You’re a busy executive with appointments all day long. And you need help keeping up with your hectic schedule.

To make it worse…you’ve made too many appointments, which is unfortunate, and you need help managing your time.

This is where appointment scheduling tools come in handy.

They make it simple for users to create and modify appointments with web-based solutions.

These apps simplify managing your calendar, making last-minute changes, and avoiding making the same reservation twice.

You may better manage your time and stay on task by using alerts and reminders rather than diverting your focus to every email that comes in.

Hence, without relying on email replies, appointment scheduling apps and booking software automate the appointment process and secure meetings with prospective and existing clients.

To help you better manage your time and calendar, let’s look at 25 of the best appointment-scheduling software.

Appointment Setting Tools: Why You Need Them

Software for scheduling appointments offers a good chance of boosting sales by 30% to 45%.

As a result, the market for appointment scheduling software is expanding. 

The global appointment scheduling tools market was valued at $160 million in 2018 and is predicted to reach $360 million by the end of 2024.

This will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.1% between 2019 and 2024.

See the illustration below.

statistics on Global appointment scheduling software market growth from 2017-2023

But what are the other reasons why your company needs appointment-making tools?

  1. Appointment Scheduling Tools Increase Output From Employees

Sometimes, your salespeople might make two reservations at once.

This might upset customers or potential customers whose appointment is canceled.

Appointment scheduling tools help you avoid such scenarios.

The program handles any concerns that would have involved the employees and simplifies scheduling than directly involving your employees.

  1. Improves Sales

Automated scheduling has the added benefit of allowing you to focus more on other essential tasks.

One day’s worth of outreach to more potential customers increases the likelihood that they will convert.

  1. Facilitates Bringing in and Keeping Customers

The ease with which customers can schedule their service appointments results in a better user experience.

Users can make appointments whenever they want and from wherever they are.

Calling is not required to set up a meeting during regular business hours.

Making appointments is effective at attracting new clients and retaining current ones.

Now that you know the importance of appointment booking apps, which are the best?

Some come without charge, while others have a small cost.

Integrating AI appointment setting into your business can further streamline scheduling processes, enhance customer engagement, and significantly reduce manual intervention, making it an indispensable tool for modern businesses.

Let’s look at them below.

Best Appointment Scheduling Apps

I’ll tell you a little secret since it’s good to be a pro when choosing an appointment-scheduling app.

Ensure the software you choose has the following features: 

Appointment Scheduling software features

Now to the list of the software best for scheduling your appointments.

1. Baluu

Baluu Appointment Scheduling Software

For businesses that focus on events, classes, or appointments, Baluu is a simple-to-use booking platform.

It gives customers a first-rate booking experience while reducing costs and administrative time.

Because Baluu offers three low-cost paid programs from which to pick.

Small enterprises can also benefit from Baluu’s cost-effective free plan that goes as follows: 

  • The free program (up to 50 bookings per month)
  • Lite ($14 p/m)
  • Standard ($24 p/m)
  • Growth ($39 p/m

2. HubSpot Meeting Tool

HubSpot Meeting Tool

Hubspot is a meeting scheduler that enables a group to quickly and easily schedule a meeting.

What’s more, a meeting scheduler is a link your team can send out to one or more people so they can view available times for the individual or group they are trying to book with rather than having back-and-forth conversations to find a time that works.

Users don’t need to leave the meeting scheduler window to view availability because meeting schedulers frequently integrate both the scheduler and the schedulee’s calendars.

And the best part?

This App is free.

3. Appointy

Appointy Appointment Scheduling Software

This app is for brick-and-mortar business owners who must keep their customers at arm’s length.

Beyond just organizing meetings, appointment-based management also controls occupancy. 

Appointy will ensure that every appointment you make for your company complies with all the rules.

This includes your need to plan classes, consultations, or appointments.

4. Calendar

Calendar Appointment Scheduling Software

Did you know that calendar is an AI-enabled digital calendar useful in scheduling and time management for people and organizations?

It creates a dashboard display you can personalize and share by combining your Google Calendar, iCal (Apple Calendar), and Outlook Calendar.

Also, a Leading calendar communications platform, ECAL, 2018 survey, showed that 70% of adults use the digital calendar to schedule their time.

