Tips About Social Media For Marketing You Can't Afford To Miss

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Social media marketing is a waste of time!

It will do nothing to get you more sales.

Why would we use social media? Social media is for B2C that Millennials only use...

With B2B Social Media Marketing strategy, I hear these statements. They could be wrong or right because social media is a straightforward and tricky marketing channel at the same time.

Companies can use social media to stay in touch with their target audience.

But they also make companies more vulnerable because the public's reaction to an approach is not always predictable.

Is it still a good idea to use social media for your SaaS marketing today? A quick spoiler:  yes.

The positives outnumber the drawbacks. But first, let's look at them so that you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1: You can reach out to a vast number of people.

Using social media is one of the most popular activity according to Statista. Over 3.6 billion individuals used social media in 2020, with that number expected to rise to 4.41 billion by 2025.

It's a fact: social media content catches people's attention.

But the noise made by firms, advertising their products on social media overwhelm customers. In such a competitive market, how can you develop meaningful content?

2: Customization options for ads

Social media is customizable, which makes it an appealing marketing alternative. Several social media networks, for example, allow you to set your target demographic. You then can track and improve the effectiveness of your adverts.

You can't improve your reach if you can't measure the effectiveness of your social media ads.

The advantage of social media marketing is that it allows you to track how well your ad performs.

4: Social media marketing is a low-cost option.

Another benefit of using social media for marketing is its low cost. It is cheaper than methods such as print media or television commercials. But, it is only cheap for marketers who understand how to use their ad budget.

There are a variety of low-cost social media networks where you can promote your products.

Advertising features are now available on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. With this capability, you can advertise your products for three times less.

5: Increasing brand awareness

Today, traditional marketing approaches make it tough to sell a brand to the public. But how is social media marketing going to help with that?

There are a lot of people looking for products on these sites. If you can meet their needs, they will recommend you, increasing brand recognition.

Some firms or businesses are now using memes as a social media strategy, and guess what? They're doing a fantastic job!

Check out the image above, Doing Things Media, the brainchild of meme marketing.

Anherser Busch hired Doing Things Media to post a series of memes on their Instagram feed.

Without spending any money on ads, this meme received almost 99,000 likes. Because of the effectiveness of the campaign, they gained 11% of the market in less than a year.

Disadvantages of Social Media marketing

But social media marketing has its drawbacks. Two of the most common ones are;

1. The need to learn about human nature

2. The reality that social media users may not be as kind as you would like them to be.

But wait! There's more.

Other social media drawbacks that you as a business owner should be aware of include:

1: Social media marketing requires a lot of work and strategy.

The major downside of social media marketing is the time and effort it requires.

To perfect it, you'll need a lot of patience given that there is a lot of information on the internet.

A great deal, as in a great deal. Each second, Google processes about 40,000 searches.

And, if you're doing everything, your material will appear in search results. As a result, you must develop engaging and unique material on a frequent basis.

If you want to gain followers, you must invest a lot of effort in your social media marketing strategy.

You must innovate, produce content, publish it, and increase engagement.

This needs concentrated effort, forethought, and a lengthy strategy. It takes time to organize your social media calendar months ahead of time.

Consider hiring a social media marketing agency if you can't do it yourself.

2: You can be a target for negative feedback

Social media is a place where your posts can go viral in a snap.

Before sharing your content on any social media platform, you need to always be cautious. Check it several times before uploading it so you don't have to deal with any shame.

Take British Airways' social media customer service. It failed to respond when someone tweeted about losing luggage.

Your company's reputation may suffer as a result of your followers' bad perceptions of it. If these followers are already your customers, it may discourage them from buying.

But, you can track consumer perceptions of your brand. You can use this data to analyze your goods and services, uncover flaws, and enhance them.

In some ways, the accessibility of social media is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

3: Public relations nightmare

What happens on social media remains on social media... not really... people remember!

“The post published.” There is no going back at this point.

We've all experienced the feeling when we realize something isn't going as planned. An attack on your brand has ensued after the campaign you and your team worked on went wrong.

Every reaction, every response now matters — how the situation unfolds is up to you.

A good example is what happened to a vaping firm, Diamond Mist. They ran a series of ads on London buses with a portrait of a Mo Farah lookalike with the slogan "Mo's Mad for Menthol."

The Olympic athlete, posted on Twitter, that he had no connection with the company:

You should exercise caution while posting content on social networking platforms.  Anything controversial can immediately go viral, resulting in widespread censure and backlash.

Even if you try to delete a bad social media message, thousands of screenshots will be evident. As a result, the situation can spin out of control and turn into a public relations disaster. This could result in negative publicity and a loss of money spent by the company on damage control.


Despite its drawbacks and risks, social media is a beneficial tool for businesses. You should make the most of the opportunity. 

You can't be a business in the 21st century and not use social media marketing.

If you don't keep up, your competition will always be ahead of you.

That's something you can't afford. No company can.