Performance-Based Contract, Results First

Make Loss Impossible with Performance-Based Marketing

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Rich Ellor
Purple Case Study
"The engagement has led to significant numbers of meetings from multiple organizations, exceeding our business goals."
Heissam Kamari
MongoDB Case Study
"The acceleration of getting first meetings booked in that timeline felt pretty impressive."
Paul Bird
Magentrix Case Study
"Our LinkedIn networks grew significantly: +700%, and we closed our first deal within 60 days."
AI bees Online Demo
1 hr
Robert Leone
Liquid Capital Case Study
"We contacted over 1000 potential referral partners and had conversations with nearly 250 of them."

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Spasaka Packages Details


Growth Platform
Done WITH YOU Service
Account Manager
Weekly 1-on-1 Strategy Calls & Reports
Email & Social Sales Acceleration Platform
(Intelligent Outreach)
AI Memory
(B2B ABM Data)
AI Snippets
(First-Line Personalization)
Email Verification
(B2B Corporate Emails)
Personality Analysis
(Insights about Prospects)
A/B Laboratory
(Campaign Data)


Performance Based Growth Service
Done FOR YOU Service
Team of 6 Growth Experts
Weekly 1-on-1 Strategy Calls & Reports
Competitive Analysis &
Target Market Study
Account-based Target List
Building and Cleaning
Social Engagements with
Commenting & Endorsements
SEO Optimized Posting &
Nurturing of Warm Leads
A/B Testing &
Campaign Analysis
30 Guaranteed Booked
Meetings per Month

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Make Loss Impossible
with Performance-Based


Performance-Based Contract, Results First
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AI Machine that Produces Highly
Personalized Campaigns with
Precisely Selected Prospects
Weekly Updated Calls and Campaign
Analysis From Your Dedicated
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Multiple Sessions and Workshops
with a Team of Growth Hackers
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