What Makes a Top Marketing Executive?

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Do you want to be among the movers and shakers of the marketing world? 

Then you better start thinking big and aim high to grab one of those rare-to-find executive seats. 

Do you think you have what it takes? Yes, you do! 

Breaking Down the Market 

Salary is a great motivation. So let’s have a look at how the salary of marketing executives Changed in a decade.

In just a decade, the salary of a marketing executive increased by almost 50%. 

Depending on many important factors,  including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession, it is safe to say that a marketing executive is among the well-compensated jobs.

Preparing for the Position

Know precisely what training you’ll need to thrive on the job. If you enjoy cross-functional topics that sit at the intersection between statistics, psychology, history, finance, business, advertising, and economics, then marketing might be the perfect job for you. 

Some companies may opt for an MBA, but many organizations don’t require these. However, a good and extensive educational background and some certifications provide an edge to land a marketing executive position.

Essential Characteristics of What Makes a Top Marketing Executive

The highest degree of personal values, ethics, and integrity may not always win the marketing battle but most always win the marketing war.

Soft skills

Collaborative. A marketing executive must be an exceptional team leader and team player. It is essential that a marketing executive can act as a mediator between different parts of the team and the management and the clients to resolve issues and foster productive relationships.

    -Adaptable and creative A successful marketing executive must value innovation and is always looking for innovative solutions. Must be someone who knows when and how to take calculated risks.

  -Customer-oriented. Any marketer executive worth his salt knows that customer experience comes above anything else. Thus, the customer's overall experience is vital. A smart marketing executive knows that his primary job is not to rack up sales but to fulfill the clients’ needs actively and wants.

   -Great communicator. Words are powerful. A considerate and precise combination of words can break through barriers and rally people behind a cause. An effective marketing executive knows how to get his message across effectively and quickly.

   -Analytical and inquisitive. Data often drive marketing. But, due to advancements in computing and information gathering, a marketing executive who can sort through all of it and find the most relevant parts will immediately establish themselves as indispensable parts of their organizations. 

   -Continual positive outlook and enthusiastic vision. This is an essential separator between great, good, and poor marketers. There are always missteps. What is important is you take the positive learnings and move on, always forward bound.

   -Reliability, consistency, and dependability. These three traits separate the average marketer from the rockstar marketing professional. And always bear in mind to have a sense of being human. It builds brand loyalty. Being human and using humor makes your efforts and campaigns likable, and people like brands that make them warm and fuzzy.

  -Unyielding trust in your company and yourself. Real winners KNOW there are no short routes and that they will “win” in the end by doing the little things right. Hope, after all, is free. Keep on hoping and striving for the best outcome.

   -Passion for excelling and for being the best at what you do. Believe in yourself. Your best and worst enemy is yourself. Be passionate about the things that can yield positive results. 

   -Push the envelope. The marketer who appreciates the past is dedicated to the present. More importantly, they push the envelope with a vision for the future. This is the type of marketer who will achieve success.

Hard Skills

  -Data Analysis. Data-driven marketing is an essential component of business growth. Data-driven marketing is vital to success in a highly competitive global economy.

A marketing executive must be able then to analyze campaigns using specific metrics and data points. 

   -Writing and Content Creation.‘Content is King’ will forever hold true in the marketing industry. 

 -SEO. Modern customers prefer to conduct most business online—researching for products and potential sellers or simply browsing for a piece of content. That is why SEO has become ingrained in nearly every digital marketing initiative. 

   -Social Media. Social media transformed the way marketers reach out and communicate with their target audience as consumers prefer to interact with brands online. Effective marketers use social media to accomplish goals, from brand building to lead generation and increase ROI. 

A marketing executive must know how to utilize to his advantage the use of social media. 

   -Technological Proficiency. Technology continues to change the way marketers work on a day-to-day basis. 55% of B2B companies utilize marketing automation as part of their preferred strategy. Marketing automation is just one of the many tools that marketers use. 

Other examples include web analytics, social media management tools, email marketing platforms, and many more to be effective.

A marketing professional must have a certain degree of technological savvy.

What Marketing Executives Should Know:


 It is handy to know these strategies, stories, fields, and aspects to know more suitable and effective campaigns for a product or service. The overall goal of the marketing department? Identify their target audience and find the best way to reach that audience. That’s why to have excellent knowledge of these is a MUST.

How Marketing Strategies Drives Sales

Customers have become more discerning, and at the same time that they easily can ignore campaigns. The stats below gives you an overview of what strategy offers the highest ROI.

Excellence in marketing is more crucial than ever as organizations turn to the discipline of marketing to solve their organizational woes. 

The status of a marketing executive has elevated as great marketing professionals are looked to for leadership. That is why don’t be a part of the statistics that despair when faced with marketing’s most significant challenges and roadblocks.

FORGE AHEAD and be a rockstar marketing executive!