AI bees, the lead generation services industry leader, is honored to receive today the Clutch Global Leader award for 2023. This prestigious reputation representing the leading service providers all over the world, established by Clutch, the major global B2B service providers marketplace, sets apart companies that excel in their fields. Recipients are selected because of their business acumen and exceptional ability in the delivery of the assessment based on comprehensive client feedback.

Clutch Global 2023

We appreciate our being named a leading B2B company for the provision of lead generation services as proof that AI bees is dedicated to innovation and customers' success. This reflected the time-tested outcomes and exemplary service based on significant numbers of testimonials from our customers on Clutch, underlining the quality and productive year this has been for us.

"Our relentless focus on delivering results-driven, AI-powered lead generation solutions has been at the core of our strategy," said Brian Hadi Attarbashi, CEO of AI bees. "This Clutch Global Leader award is a tribute to the trust and partnerships we've built with our clients. We are grateful for this honor and are inspired to continue elevating the services we provide."
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Clutch CEO Sonny Ganguly notes, “The Global Leader award spotlights the pinnacle of service providers on our platform. AI bees stands out for its impactful services, fostering significant growth and success for their clients worldwide.”

This award is one among many as AI bees has consistently demonstrated a high caliber of service excellence and client satisfaction. Our commitment to providing tailored, high-performance marketing automation and B2B lead generation services has solidified our position as a leader in the global B2B marketplace.

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About AI bees

AI bees is a frontrunner in the B2B space, innovating lead generation services through artificial intelligence and market automation. Our goal is to drive substantial growth for our clients, as evidenced by our outstanding client reviews on Clutch.