The survey involved 1000 respondents, with 46.7% (470) relying on their mobile calendar and 23.3% (234) relying on a desktop calendar.

statistics on calendar usage

In addition to offering a virtual assistant to learn your schedule and start handling meeting planning, invitations, and scheduling modifications, the digital calendar syncs across devices and delivers both features.

You can see how you spend overall time in meetings and with people using the transcriptions and extensive analytics in the subscription versions.

As for the pricing, the basic plan is free, the standard goes  $6/month, and the premium goes  $8/month (Pro)

5. Booksy

Booksy Appointment Scheduling Software

Booksy is a cost-effective scheduling app and booking tool for companies in the personal care and beauty industry that must set up numerous meetings and manage calendars.

This one is fantastic for small to medium-sized businesses managing reservations, client administration, inventory, and payments from one app.

The composition of an audience might reveal a site’s current market share across distinct audiences to show its popularity and why you can use it for your barber or salon. 

For instance, 

The viewership of was depicted as 48.40% male and 51.60% female

Visitors aged 25 to 34 comprise most of the population (Desktop).

Its pricing is free, $29.99 per month (Lite), and $29.99 per month (Pro – Limited Sale).

6. Setmore

Setmore Appointment Scheduling Software

You can establish a public-facing booking page with Setmore, a free appointment scheduling, and payment tool.

Your team can start scheduling appointments thanks to the free account support with up to 20 employee logins.

Those that scheduled time with you can also receive automatic appointment reminders.

7. Appointment Scheduling Software

SimplyBook features a usage-based pricing mechanism, which is unique.

Under each pricing plan, you are given the option to select a specific quantity of features. Customers are assisted by email, chat, and help files. also offers mobile apps for users.

 The health and wellness industry is the key target market.

8. Genbook

Genbook scheduling tool

Genbook is a clever and straightforward all-in-one online appointment scheduling and business management system that aids personal service business owners in creating a better customer experience.

Genbook removes interruptions while assisting business owners in brand development, client acquisition, and creating unique experiences.

For instance, since 2019, the Genbook platform has handled over 13 million appointments on average annually.

It was revealed that 62% of those appointments are booked online, saving hair and beauty business owners 156 minutes per week on average.

Its pricing is $29.99/month (Lite) and $29.99/month (Pro — Limited Offer.)

What would stop you from having a Genbook scheduling tool for your business?

Absolutely nothing.

9. Calendly

Calendly Appointment Scheduling Software

Something so interesting is that you can sync one calendar with Calendly’s free edition.

Also, you can schedule unlimited meetings, make a unique Calendly link, and automatically contact invitees who book with you with reminders.

Calendly’s commercial format offers a variety of meeting styles.

This includes one-on-one, round-robin, collective, and group sessions.

Teams will love it because it has team pages, metrics and reporting, and administrative tools for managing reservations.

In addition, depending on your use case, there are many Calendly substitutes that you can try out.

Did you know that Calendly is available in over 55 countries?

The United States accounts for 51% of all traffic on Calendly, followed by the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany.

The United Kingdom accounts for 4.9% of the traffic, Canada 4.2%, France 3%, and Germany 2.85%.

This is proof that you can schedule meetings internationally with your clients.

The pricing goes like this: Free (Basic), $8 per month (Essentials), $12 per month (Pro), and $16 per month (Premium) (Teams).

So, go ahead and make that appointment using Calendly today.

10. 10to8

 10to8 appointment setting software

This is an additional application that works well for scheduling use cases.

They provide their consumers with email support and a 30-day trial period.

Their pricing goes like this;

  • Small business free
  • Basic: $9.6 per month
  • Grow: $20 per month
  • Bigger Business: $40 per month
  • Enterprise: They are advised to contact us for pricing.

Also, the 10to8 appointment scheduling software has gotten good reviews from users on several platforms.

For instance, on Trustpilot, it’s rated as excellent. Have a look.

A Trustpilot rating of 4.7 for 10to8 software

11. Doodle

Doodle software for appointment scheduling

With Doodle’s free edition, you may suggest meeting times and dates, create meeting polls to send to clients and potential customers, and allow voting at convenient hours.

Although the free version may be sufficient for most users, you must pay the premium pricing tier to remove adverts from your polls, establish a poll deadline, and gather attendees’ contact information.

For the pricing, Doodle has it like:

  • Pro: $6.95 per month
  • Team: $8.95 per month
  • Enterprise: They are advised to contact us for pricing.

