Sales-Marketing Alignment: A Step By Step Guide

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A pair of chopsticks (what would you do with one? Spear your food?)🥢🥢

Tom and Jerry. 🐈‍🐁🐈🐁

They have loved and hated each other for 47 years. 

But what would they do without each other? 

Peanut butter and jam. 🥪🥪

There's nothing quite like spooning some crunchy nut butter from the jar. A match made in foodie heaven!

Certain things complement each other naturally. Do you know what else goes so beautifully together?

Marketing and sales.

In your firm, marketing and sales serve two vital functions: obtaining new customers and nurturing existing ones. Both have the same end goal: to make more money. Combining sales and marketing works miracles, but to do it effectively, you must first understand what distinguishes them.

Is there a difference between sales and marketing?

At the beginning of my career, I believed that marketing was the future. I sold what was “in the sales bag.”


But I wanted to be a part of shaping the future. Naive? Delusional? . Possible? Definitely!


“The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” 

-Peter Drucker

What matters in marketing isn't who can talk quicker or close better. A strong psychological grasp of client wants is required. Steve Jobs excelled in this area more than any other person I can think of.

Marketing, in its simplest form, is the process of making potential buyers aware of your business and brand. While sales is the process of converting spectators into actual consumers.

When you know the difference between sales and marketing, you know how they can support each other to create a successful business.

How can marketing support sales teams?

When beginning on the effort to support sales, regardless of your function, there is a continuous theme:

  • Understand what you're doing –> Understand yourself
  • Try to comprehend the obstacles and pain areas of sales. –> Understand your sales staff.
  • Identify problems that you can solve –> Decide what you will do
  • Include it in your overall plan's deliverables –> Make a strategy for carrying it out.

With a can-do mentality and a scrappy implementation, getting started is simple. We must all begin somewhere. The problem is figuring out how to keep the effort going. The top-down strategy with firm commitment from senior sales and marketing management is the best way to sustain that.

How Can Marketing Develop An Effective Sales Mindset?

You can support sales as a marketer depending on your function. You can also help sales by doing the following;

  • Recognize the Sales Mindset
  • Understand the sales process (aka sales stages)
  • Examine sales metrics

It took me a long time to realize that salespeople and marketers don't think the same way. In some ways, salespeople are from Mars, while marketers are from Venus.


Marketing is more about creativity, but sales is all about getting close, close, close. It is all about closing a deal by pushing prospects to the bottom of the sales funnel.


Sales-Marketing Alignment: A Step-by-Step Guide

Why Sales and marketing should work together is a no-brainer. Organizations with "excellent" sales-marketing alignment

Marketing, in some form or another, will frequently create "leads" that Sales will pursue and attempt to convert. Regrettably, this is frequently where the link between the two departments ends.

Take into account this:

That's a real shame.

According to another survey, the six most significant barriers to sales and marketing alignment are:

The current sales and marketing funnel causes improved collaboration and communication between the two parties.

So, how can you establish a smarketing department?

  1. Jump on sales calls together

Sitting in on sales calls is a simple method of marketing to improve communication.  Another way is allowing members of the marketing department to attend sales pitches.


These are fantastic ways of learning about potential customers' concerns.



  1. Make official links.



Select one person from sales and one from marketing to act as a link between the two departments.


Their role would be to follow up on requests, start evaluations, and to ease coordination.


  1. Meet on a regular basis


The two teams should have regular meetings, whether it is monthly or weekly.


At these meetings, the sales team can give challenges or achievements.


Marketing can provide input on current or upcoming initiatives and tactics.


  1. Get together and socialize.


The two teams should spend time together in a casual setting, such as team building or happy hour. This will enhance their working relationship.


Allow social interactions and information exchange between the two teams.

  1. Make a group chat room

Set up a chatroom to ensure sharing of information between the two teams.


Use it to send essential information, chat, share ideas, and keep track of project progress.

Now, go ahead and feel the love

These may appear to be no-brainer, but the simplest option is the best one.


Collaboration is the key. Teamwork makes the dream work.