Are you searching for a marketing strategy to help you reach your desired audience, boost brand recognition, and eventually promote business expansion?

In this digital era, businesses must stay ahead of the competition to achieve sustainable growth.

While social media platforms are famous, email marketing remains a powerful tool for companies to expand and reach their target customers.

So, what are the benefits of email marketing?

There are many.

 When done well, it can be cost-effective to drive B2B sales and build brand loyalty.

Whether you're a small start-up owner or a marketing professional, understanding the potential of email marketing is crucial for achieving business growth. 

This comprehensive guide will study the advantages of email marketing and how to start using it for business growth.

So, let's get started.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing involves distributing promotional emails about your company to a list of recipients.

This can be current clients who already support your company or qualified leads who match the ideal client profile.

Email marketing promotes a product or service and informs your target audience about your business.

It is also one of the top digital marketing methods because it's cheap and profitable.

Therefore, email marketing is a must-have in your digital plan to market your firm.

Email Marketing Stats To Get You Started

Numbers don't lie.

For those who enjoy information coupled with statistics, here is a list of recent email marketing stats that summarize the effectiveness of email marketing:

Email marketing ROI per invested dollar

  • Email marketing revenue reached 7.5 US billion dollars in 2020 and was predicted to reach 10 billion by 2023. 

This constitutes more than half of the global population and is up 2.7% from last year.

Analysts predict a 2.5% increase to $4.48 billion in 2024 and a 2.5% increase to $4.59 billion in 2025. Email users will reach 4.73 billion by 2026.

Thus, 11.1% more people will use email worldwide in four years.

 (Look at the figure below)

Worldwide Email Users (Billions)

  • Email is the top most efficient marketing channel for 47% of marketers, followed by social media at (39%), SEO (33%), and content marketing (33%).
Email popularity as a marketing tool

  • During a 2022 survey of US customers, 34% said they would like firms to contact them via social media, but more than twice that many said brands should contact them via e-mail.
Customers prefer email contact

  • With 85% of people accessing emails via smartphones, the mobile email marketing sector is fast growing.
Number of people who access emails via phone

How to Get Started With Email Marketing

Many business owners know they must create an email contact list but are confused about where or how to begin.

Use these steps as a roadmap to guide you throughout the process.

Choose Your Email Provider

Choosing the email service provided should be the first step.

Consider the following points when choosing your email service provider.

  • Deliverability rates for the supplier.
  • Whether the service provider lets you personalize your emails and provides templates.
  • Test if the software is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Test if the service provides sophisticated features like analytics, segmentation tools, and A/B testing.
  • Test the extent of the service company's customer service.

Once you have settled on your email service provider, sign up and test if the software meets your needs.

Create a Compelling Opt-in

Give people a compelling justification to subscribe to your email list through your content.

You can encourage them by offering a free opt-in.

Your target audience's requirements and the opt-ins you generate depend on them. 

For example, if you're writing for a B2B marketing audience, you might develop a comprehensive white paper on a subject that piques their curiosity.

Therefore, you can install a form on your website after creating your opt-in.

In this instance, your audience will provide their email address during sign-up, after which they can download your opt-in.

Advertise your opt-in on social media platforms to increase email list sign-ups.

Send a Regular Newsletter

A weekly email is the best way to let your readers know what to expect from you.

Statistics have shown that 81% of B2B marketers confirm newsletters as their regular content for their audience.

Newsletter popularity among B2B marketers

Again, you can give subscribers value by using your newsletter to deliver relevant and helpful content to your audience.

Consider the following pointers while drafting your newsletter:

  • Use a template to create your newsletter.
  • Be brief. If your emails are overly long, your readers can stop reading.
  • Create a personalized subject line to encourage subscribers to open your emails.
  • Finish with a strong call to action.
  • Optimize your newsletter for mobile viewing.

Track Your Analytics

In summary, tracking your outcomes is a crucial component of email marketing.

You can discover what interests your audience by watching your analytics.

Your open rate should be one of the first metrics you examine.

For all industries, the ideal email open rate is 21.33%.

Ideal email open rate across industries

Whenever your open rate falls below 15%, it can mean that your subject lines require revision. 

However, your open rate will likely decline as your email list expands.

Your click-through rate is the next analytical result.