It is simpler to find a meeting time that is convenient for all parties.

The meeting host proposes possible times for the gathering, asks attendees to confirm their availability, and then selects a time.

The host’s calendar and the calendars of the meeting participants are updated once the time has been decided.

Also, a dashboard tool lets you manage all of your meetings.

12. Appointment

Visual representation of Appointment.

Best suited to companies with multiple departments, locations, and service specialties. 

Appointment is a straightforward online appointment scheduling tool for businesses that enables customers to schedule, modify, or cancel appointments independently based on the day and time you specify.

It offers a strong application programming interface (API) to help businesses integrate with other applications more effectively.

Giving customers gift certificates, discount cards, and rewards enables you to attract more customers and grow your business.

Here is the pricing: 

Monthly booking plans: 

Bronze: $29 per month

Silver: $39 per month

Gold: $49 per month

Platinum: $74 per month

Annual booking plans for small businesses:

Standard: $99 per year

Plus: $139 per year

Pay as you go: $0.20 per booking

With the above pricing, you can choose the best budget for your business needs.

13. Square Appointments

Square Appointment setting software

Square Appointments is a platform worth your consideration if you’re searching for a flexible booking and payment system.

Square Appointments enables you to create a free customer booking website, turn on the automated text and email reminders, impose no-show cancellation fees, and accept integrated payments from a single platform.

The pricing of Square Appointment is between $50-90 per month based on the number of staff members.

14. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling 

Booking appointments with clients and prospects is simple with Acuity Scheduling. 

Prospects, clients, and customers can use this online assistant to check your availability and make appointments.

You can use the tool to create personalized confirmations that represent your branding. 

Moreover, appointment reminders and follow-up messages can be delivered via email or SMS.

15. Appointlet

Appointlet appointment setting software

Salespeople may create booking pages and send them to prospects and clients using this appointment scheduling software, allowing them to modify their availability.

Your website, landing pages, and emails can incorporate the booking page.

Although Appointlet has a subscription tier, the free version is free.

It offers countless meeting types, bookings, and form fields.

16. AppointEze

AppointEze appointment setting software

It is best for lead management and cloud-based appointment scheduling.

AppointEze is a straightforward, user-friendly, cloud-based software for managing leads and scheduling appointments.

By managing leads, it facilitates customer generation and engagement.

It enables self-booking, allowing customers to schedule appointments independently while considering their availability.

It offers valuable performance information, leads obtained, lead statistics, and lead tracking.

Email tracking shows who has read, opened, and responded to your emails.

17. SuperSaaS

SuperSaas appointment setting software

This tool is best for constant accessibility.

It’s a 24-hour online scheduling tool called SuperSaas.

You can work remotely and personalize everything to suit your needs and brand.

It supports over 33 languages.

SuperSaas offers flexible and secure appointment scheduling, automatically sending messages and reminders to prevent no-shows.

It also gives customers a variety of discounts and coupons at the time of booking and integrates with PayPal and Stripe for secure online payment processing.

Additionally, it can be integrated with a Facebook page or company website.

On top of appointment scheduling, it offers several other services.

18. CalendarHero

 CalendarHero appointment setting software

CalendarHero has all the typical meeting planner capabilities, including internal group scheduling and scheduling connections.

But its robust integrations with your tech stack, notification system, and clever time buffering for meetings ensure you arrive on time for another meeting.

19. Arrangr

Visual representation of Arrangr.

A meeting can be scheduled using the intelligent scheduling platform Arrangr in less than 30 seconds.

Arrangr aims to avoid misunderstandings by letting contacts decide where and how to meet within the platform and assisting users in choosing the best mutually convenient time to meet.

Moreover, since Arrangr is a component of the HubSpot ecosystem, you can launch it from within HubSpot and invite connections.

20. Rallly

Rallly appointment setting software

The members of your organization can vote on the ideal times for the meeting or event using Rallly.

This is an appointment calendar with traditional polling features.

The interface also includes chat and messaging for meeting participants to negotiate the ideal time to connect.

21. ScheduleOnce

ScheduleOnce appointment setting software

Using the comprehensive tool ScheduleOnce, you can build almost any scheduling scenario.

Via ScheduleOnce, you can schedule everything from group meetings to one-on-one conversations to in-person conferences.

Moreover, ScheduleOnce can be directly linked to your website, email service, and payment processor.

