Beat The Holiday Slump: How To Book Last Sales Meeting Before the Holidays

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It can be quite hard trying to book a meeting with a prospect who is planning to go on a vacation during the holidays in a few weeks. Imagine if this prospect was one of those you had to work hard for, and then boom, the holidays come knocking on your door. 

How do you even start by convincing them to hold a meeting with you when they probably want to go shopping. With holidays approaching, here is a guide on how to book the sales meeting. 

  1. Make The Meeting Convenient

Imagine a scenario where you have to get through traffic before Christmas; stressful, isn't it? So when booking the meeting, you should ensure it is convenient for both of you. 

One way to ensure that you do not have any stressful scenarios is by sending the prospect your availability schedule. Include  3-4 slots that best work for you. It can be daunting if you use a blank slate to figure out the best time to meet.

While sending the meeting invite, ensure that you highlight why you meet with the prospect and what you intend to cover. Make use of tracking tools to know when the prospect opens the invite. 

  1. Do not fall for the easy bait.

In most cases, you’ll find that calendars are often open during holidays. Do not try to book appointments the day before the holidays. Let’s be candid; Friday meetings are usually often easy to lose. The same goes for planning a meeting close to the holidays. You’ll find that most of them are probably not planning to go to work this time of the year. 

This is why it is important to book your meetings in advance to ensure they’ll show up. Also, by booking early, you’ll have a buffer in case they need to reschedule. 

  1. Make Sure That The Stakeholders Are Around 

Most people love traveling during the holiday. It will not help if you book an appointment when all the stakeholders are busy getting their tan. This is why it is crucial to ensure that you plan around your stakeholder’s schedules. 

This will offer you the chance to plan on the deals you may close before the end of the year. 

  1. Make The End Of Year Date Early

In most cases, it will be of help if you choose an early date to close the year. This will offer you the chance to plan around the date and close the deals before all the stakeholders are away. Having this data helps you avoid closing deals during the holidays. 

Nothing kills a vibe than seeing a work email while you are busy eating sushi. In most cases, the date is usually December 10th. So ensure that you arrange your meetings before this date. 

  1. Send Them A Gentle Reminder

It is often essential to remind your prospect that you would like to have a meeting with them regardless of the time of the year. This is especially crucial during the holidays. Most people are usually so caught up with the holiday season and may forget about the meeting.

It would be bad for you if you end up trying to call the prospect about the meeting just to find out they already went on holiday. 

  1. Avoid using “ Happy Holidays” while trying to book the meetings

As a sales rep, you always have to find a way to stand out. During this holiday, the prospect is likely to receive emails starting with this subject line. If you are trying to book an appointment, come up with great subject lines that will entice the prospect to open it.

The downside of using “happy holidays” is that the prospect may receive so many emails during this time and might fail to notice the urgent ones. So the prospect might think that your email is just a promotion and fail to open it.

  1. Map Out Your Key Dates

This is a great strategy to use because there are companies that start to slow down right after thanksgiving time. If this is the case, it is best to assess your key dates. 

Doing this will help you choose the suitable dates that are guaranteed to help you land that meeting. 

The prospect might find it annoying if you try emailing them or calling them to ask when you can meet up when they are already in holiday mode. To avoid such scenarios, you should map out your key dates. 

  1. Combine Phone And Email Outreach

To help ensure that you secure that meeting during the holiday, you should use both phone calls and email outreach. Why is this? Remember, during the holiday season, the prospect’s mind might be all over. 

Let’s say they get the chance to read your email; it is human for them to forget about it. To ensure that you get an appointment with them, you should go a step further and call them. 

  1. Be Quick To The Point

Most people during the holidays often want to quickly get done with their projects and get into holiday mode. It will not help your case if you are not straight to the point while booking a meeting with the prospect. Therefore, regardless of the approach you choose to use, it is best to ensure it is short and precise. 

  1. Get Your Timing Right

It will do you no good if you choose to contact the prospect two days before Christmas. 

This is why it will help you get the right timing, as it will help improve your odds of getting a hold of the prospect. 


Make use of these approaches, which will certainly help you beat the slump. Good luck!