When you first begin using email marketing, a learning curve follows, but if you use the tactics in this article, your business will experience the right growth.

You'll get more experience using email marketing (and email marketing software) and discover that the rewards are worth the effort.

Top Benefits of Email Marketing

The advantages of email marketing appear limitless and offer benefits that other marketing tactics do not.

Continue reading to learn about email marketing, why it's worthwhile, and the benefits your business can get by incorporating it into your marketing strategy.

It's Targeted

Email marketing enables direct interaction with your most qualified customers, whereas other online marketing channels do not.

This ensures that you reach the people you want to target and build relationships with present and potential clients.


Email marketing does not have to consume much of your cash.

An email marketing campaign can be free at first.

If you decide to purchase software or collaborate with a marketing firm, you can still work within a few hundred dollars budget.


Most email marketing solutions have analytics that provide information about your outcomes.

Each platform is slightly different, but most of them allow you to track crucial metrics that can help you comprehend the performance of your campaign.

You'll see details like how often and by whom your emails were opened, who clicked on links, how many emails bounced or never reached a user, and who unsubscribed.


Email marketing can employ AI to create unique experiences for your subscribers.

If a customer completes a purchase and supplies their email address, you can utilize email marketing to seek feedback or send suggested items that expand on that purchase.

You can address each subscriber by name and send emails in their time zones, making each email feel more personal.

Personalized emails have an 82% higher open rate than generic emails.

The other advantages of personalization include:

  1. High email click-through rates by 75%
  2. Increase in customer satisfaction by 58%
  3. Increase in sales by 56%
  4. Decrease in unsubscribe rate by 40%
  5. Increase in returning website traffic by 38%
  6. Other advantages by 5%

See the figure below.

Advantages of personalized emails

Has a High ROI 

One of the most economical methods for marketing your company is through email.

A successful email marketing strategy can yield a significant return on investment.

The typical campaign returns $42 for every invested dollar or an ROI of 4200%. 

ROI on email marketing

Nurtures Leads

First, with email marketing, you may automate sending emails to visitors who fill out email forms on your website to guide them through purchasing.

Secondly, if you use the right email marketing platform, you may modify your email campaigns based on how website visitors interact with them and firmographic data.

Finally, you can target customers who have just discovered your business and are considering their options or are prepared to purchase with content designed for each step of the customer’s journey.

Builds Credibility

People want to support organizations they feel confident in.

Establishing credibility for your brand will not be easy in the early stages of your business.

Email marketing can help.

Being able to communicate with your consumers via email makes establishing credibility simple.

Customers are unwilling to engage with a brand they only infrequently hear about since it doesn't seem reliable.

If you consistently contact and update customers about your business, they will likely trust you and even refer you to their peers.

Increases Sales

Your audience can purchase directly from their phone or laptop when advertising your business through email marketing.

Are you aware that 60 percent of customers bought something after receiving a marketing email?

Consumers are influenced by an email into purchasing

Small business email marketing can upsell existing customers, sell to prospects, increase referrals, and even re-engage clients who have yet to buy from you.

The likelihood that your email recipient will take action increases as your email content becomes more pertinent and focused.

Gather Feedback

As a business owner, you always seek improvement.

No business is perfect, and to improve your business processes, you need to get customer feedback.

Email marketing makes it relatively easy to get client feedback.

You can use email marketing to deliver customer satisfaction surveys and get consumer feedback.

This is a straightforward approach to keeping tabs on what can be improved based on user demand.

Therefore, it's essential that your clients always have a good experience with your company, and getting client feedback is an excellent method to keep them committed to your brand.

Builds Excitement

Most of us enjoy being a part of an exclusive group, especially when they may benefit from particular benefits.

Since all customers are unique, a one-size-fits-all strategy is not effective.

Ensure your customers know they are unique and valued by your company by emphasizing this in your email advertising.

They all enjoy a good bargain, whether you're offering a segment of clients an early peek at an impending product launch or simply thanking them for being devoted customers.

For instance, Volkswagen frequently provides complimentary movie tickets to email subscribers. During the holidays, Starbucks offers free drinks to its gold members.

As a small firm, you might not be able to give your customers free stuff, but something extra can go a long way.

SparkPost and SurveyMonkey discovered in a survey that 64% of US consumers were likely to click on and open an email with a promotional deal in the subject line.

