AI bees is excited to announce that we recently teamed up with the newest B2B platform in the block, Top Design Firms!

Top Design Firms, created by the team behind the Clutch review site, helps buyers find the best marketing, design, and development firms for their next project. Buyers can freely view and access case studies and bodies of work from top agencies all over the world.

And in TDF’s latest research, AI bees ranked highest among the globally recommended digital marketing agency for 2021!

As a full-service lead generation firm, recognition like this is important to us. We are genuinely thankful for our clients who appreciated the quality and dedication we put in our outbound campaigns for them. 

And as a result, the TDF team, after extensive research and evaluation of countless service providers based on their client reviews, market position, and projects, recognized AI bees and awarded us the Top Global Digital Marketing Agency for 2021.

AI bees is a proud top-notch B2B company with 43 (and counting!) phenomenal reviews! Check out these incredible snippets from our clients’ generous feedback!

“Thanks to AI bees' work, the campaigns resulted in over 100 leads generated. The team communicated regularly through weekly meetings as well as campaign monitoring. They were always available when needed and would do anything to ensure a successful project.” — Business Development Manager, Xait

“I felt really comfortable working with AI bees. They took all the responsibility from us, so we didn’t have to invest that much time into the solution. We’d used other services, and there were lots of things that we had to do to support them. In the end, AI bees delivered hot leads, with already-arranged meetings in our schedules.” — Sales Director, Secucloud

As the new year comes, we guarantee to even do better. As a company that thrives on challenge, our clients can be assured that we will continue providing quality engagements all under a 100% performance-based contract.

Work that’s based on performance requires a willingness to share the burden of risk with the client, knowing that sometimes serving a customer involves losing money, but also knowing that it keeps AI bees on top of their game and keeps them improving.

Get in touch with us and see why we don’t have a single negative review under our name and what it’s like to work under a performance-based contract. Our Growth Team here at AI bees is looking forward to working with you. Contact us today