AI bees is so proud to announce that The Manifest has recognized us as the global most recommended digital marketing agency for 2021!

The Manifest, an established business news platform designed to provide B2B wisdom to millions of browsers, features notable projects, publishes data-driven content, and ranks the leaders from the IT, marketing, and business services.

This recognition came as a surprise since we are a relatively new company. But with the combined 30 years of expertise and experience, our founders Brain Hadi Attarbashi and Hamied Elias Kermani came up with the idea to help companies grow by providing them with contracts that are not based on expectations but performance.

To do this, both founders handpicked a team of the best Growth Marketers and Software Engineers. These specialists developed software solutions that automate sales and marketing operations and research data to identify patterns.

These processes give our growth experts the ability to do a diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis to apply the needed changes to the results.

Working performance-based implies sharing the burden of risk with the client, knowing that in some cases, serving a customer means experiencing a loss, but also knowing that it ensures AI bees' constant improvement and staying on top of things. It is, therefore, no surprise that the market has spoken, and The Manifest took notice. 

What’s more, they recognized the quality of our service and have given AI bees more awards on top of being 2021’s Global Digital Marketing Agency!

The awards are a solid testament to the quality of our personalized service to our clients. We’re genuinely honored to be part of their annual recognition and to receive such awards! 

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