Percentage of customers who are excited by promotional emails

You can speed up your marketing goals by rewarding your customers, which is a nice gesture.

Everybody wins.

Grows your Audience

The fact that people must opt-in to receive your emails is another advantage of email marketing.

This suggests you only email people who willingly agree to hear from your business.

The fact that people must opt-in to receive your emails is another advantage of email marketing.

This means that when you send emails, you contact people who have willingly consented to hear from your company.

After someone signs up for your emails, you should prevent them from unsubscribing.

Therefore, establish expectations for your emails.

Then, continue sending content in that line, so subscribers receive what they requested.

Establishes Authority

As a business owner, one of your objectives is establishing yourself as a subject-matter authority.  

Customers want to hear more from you, so they subscribe to your marketing newsletters.

One of the biggest successes for any email marketer is keeping subscribers engaged with the material you send them.

Your content can be used to develop other facets of your marketing strategy. It is one of your most effective marketing tools.

People who adore what you do will subscribe to view more great content.

Automate Messages

Occasionally, you send emails simultaneously, depending on the company's size.

Sending out large numbers of emails requires a lot of time, especially if you're personalizing them (which you should be).

To save time, you can automate communications with email marketing.

Data has shown that 59% of email marketers would save about 6 hours per week if they applied email automation software.

Marketers that feel automation software would save time

Not all emails need automation, but those that don't require personalization, like welcome emails or follow-up emails, can be automated.

You can focus on more critical duties by automating these communications.

Therefore, communicate with many individuals simultaneously by automating communications rather than writing each email by hand.

Better Communication

Having a positive relationship with your consumers depends on effective communication.

However, communicating can be difficult, especially if your clientele is diverse and has a wide range of preferences.

However, email marketing makes it simple to increase audience communication.

Creating emails that seem like they were written with the recipient in mind can help your clients feel a connection with your business.

With personalized emails, you can reassure your clients that you are still connected with them.

Own your Contact Lists

You send all your emails from an email marketing list to subscribers.

These subscribers are most likely a mix of existing clients who have done business with you and those who have expressed interest in hearing from you frequently.

Unlike social media marketing, you own your contact lists with email marketing, which is another primary advantage.

You can still access the same contact list even if you switch email providers or obtain a different email address.

However, managing a constantly changing list of followers on social media can be challenging because your number of followers can change quickly.

Owning your contact list is a distinct advantage of email marketing that might give your company the upper hand because you'll always have a list of people to send emails to.

Get Immediate Results

One of the notable benefits of email marketing for organizations is the ability to see immediate results.

If you personalize your emails, you will discover they work 760% better than non-personalized ones.

Personalized email effectiveness

Also, email marketing produces results relatively rapidly compared to other marketing tactics that take weeks or even months to see results.

Results, however, not only appear rapidly, but they are also simple to follow.

To understand how effectively your email campaigns function, you must be able to track crucial KPIs, such as bounce rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rate.

These KPIs are straightforward to track with most email marketing software.

This makes it simple to assess email marketing campaigns' effectiveness and identify improvement areas.

Take Several Different Forms

You may use a variety of emails to market your enterprise, each offering a different set of advantages.

These forms include:

  1. Welcome emails Benefits

The best email marketing examples start with welcome emails. They let you introduce yourself to subscribers and explain your emails.

So when should you send them?

You can send these emails when a customer becomes a first-time customer, subscribes to a newsletter, or starts a scheduled delivery subscription.

Your website should automatically send a welcome email after a purchase or membership.

  1. Thank-you emails

Thanking clients for their business shows appreciation.

Thank-you emails can build client relationships and drive repeat business.

But when should you send them?

Thank-you emails are helpful in several situations.

You can send thank-you emails after clients make a purchase on your company's website, attend a sponsored event, download a guide, or leave a positive review.

  1. Newsletters Benefits

Newsletters keep your firm in subscribers' minds even if they're not shopping.

They also let you update customers about your business and provide relevant information.

Newsletters can boost website traffic if you link to blog posts, product pages, and other items your subscribers like.

When should you send them?

Customers expect newsletters on a schedule.

They're usually biweekly or monthly.

  1. Special deals

Emails with special offers drive traffic to your website and storefront, where customers can buy.

