Engager
Appointment Setter
Competitive Analysis
Battle Cards
Ideal Customer Profile ( 3 Tiers )
ABM Target List Development
12+ Months Growth Plan
Quarterly Minimum Guarantees
30+ Guaranteed Booked Meetings
Campaigns with 2 LinkedIn Profiles & 2 Emails
2000+ Social Engagements
25+ SEO Optimized Posts
12+ Months Nurturing of Warm Leads

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