Have you been considering hiring a lead generation consultant for your business? 

You most likely began as a jack-of-all-trades. To save spending a lot of money on your startup charges, you did everything yourself. You had no choice since you needed to get your project off the ground.

Once your company is up and running, you would like to step back and outsource specific jobs so that you can focus on the core of your business. You're probably thinking of making your next significant move, expanding your business, or taking the next step to growth.

Hiring B2B lead generation consulting services is a terrific idea, especially when you need help expanding your sales funnel. However, you may wonder what services and strategies they would provide for your company. 

Let's look at what a lead generation consulting company is and what strategies they offer.

Table of contents

  1. What is a B2B Lead Generation Consulting company?
  2. What are the advantages of Lead Generation Consultation services?
  3. Strategies that B2B lead generation companies should offer
  4. Final note

What are B2B lead generation consultants?

A B2B lead generation consulting company can assist your business in improving the quality of its leads. They focus on two key objectives:

  • Identifying leads that meet your company's needs and engaging with them until they are qualified for sales.
  • Calling leads sent from marketing to Sales to check that they meet the criteria for a sales call.

Even if your lead-generating process is running smoothly, it's still a good idea to hire a B2B lead generation consulting company to boost your results.

Both of the responsibilities mentioned above are critical. You should assign someone to follow up on opportunities supplied by the Marketing Team as part of the lead flow process.

Although marketing effectively gathers leads, prospects' online conduct does not ensure 100% interest. The B2B lead generation consulting company will make sure that the leads are genuine.

Simultaneously, consultants who conduct their cold calling and prospecting are more likely to provide excellent leads to your sales team. The procedure would reveal the lead's true intentions.

What are the advantages of lead generation consultation services?

When you hire lead generation consultants and avail consulting services for your company, you can reap a slew of benefits. Here are a few of them:

1. They'll assist you in saving time and energy.

In business, being a jack of all trades can be challenging. As a result, outsourcing some of your work to a lead generation professional will free up time for you to focus on other vital elements of your organization.

Because today's marketing strategies are so different from previous ones, they may take a long time to apply and investigate.

As a result, if the person in charge is unfamiliar with the minute aspects of web marketing, it may take them longer to complete.

You won't have any issues if you choose lead generation consultants that are skilled and knowledgeable on the subject.

2. They have a goal.

It's unavoidable that bias will influence your team, but a consultant may tell you what's wrong, advise you what to do, and explain why with no strings attached.

You must hire an expert if you want to provide your lead generation with a fresh perspective, and you can only do that with a fresh pair of eyes.

3. They have a unique set of abilities.

One of the main reasons companies hire lead generation consulting services is for this reason. You must keep in mind that most aspects of your business necessitate specialized lead generation skills, which may lack in your company.

They not only have the expertise to manage your lead generation campaign, but they also have a particular skill set to bring to the table. Not to mention that the consultant’s general knowledge of the subject will be beneficial to the expansion of your company.

Lead generation consultants are usually creative individuals who are unfazed by rapid technological development. They'd even employ a variety of techniques to ensure that your brand achieves its objectives.

4. They can help you stay focused.

As a business owner, you'll undoubtedly be managing other essential business duties. If you're doing so while running a lead generation campaign, you risk losing focus on one or both of them.

It can lead to unproductive campaigns and results that you have not closely examined. So, if you're having trouble staying focused on your organization's aim, hire lead generation consultants as they are experts in business advice.

5. They're connected.

The ability to expand your network has many advantages, one of which is developing your organization at the same time.

A consultant may know additional professionals to assist your company, such as graphic artists, code writers, and others. It implies that they may know who to contact if you need extra help with your website or landing page.

Also, through cross-promotion and targeted mailings, most experts can connect you with other clients. You may balloon your reach and internet presence by doing so.

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Strategies That B2B Lead Generation Consulting Companies Should Offer

1. Your Website's Design and Redesign

Because your brand's website serves as your lead generation hub, I put it at the top of the list. Most experts will start by asking if you have a website. And they've got reasonable grounds for inquiring.

B2B consulting companies can design and redesign websites

Remember that you'll need a functional website to get the benefits of online marketing. That's because as your audience becomes qualified leads, they'll be checking it out.

The most straightforward approach for them to discover more about your business is to go to your website. As a result, ensure that it contains complete information on your products and services, as well as information about your team members.

2. Perform keyword research.

An important part of any internet strategy is keyword research. It allows you to target your ideal prospects. Keyword research gives you the edge by enabling you to create content around the terms your leads are most likely to search for.

Coming up with a list of keywords relevant to your product, company, and services is the first step in keyword research. After that, you'll want to add descriptive terms to the front and end of the word to make it more elaborate. Long-tail keywords are lengthier keywords that target a highly specialized group of leads.

If you own a baby clothing store, for example, you might start by making a list of keywords that include the following terms:

  • Baby's coats
  • Baby's boots
  • Baby sweaters

Those keywords are pretty broad, and ranking for them in search engines will be difficult. As a result, they'll be difficult to employ as lead magnets. Here's a list of long-tail keywords that go into more important information about your products:

  • Baby's black wool coat
  • Fur-lined baby's ankle boots
  • Hand-knit baby sweaters

As you can see, this set of keywords is a lot more specific, allowing you to target a much more specific group of leads.