So when should you send them?

Offers should be special.

Send them infrequently to make them stand out as a special offer.

Your subscribers won't rush to your site if they know they'll get another "special offer" tomorrow.

Special offers work well monthly or quarterly.

  1. Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing emails follow a person through their customer journey. These emails can help companies retain and progress consumers through the marketing funnel.

More importantly, they follow a domino-effect schedule, making it difficult to predict their frequency.

However, you should send them throughout a customer's journey, including welcome emails, newsletters, promotional emails, transactional emails, and behavioral emails.

Increases Brand Awareness

Communicating with your audience regularly will raise their awareness of your brand and its values.

Since you'll always be in their inbox, your subscribers will get to know your products, services, and company.

A study about marketers shows that 41.5% say email marketing is crucial to the brand’s success.

Percentage of marketers who value email marketing for brand success

By providing useful information about your company, you can gain the trust of potential customers.

Works With Your SEO Strategy

Email marketing and SEO can complement one another, even though you might not associate the two.

Your website's SEO may benefit from links from a trustworthy external website.

Search engines will understand this as a sign of credibility.

If your emails include content from your website, it is easy for your receivers to relate to them.

Promote New Products or Services

Businesses always develop new products or services for their clients.

Unless you use email marketing, devising a strategy to advertise your new goods or services might be challenging.

Email marketing is an exciting way to introduce new goods or services to your subscribers. It is also easy to use and effective.

Sending them personalized emails regularly is one of the best methods to keep them updated.

Sometimes, all you need to advertise a new product is a skillfully crafted and eye-catching email marketing campaign, not expensive or fancy marketing techniques.

For many businesses, having a website is essential.

But sometimes, it can be challenging to attract customers to visit it, except if you use email marketing.

You can immediately link to your website in email marketing campaigns, which is a terrific approach to improving website traffic.

Use email marketing to motivate your subscribers to visit your website in a few different ways.

You can link to a blog article on your website where your readers can learn more about the subject in weekly emails.

You may also send emails about special offers to boost sales and encourage customers to visit your website.

Every email you send should have a link to your website, and you should urge your readers to use it to learn more about your company.

Increase Engagement on Social Media

Do you want to boost the response to your online presence and posts on social media?

Take a chance with email marketing.

Email marketing is a fantastic technique for website visitors and social media visitors.

Email marketing campaigns can readily promote your social media profile and encourage your subscribers to visit them.

This will assist them in learning more about your business or even joining up for exclusive promotions.

You can integrate social media to draw clients from your marketing channels.

Strengthens Relationships With Customers

Strong client relationships are a sign of being a successful business owner.

However, how do you develop a relationship with your clients?

By developing email marketing campaigns that pique the interest of your target audience.

Enhancing communication with your audience through email marketing can help you build better bonds with your clients.

With email marketing, you can give your clients what they want and consider their feedback, increasing client loyalty.

Sending them personalized emails routinely is the best way to keep them informed.

Your clients want to know you are thinking about them.

Therefore, you may improve your relationship not only with your current consumers but also with potential customers.

Helps with Your Content Marketing Goals

You can provide content to your email subscribers if you routinely publish it.

You may utilize email marketing as a platform to share whatever you do, regardless of whether you make images, blog posts, or videos.

Distributing your content to your email subscribers can boost website traffic.

If your audience finds your content interesting, you can decrease your website's bounce rate, encourage conversions, and achieve other metrics crucial to your content strategy.

Improves Communication With Your Customers

By consistently delivering the content customers want to receive to their inboxes, email marketing can aid in the development of client connections.

Your audience will respect and trust you if you improve their lives by offering a product or service, helpful advice, or even a happy birthday gift coupon.

Over time, they'll start to depend on your company for the knowledge and value you've been giving them, and they'll think of you first when they require your assistance.

Reasons Your Business Needs Email Marketing  

Did you know email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and successful marketing strategies?

Statistically, emails are 40% better than Facebook and Twitter at converting leads.

Email's conversion percentage

It enables small start-ups to reach new consumers and boost revenue while operating on a tight budget.

It enables larger enterprises to generate leads and engage their clients on a large scale.

That being said, there are numerous digital marketing solutions available.

So, compared to those other options, is email marketing worth it?


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