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Targeted Lead Generation For Data Archiving Solution Company


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We love the excellent support from AI bees as they have provided great results in our campaigns.

Marketing Lead Management

Marketing Lead Management

Freiburg, Germany

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Targeted Lead Generation Triumph: How AI bees Strengthened Market Position in the Storage Industry




Please describe your company and position.

I am a marketing manager.

Describe what your company does in a single sentence.

iTernity is a leading vendor for archiving software that allows organizations to protect business data regardless of the storage hardware in use. Our products: iCAS FS is a scale-out platform for long-term archiving of compliance data and other business data. The software-defined storage platform scales without limits, starting at 20 TB, and impresses with low TCO, great ease of use, and high flexibility. iCAS is a flexible middleware for retention management & WORM storage.

The solution integrates perfectly into heterogeneous infrastructure landscapes. While you take care of your core business, iCAS reliably protects the integrity and availability of your data in the background. Ransomware attacks pose serious threats to companies and public authorities. iTernity offers a streamlined and secure solution, enabling you to protect your archive data from attacks and to fulfill long-term regulatory requirements. When it comes to data protection, companies are expected to professionally handle personal data and the "right to erasure."

With the Special Delete Manager for iCAS you have the possibility to delete archive data before the expiration of the retention period in a GDPR-compliant way.

Opportunity / Challenge

What specific goals or objectives did you hire AI bees to accomplish?

We hired AI bees for lead generation via LinkedIn. Our target groups are end customer leads and partner leads. We wanted to generate more qualified leads, reach out to new target groups, position our solutions, and strengthen our position in the storage market.

What were your goals for this project?

The goal is to reach out to our target group i Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Benelux and, in the future, the North American market. Our aim is to nurture the lead's interest and arrange meetings with them in order to win new projects and raise revenue. We also want to raise awareness for our company and position us as a leading provider of archive storage solutions.


How did you find AI bees?

We found AI bees via Google and had a presentation meeting with them. We were very impressed and fully convinced by the quality of the marketing possibilities with AI bees and hired them. 

What was the size of AI bees’ team?

I work with our AI bees contact person and several salespeople from our company who are using the AI bees dashboard.

Describe the scope of work in detail. Please include a summary of key deliverables.

We had an onboarding meeting where we discussed our goals and target groups. The team supported us in all possible areas. We got to know all the features, functions, and benefits, we saw how the tool works, created LinkedIn searches together and made a plan for marketing campaigns. Our contact person gives us excellent support in setting up and optimizing campaigns on a weekly basis. We received optimized sequence templates.

The contact persons also monitor our activities and give us excellent advice and support. This way, we were able to arrange high-quality meetings and opportunities to sell our products. We are very satisfied with our contact person.

Why did you select AI bees over others?

The price was good, so we hired them.

Results & Feedbacks

What were the measurable outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

We reached out to new target groups, which we weren't able to reach out to before we worked with AI bees. We were able to better position our solutions in our target market and raise awareness for our products.

We arrange high-quality meetings and new sales opportunities. The users connected to the AI bees dashboard were able to expand their LinkedIn network, creating synergy effects.

Describe their project management. Did they deliver items on time? How did they respond to your needs?

Our contact at AI bees supports us excellently in all areas of our AI bees marketing activities. She understands our goals and target groups and supports us in setting up new campaigns, gives advice on how to optimize our campaign, and of course, how to optimally use the tool (blacklist, etc.). We also receive advice on how to optimally set up LinkedIn searches in order to gain better results.

Technical settings are managed by AI bees, which makes our work better and faster and really helps us a lot. We also received optimized templates for sequence and invited messages, making it possible for us to strengthen our marketing message. We have meetings via Zoom on a weekly basis where we discuss optimization possibilities, new features, and open questions.

We also receive reports on our activities on a weekly basis. We are very satisfied with our AI bees contact person. That's why we purchased new licenses for additional sales colleagues and plan new licenses for the future.

What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

We love the excellent support from AI bees, as they have provided great results in our campaigns.

Are there any areas for improvement or something AI bees could have done differently?

So far no improvements.

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