We’re All in This Together: Your Guide to Teamwork In Sales

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The sales industry is quite a competitive field. For those not in sales, let me paint you a picture of how competitive the field is. 

Do you remember those days when we were kids, and suddenly a kid would shout, “Last one to reach the playground is a smelly butt!” (lol, I do hope this does not give away my age). 

Whenever the kid would announce this, we would all run so fast, as no one would want to be called a frog.

That’s exactly how the field of sales is. Everyone is always competing to be the best. Well, in this case, so that they will not be the frog. 

This competitive nature has influenced the attitude of working alone. In retrospect, sales representatives need to work as a team constantly. 

Would you mind sticking with me for you to learn the importance of teamwork in sales? 

Activities That Will Help Sales Representatives To Work As A Team

Before discussing the importance of working as a team in sales, let us check how you can be a team player.

  • Setting team goals that include bonuses

Incentives help motivate people to work harder. And you can use this tactic to help your sales representatives work as a team. 

This is how you do it, form several groups of sales representatives. Then set a goal and announce to the group that they will achieve the goal and receive the bonus. 

Instinctively you’ll find the representatives working as a team and helping each other as they all want to get the bonus.

  • Schedule more meetings

The unfortunate part is that sales representatives prefer being the lone wolf. This is not a bad thing, but it does not promote teamwork. 

To avoid such a culture, holding more meetings will allow the sales representatives to be more comfortable. 

Also during the meetings, you could include sales training as it will help build a more cooperative atmosphere.

  • Lead by example

Actions speak louder than words. Therefore as a leader, you must show by example. 

In this case, you could choose to interact with another leader and work as a team to achieve a common goal. 

  • Introduce team building activities

Such activities often require people to work together for them to win. 

It is also best to incorporate team-building activities to create a great bond among the sales representatives. The activities will also help build morale. 

Instead of showing the team a PowerPoint presentation on working as a team, you should lead by example. 

Significance Of Working As A Team In Sales

Now that you have an idea of how you can promote teamwork in your organization. Here are some of the reasons as to why you should encourage the sales representatives to work together.

  • Teamwork promotes intrinsic self-motivation

Working as a team helps develop friendly competition. Let’s say your friend is closing three sales in a day and you, on the other hand, are closing one in a day. 

This difference will cultivate the urge to compete. 

As a team player, you’ll want to know why they are doing better and what you can do to help better your skills. 

Seeing that your teammates are doing better will develop an intrinsic self-motivation culture. 

  • Working as a team helps you learn mistakes to avoid

Wouldn’t it be better if someone would guide you away from mistakes to avoid in life? 

It would be even easier to close deals as a sales representative when you know how to interact with the prospect. 

While working as a team, you’ll have the chance to interact with different people, and eventually, you’ll find yourself sharing stories and lessons you’ve learned. 

This interaction will guide you on what to do and not what to do in your next sale. 

  • Working as a team helps you think outside the box
  • The sales industry has its challenges. Working as a team will help you know how the team members tend to deal with different hurdles. A benefit you are likely not to experience as a lone wolf.
  • There is more to gain when you help each other:
  • Prospects often feel more comfortable buying a product or a service from a renowned company. So imagine this: if you had to work alone and close the deals while your teams are struggling, the company might fail to gain the best visibility.
  • It will be easier to close deals. It will help put your company on the map when the team succeeds, and approaching a prospect will be easy. 
  • It will help increase the rate at which you connect with the customer.
  • It is hard for everyone to like you. Imagine if you’d interact with a customer who finds you a tard annoying. Someone else on your team can close the sale. 

  • It helps promote work synergy.

Working as a team helps create an environment with trust, respect, fellowship, corporation, and support. This, in turn, will help improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. 

  • Working as a team helps promote accountability 

By working as a team, you’ll have someone who will keep you in check whenever you suck at your job. When one team member slacks their job, it will affect the team and eventually affect the organization. 

  • Improved efficiency

Sales include doing different tasks. But when the representatives decide to work as a team, it will be much easier for them to delegate themselves. 

  • It helps to build on your career:

You are likely to pick up more tips while working as a team, and anytime you use them, it will help you build your career. 

Key Takeaway

They say teamwork makes a dream work. Cheesy and cliché, I know. But it is not a lie. To achieve a goal, we have got to work together as a team. 

Whether it’s because of our personality or some other issue outside/within our control, it is impossible to achieve things without the input of others. 

So why not just make it a habit?