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Since the beginning of the work with AI bees, we have increased our leads within the target groups, built a huge LinkedIn network, and guided traffic to our LinkedIn Page and product website.

Kim Nolte

Kim Nolte

Marketing Manager Digital Health

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How AI bees' Best Service Resulted in Significant Increase in Brand Awareness for B2B Hardware Company

Cherry GmbH



Please describe your company and your position there.

I am working for Cherry GmbH, headquartered in Germany. Cherry is a leading global manufacturer of computer input devices with a focus on Office, Gaming, Industry, Security, Digital Health and switches for mechanical keyboards. In my role as Marketing Manager for the Digital Health products - focusing the German Healthcare Market - I am creating and monitoring marketing strategies, campaigns and all relevant marketing channels.

Opportunity / Challenge

For what projects/services did your company, hire AI bees?

We have been looking for opportunities to effectively generate awareness within the target group to position us as a relevant hardware brand in the German healthcare market. Therefore we aimed to generate leads in the market and create a dialog direct to the end customers. We hired AI bees to support us in lead generation due to our limited sales & marketing resources. AI bees provides us a service with fully automated lead generation process via LinkedIn sales navigator to get in contact and communicate with our determined target group and build a huge long lasting network.

What were your goals for this project?

We aimed to increase our product sales and position our relevant product portfolio directly to the relevant decision makers in the market during the decision making process. Besides this we want to leverage the growing network to keep them updated with our products for further developments. We needed a reliable approach to build a professional image with limited time exposure.


How did you select AI bees?

Through direct contact with the Managing Director. Hadn't heard of a similar intelligent solution and tried their service with setting up a test campaign and decided to move forward with their excellent solution.

Describe the scope of their work in detail.

After getting in touch with the Managing Director we started to set up the first test campaign to evaluate their service. Therefore, our sales representative and me provided them with product material, marketing data, a market overview and talked about the target customers we want to address and generate leads with to provide the vendor an overview about our company and goals. We signed up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator and improved our connected LinkedIn Sales Profile with their tips and connected with their automated solution. They provided us example templates, we modified for our specific need and we conducted searches on LinkedIn together to specify our target customers. After this, they set up the campaign. We received login data for the monitoring dashboard and were able to review and make changes within the campaign every time. Their support included the access to their automated tool, which makes the campaigns running with our connected LinkedIn Profile. They adjusted and monitored the running campaigns and automated message process within their dashboard solution and make suggestions for further message or contact campaigns.

What was the team composition?

First, we discussed our topic with the managing sales director of AI bees. He coordinated our first test campaign with determining the target group, suggesting the templates and set up the campaign and provided us with results during running. He was our direct contact person and available every time. After this, we started further several campaigns and had an own account manager from their team. They improved their customer support regularly and we received weekly reports and set up weekly update calls to go through the current campaigns and clarify open questions and adjusting/discussing new campaigns. Their company increased significantly during our cooperation so the Account Manager changed during our long cooperation due to internal structural changes which comes along with such a fast- growing and popular company. The changes were no problem at all and they had a perfect handover of our topics and product and project goals. Every Account Manager was supportive and always available for questions.

Results & Feedbacks

Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

Since beginning to work with AI bees we increased our leads within the target groups and build a huge network on LinkedIn and guide traffic to our LinkedIn Page and product website. We were able to use the automated intelligent tool to communicate with our customers we would not have been able to address without AI bees. The software saved us a huge amount of time and efforts. The target customers had not recognized the automation behind their messages which was so important to keep a professional image. After the lead generation process, we kept in contact with the contacts in webinars or direct calls and noticed the product awareness within the market due to increased demand from the addressed customers.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

The workflow was very effective and pleasant from the very beginning. It started with direct contact via mails and calls with the managing sales director/founder from their team. The Account Manager that we were assigned to later in the process was available for our us every time via mail. We kept in contact in our weekly update calls and monitored the dashboard. Additionally, their provided us a weekly update report about the generated leads. I could count on a fast reply and support during the whole project, whenever I asked for. Their frequently asked for feedback and were open to improve their service.

What did you find most impressive about this company?

We highly appreciated the direct contact to the managing director of the company at the beginning of our cooperation. We were taken seriously and he provided us with so good recommendations for our campaigns to support our lead generation process. Every person we worked with was so extraordinarily friendly and supportive.

Are there any areas for improvement?

We were satisfied with their work and service at every step of our collaboration. So we will keep using their service tool.

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