Frequently Asked Questions

AI-Powered Demand Gen, ABM, Intent, Virtual Event
Registrations, and Lookalike Targeting

What does AI bees offer?

Appointments set with your ideal customer on a contract-based on performance (Cost per Appointment).

How is AI bees different from the others in the market?

We combine the latest Technology and Data Science with the knowledge and experience of growth hackers. Every campaign and strategy is built tailor-made for each of our clients in multiple workshops. Every client has his own dedicated growth hacking team. Our contracts are based on performance (Cost per Appointment) which means that we lose money if we don't deliver and not you. This result-oriented mindset forces us to be always on top of the game and to do constant A/B testing until the best performing strategies emerge.

Does AI bees guarantee a certain number of Leads?

We do. We let you know upfront how many leads you can expect. If we don’t deliver within a certain period, you can decide if you want to continue the campaign until we deliver, or if you want us to refund the difference.

How does the pricing work?

Our pricing is Cost per Appointment (no strings attached).

Is there a long-term commitment?

We have 3 months packages and they are all based on performance and guaranteed results.

Is AI bees GDPR compliant?

AI bees is 100% GDPR compliant and ensures that you can run fully compliant campaigns. We fulfill our legal obligations according to Art. 13 & 14 GDPR to provide everyone with relevant information and with respect to their personal data. We process personal data (Art. 4 Nr. 1 GDPR) which we receive in the course of doing business as a lead-generation provider.

What results can I expect to see?

Each profile and business is different. However, all businesses need exposure, visibility, and presence to be accepted by their ideal prospects.

Do I need to give you a list of target companies or contacts?

It’s not mandatory to give us anything; but if you have one, we’ll surely incorporate it.

How will you contact my target companies?

We don’t do any cold calling or telemarketing. Instead, we rely on targeted and compelling conversations via e-Mail and LinkedIn designed to engage your prospects and get them excited to meet with you.

I want to meet with CEOs and executives. Can you help?

Absolutely. We get you in front of the right decision makers, whatever their title or level. Our clients regularly rely on us to reach VPs, Directors and C-level executives.

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