10 Useful Tips on How to Take Advantage Of Email Marketing

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Are you one of them?

Many professionals feel that email marketing is on death row due to the growth of social media. But even combining the two most popular social media platforms, namely Facebook and Twitter, direct email marketing impressively gains converts 40% higher.  

Those who believe that email marketing is no longer effective forget that when this strategy does not work, the content of the email does not engage or meet the interests of the recipients. 

The stats will tell you why you need to take advantage of email marketing.

But beware: 78% of recipients claim to have canceled email subscriptions because they receive one too many. A successful marketer knows running a campaign is not as easy as clicking on the “send” button. 

Ten Tips on Effective Email Marketing

  1. Grow your email list correctly using a signup form that requires subscribers to opt-in to receive your email.

  1. Keep your business on their mind. Send your welcome emails right away when they subscribe.

  1. Include attention-getting pre-header text to provide more context to your message and encourage your reader to open the mail.

  1. Segment the list based on the interest of your audience or the stage of their buying cycle.

  1. Get personal.
    Personalization increases your email chance of being opened by 26%.

  1. Use marketing automation to build customer journeys that nurture them and provide them valuable content along the way.

  1. Use dynamic content to tailor subscriber attributes. Focus on your prospects’ gender, preferences, and geolocation.

  1. Give your emails the best fighting chance at being noticed and opened. Send emails based on your prospects’ timezones.

  1. Check every part of your email to ensure it is in tiptop shape before you push send.
  2. Use your reporting to optimize your future email campaigns and customer engagement.

 The Do's and the Don'ts of Email Marketing

Do: Build your subscriber list.  Make sure your list is constantly growing passively with a signup feature on your website. By giving attention to increasing the size of your subscriber list, you'll be in the position to connect to more "relevant" people and build lasting relationships.

Don't: include a preheader text that could sabotage your email marketing campaign. Give them a good reason to open your email.

Do: Make it personal. Customers have evolved, and they appreciate emails when there is a personal element. Research reveals that personalization increases emails' chances of being opened by 26%

Don't: Send out disconnected one-off emails can cause you to lose credibility with your customers. Ensure consistency in the way you communicate.

Do: Give your emails the best fighting chance at being opened. When you have subscribers from all over the world, make sure to send emails based on their timezones. To have an optimum chance of being noticed, opened, and read, make sure that the prospect is awake and alert to notifications. 

Don’t: Send emails without double-checking for errors. This sounds obvious, but you will be astonished how many marketers send emails that look like amateur websites from the ’90s. 

Do:  Use your data reporting to better your future email campaigns and customer engagement. Track your data as some results may have nothing to do with platforms and content but tell you a lot about your email performance.

Key takeaway: Email marketing has many advantages associated with it. When used wisely, it can leverage sales, generate new customers and help in their retention. 

Great email marketing ultimately boils down to giving your audience something that resonates with them, something that keeps your business on their mind. Be it educational material about your industry, operational information about your service, or marketing messages about the products and services you offer. Otherwise, that email might just be going to end up deleted or in the trash.