This group of keywords will receive far less traffic. As long as you target the proper keywords, your campaign can succeed or fail based on the leads that do search for them. Keyword research is a crucial lead generation approach.


3. Creating content

Your B2B lead generation consultants will begin creating content around the keywords you've chosen after determining which ones you want to target. Your expert will strongly advise you to include content in your lead-generating strategy. 

Your content determines where you rank in search engines, and Google alone processes over 1.2 trillion searches per year. 

stats on google and the search market

That implies billions of opportunities for your website to appear in search results and generate significant leads. Your content is critical for generating leads in search engines and converting those leads into committed customers.

You'll obtain more site traffic if your site content ranks highly in SERPs for your desired keywords. Your consultant will next most likely inform you that your content converts leads into paying clients.

Potential customers care about the quality and relevancy of your material, and you need high-quality, relevant content to convert leads into loyal customers. You'll see an increase in conversions if your content answers their inquiries, provides the information they need, and effectively promotes your products.

4. Optimization for search engines 

One of the most well-known online marketing tactics is SEO. Your B2B lead generation specialist will undoubtedly advise you to include SEO in your approach and for a good cause.

A great website with great content is one thing, but a solid SEO strategy will get your site to the top of the search engines.

stats on SEO optimization

SEO is optimizing your website so that it ranks high in search engine results pages (SERPs). Ranking high in SERPs is one of the most effective strategies to gain leads.

5. Social Media Optimization

In 2025, Statista predicted the number of individuals using social media would reach over 4.41 billion. It means it's the ideal place for generating leads for your business.

Global Social Media Users (2017 to 2025)

You can select which social media sites to invest in and how to work your way in with the help of a lead generation specialist. The choices you make are determined by the things you sell, your rivals, and, of course, your industry.

Your lead generation specialist's job is to maximize any social media profiles you already have.

6. Online Review Management

Every business relies on customer feedback. As a result, you should encourage happy consumers to provide a review.

Thankfully, 68 percent of people are willing to help if asked, so don't be shy about asking.

You should remember that 91% of consumers read internet reviews before buying things from a firm. This tells you that they trust reviews just as much as friends and family recommendations.

stats on online review  management

Are you unsure how you'll go about it? Your lead generation specialist has your back on this one.

They can assist you in developing a strategy for obtaining more evaluations for your company and, as a result, generating more leads.

It's nice to get favorable feedback, but you should also set aside time to consider how you'll respond to negative feedback. How you handle negative feedback might also help you attract more clients.

7. Calling and emailing prospects

Direct calls and emails are two of the most successful outbound strategies that still work today. The B2B industry is a perfect example of this, where it's pretty simple to find and target people who work in professions related to the product being sold.

Cold calling and emailing prospects is a duty many B2B organizations delegate to a lead generation professional. They will also conduct research on prospects and warm them up before passing them along to the sales team.

8. Qualification and scoring leads

Leads do not always result in sales. Some leads can't buy, no matter how hard you and your sales team try.

Perhaps the price is too high or your product isn't compatible with their current infrastructure. Your lead may want to buy something, but needs permission from someone who can decide.

It makes no difference what the reason is. What matters is that you don't waste time on leads that will probably convert. The sales team should spend most of their time on the phone with potential customers. Trying to sell to an uninterested buyer is a waste of time and money.

The lead generation consultants will be in charge of this as well. It's more learnable than the people skills required for the phone and email outreach aspect of the work because it's based on processes rather than people skills.

9. Familiarity with CRM software

Marketing automation and CRM technologies play a significant role in high-level lead generation. A lead generation specialist must be familiar with the CRM software used by their firm to do their job effectively.

It is probably the simplest of all the duties that a lead generation specialist performs.

10. Analytical approach to data

In the end, a lead generation specialist's job is data-driven. They'll have to distill a lot of information into a single score and grade. Even if the organization has systems to make this task more accessible, the specialist will still analyze to arrive at an appropriate result.

Final Note

A good lead generation expert or firm can assist you in identifying and correcting flaws in your efforts.

At AI bees, we use a tried-and-true lead generation methodology that we created and are constantly refining based on client feedback. This lead generation process is used in the development of all:

  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Nurturing campaigns
  • Lead scoring
  • Marketing automation
  • Content creation

Our approach is adaptable, direct, and centered on assisting real people with genuine problems.

To show marketing ROI - a return on your marketing spend — we feel that simply playing "marketing" is insufficient.

We work with clients in two ways during lead generation consultations:

  • Create a strategy for generating leads.
  • Create engaging content.

We begin by determining your genuine brand identity and difference. Then we collaborate with you to hone your message, decide on your optimal target markets, and pick the best lead generation strategy for your organization and prospects.

As a result, you'll have the most effective, adaptive lead-generating toolset, and as a result, you'll be able to Generate More Revenue.

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