Thinking of Creating a Playbook For Your Sales Development Team? It's Easy If You Do It Smart

Thinking of Creating a Playbook For Your Sales Development Team? It's Easy If You Do It Smart
Updated date:
Jan 25, 2022

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Imagine a world where we were all given a cheat code to use while dealing with the hurdles of life. Wouldn’t life have been easy?

Now imagine if your sales development team had a cheat code to use whenever they talk with a client. Wouldn’t this help improve productivity?

An SDR playbook is a tool that helps offer guidance to your team. Have you been thinking of using a playbook but do not know how to create one? 

Well, you are in luck! Stick with me to find out.

So, What’s A Sales Development Playbook?

A sales playbook is an outline that sales reps use to help them get over different sales stages.

In simple terms, it helps the sales developer to know what to say in a specific selling situation. The playbook includes sample emails, discovery call questions, buyer personas, and many more. 

What’s The Use Of A Playbook In Sales Development?

Are you still not convinced of having a playbook for your team? Here are some reasons that might change your mind: Some SDR leaders hardly see the need to develop a playbook because sales development keeps evolving. Soon, the materials on the playbook will be outdated.

The truth of the matter is that without the sales playbook, your sales development team will do double the work. This is because they will be obliged to come up with different angles every time they talk to a distant prospect. 

If you are a sales rep, you definitely know the hassle of writing the same email in different styles or the struggle of not knowing how to pitch to a new prospect.

This is where the playbook comes in. Having a guideline on how to pitch or email the prospect is like heaven to most sales reps. A playbook will help your team sell more.

Also, having a playbook makes new hire training much more effortless. Having a clear picture of your buyers, the pain points you might experience, and how they buy your product will make it easier for the rookie. 

Using a playbook helps in saving uptime. It is pretty hard for the sales developer to focus on closing the deal when they are busy trying to come up with ways to pitch to a prospect. The playbook allows the sales rep to have more time for selling.

The playbook also gives you the chance to spot the most successful techniques. For example, if you notice that a particular sales rep is closing their deal using a specific method. You can choose to share it with your team and add it to the playbook for others to use.

What To Check Before Designing A Sales Development Playbook?

Note that not all playbooks are similar. They range depending on the company’s product and size and the scope of the market. It is unheard of for two companies to have similar playbooks. 

While designing the playbook, it is essential to assess what is important to you now! Later you’ll continue to add materials as your company grows. Here is what you should know while designing a playbook.

  • Who We Are? : Defining your company will make it easy to know how you want the market to perceive you. Ensure that you highlight your history, mission, and differentiators. 
  • What Are Our Goals? : Understanding your goals will help you design a playbook that will guide how the team will reach the goals. 
  • Assess What You Are Selling : This might seem obvious to you, but the best playbooks often detail the products or services they offer. Some buyers can be finicky; hence, knowing your product’s ins and outs will guide you to creatively come up with a pitch that will help you close the deal. 
  • How Are You Going To Sell It? : This is the most vital part to consider while designing a playbook. Ensure that you define the different stages of sales. Do not forget to explain the people required in the different stages. Map out the selling process from when you contact the prospect to when you close the deal. 
  • Who Are You Going To Sell It To? : One factor that helps improve the odds of you closing the deal is choosing the right customer. With this, it is best that you clearly define your buyer personas. Having this picture in mind will help you know who you should be targeting. Ensure that you define what makes a particular prospect fit your ideal customer profile and what will make them not. Detail out the buyer roles you should be targeting; this could be either their title (i.e.:CEO, VP or president) 
  • What Is The Prospect Saying? : A great playbook offers guidance on how the reps ought to respond to objections stated by the prospects. In this case, it is best that while designing the playbook, ensure that you come up with different responses that the prospect might state. Once you create the objections, ensure that you come up with responses your sales rep can use. 
  • How Are You Going To Gauge Success? : Establishing the baseline of your success will help you know when you achieve your goals. Every company has its different measure of success. Doing this will help you see when you are struggling and the areas you are working in.
  • How Will You Show Success? : Ensure that you include a section where the sales rep can use it to show its success while trying to close the deal. This could be in the form of testimonials, case studies, or your company’s stats.

A review like the above goes a long way to show your team’s success without bragging.

  • How Will You Reach Them? : Ensure that you detail out your structure on how you will reach out to your prospect. While designing the playbook, ensure that you include different types of messaging that the sales rep can use. You should always refer to your buyer persona as it will help create personalized messages. Emails are one form that you could make use of to help reach your prospect. 


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