Stop the back-and-forth and pick the meeting planner that is best appropriate for your circumstance.

By utilizing scheduling and booking software, you may work more productively on essential items while saving time.

22. Bookeo Appointments

Bookeo Appointments appointment setting software

Bookeo Appointments is the solution for you if you’re looking for one that allows you to schedule appointments and performs sophisticated tracking of the progression of your meeting contacts through the sales pipeline.

This tool interacts directly with HubSpot to keep your contact list current based on booking reservations, updating your schedule automatically in real-time for optimal booking.

23. Visibook

Visibook appointment setting software

Visibook’s scheduling app has several essential features, including appointment reminders and calendar synchronization, but its platform offers much more.

Visibook provides this feature with integrated payment processing if you take payments before confirming appointments from consumers, such as deposits or booking fees.

You can communicate with consumers by email or text and maintain all of your correspondence in one place to take a more consultative approach to your meetings.

24. Bookafy

Bookafy appointment setting software

Use Bookafy for scheduling meetings, calls, sales demonstrations, and service appointments.

Bookafy allows for a quick, one-time setup, and onboarding is simple.

You can create a meeting link using Bookafy for a number of meeting tools, including Zoom, GoToMeeting, and others.

Prioritizing and arranging your appointments is made simpler with Bookafy’s skill-based scheduling tool.

25. Chilli Piper 

Chili Piper online scheduler

Chili Piper is a technology for meeting lifecycle automation that aids sales teams in maintaining contact with customers.

It is good at scheduling simultaneous meetings for multiple people and sending email reminders.

Although we acknowledged that there are more effective methods than exchanging emails back and forth to set up meetings, Chili Piper’s scheduling widget is the exception to this rule. 

You may add a helpful blend of an email to book a meeting with just one click, saving you from having to direct the prospect to a landing page using your calendar.

The prices are as follows: $15 per user/month for Instant Booker), $25 per user/month (Handoff), $30 per user/month (Form Concierge)

Chili Piper streamlines your communication in sales and lands you more leads.

Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software and Booking App 

This section will highlight the top free appointment-scheduling software and booking apps on the market.

Then, to assist you in making an informed decision, outline their essential features, advantages, and limitations, and provide a brief comparison.

Here are the best and most free subscription appointment scheduling for your business.

  • Calendly

Calendly is a well-known appointment-scheduling app with a free subscription plan.

The fundamental features of the free plan include scheduling, calendar integration, and email notifications.

However, it has limitations, like the inability to remove Calendly branding, limited customization possibilities, and no payment processing.

Curious about pricing? 

It has free (Basic), $8 per user/month (Essentials), $12 per user/month (Pro), and $16 per user/ month (Teams).

These are very pocket-friendly prices, for sure. 

So why not Calendly?

  • Setmore

Setmore is another free appointment-scheduling software that has powerful features.

They include appointment scheduling, calendar syncing, payment processing, and email notifications.

The free plan provides up to four staff logins and 20 monthly appointments.


Comprehensive appointment scheduling tool provides a free subscription plan with bare-bones functionality.

Calendar syncing, email notifications, and appointment scheduling are all included in the free plan.

But, it has some restrictions, like the inability to remove the branding and the lack of payment processing.

  • Appointment Squares

Free appointment booking Booking Program Square Appointments conveniently interacts with Square’s payment processing system.

Calendar syncing, payment processing, and appointment scheduling are all included in the free plan.

There are certain restrictions, though, including the inability to add staff logins and the restricted customizability possibilities.

A Brief Comparison of the Free Appointment Scheduling Tools 

As earlier mentioned, appointment scheduling software choices with free subscription plans include Calendly, Setmore,, and Square Appointments.

They do, however, have some significant variances.

For instance;

  • Calendly provides an easy-to-use interface with limitations, such as no money processing and restricted customization choices.

Setmore, on the other hand, provides robust services such as payment processing while restricting the number of appointments per month.

  • has a wide range of capabilities, but the free plan includes limitations such as no money processing and restricted personalization choices.

Nevertheless, Square Appointments integrates seamlessly with Square’s payment processing system, but it does not allow employee logins and has limited customization choices.

Finally, whether selecting free appointment scheduling software or a booking app, keep your company’s objectives and priorities in mind.

So, what’s next? 

Over to You

The 25 appointment setup tools we covered in this post can help businesses improve efficiency by streamlining their scheduling procedures.

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