We keep hearing that cold calling is dying. However, according to Salesforce, 92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone.

This means if you're not making cold calls, you're losing out on a huge opportunity to connect with customers.

But let's face it, cold calling can be a real pain in the neck.

The whole process can be time-consuming and frustrating, from dialing numbers to leaving voicemails.

However, with the best cold calling software, you can amplify your efforts, increase call volumes, streamline your processes, and close deals faster than ever.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 17 cold calling software in 2024 for sales teams.

Whether you're looking for predictive dialing, call recording, or lead management, these software options have you covered.

Take advantage of these top-notch cold-calling software options and close more deals today.

What is Cold Calling Software

Cold calling software allows your sales staff to make cold calls more efficiently, manage prospects, and track sales activity about call performance.

It is frequently just one application of a broader portfolio of call center technology used in outbound contact centers.

But what is the success rate for cold calling? You ask!

Even though many people claim they dislike cold calls, The RAIN Group found that sales representatives have an 82% success rate when making them.

Cold Calling Statistics


This shows that cold calling is still flourishing as an outbound lead generation. It is not yet outdated!

What Do Cold Calling Tools Do for the Sales Team?

Cold calling tools help you streamline your cold calling process. Most of these solutions will demand you to provide a prospect list with your prospect information, including a direct dial.

The application will then allow you to call prospects with a single click, log call minutes, take notes, and identify where prospects are in your sales funnel.

Look for a cold-calling solution that connects with your CRM or other sales tools.

Other factors will depend on the size of your team. Some tools charge a fixed cost, while the majority charge per seat. If your organization and sales team expand, the cost of your tool may rise, so keep this in mind.

What to Look for in Best Cold Calling Software

Cold calling software, which tracks sales activity associated with call performance, should enable your sales force to make cold calls more effectively. Here is what you should look for: 

Automated Dialer

Agents may make calls quickly using cold calling software, such as an automated dialer. Automated dialers can connect the call to a live representative or play a pre-recorded message.

Did you know that 80% of cold calls end up in voicemails? This makes it difficult for agents to go through each one.

80% of cold calls end up in voicemails

An auto-dialer will only transmit a call to an agent after it is connected. Similarly, auto-dialers can help prospects contact representatives. This feature simplifies the interaction.

Phone System

Phone systems provide enhanced telecommunication services by interconnecting telephones. Their responsibilities include call processing and transmission, as well as conference calling.

Most phone systems are designed for call centers but can provide solutions for outbound sales teams.

Call Recording

Call recording is essential for keeping track of phone calls. Recorded calls may be used to train new staff, check prospect information, and ensure that your team makes high-quality calls.

The call recording tool might help you discover the practices and discussions hurting your organization.

Call Analytics

You should look at the call analytics feature to determine how effective and productive your sales team is.

Although CRM data enables you to connect sales activity to prospects, call analytics may assist you in determining the overall performance of these phone-based engagements.

If you have call data, you can examine the performance of your scripts or the methods used by different sales team members to complete transactions with prospects.

Tools for Multi-Channel Outreach

Multichannel outreach is reaching out to, interacting with, and communicating with prospects through various channels.

This feature of cold calling software is ideal for big and medium-sized sales teams. It helps prepare meetings via phone conversations, emails, and social media.

Connection with Your CRM

Combine your CRM and cold-calling software to create an effective lead conversion strategy. With CRM connectivity, your salespeople can track and focus on new leads as they arrive.

Also, you can find out which time is best for call calling, which times prospects open up more, etc. Here is a graph showing the best and worst times to make cold calls:

Best times of day to make cold calls

It's evident that the optimal times to conduct a cold call are between 11 and 12 a.m. and 3 and 4 p.m.

Best Cold Calling Software for Professionals

Since salespeople and businesses have to do a lot of cold calling, using software and tools is beneficial for more efficient and effective results. A cold caller has to make 52 cold calls per day on average! 

That’s a lot!

General cold calling statistics

That’s why using the software is necessary. It lessens the workload. Here are the best cold calling software to improve your sales calling performance:

1. Myphoner

Call analytics in Myphoner

Myphoner assists sales professionals in tracking and organizing leads. It allows you to make a list of divisions inside your system.

Myphoner generates intelligent queues for agents to contact leads at the best possible moment, giving them the highest opportunity to reach out to the individuals on their lists.

It also duplicates the contacts in your system to guarantee that you are not spamming leads by calling them several times. This prevents two agents from calling the same lead with a similar sales presentation.

Myphoner also integrates with your CRM to provide your sales team with the latest information about prospects, ensuring they always have access to the most up-to-date details.


Myphoner charges $16.00 per seat monthly. More complex capabilities, such as inbound call handling, are available exclusively through their "Plus Plan," which starts at $25 per monthly seat.

Who should look into Myphoner?
Myphoner was the most economical solution among those that posted their prices. Even their second-tier "Plus Plan," which offers more sophisticated capabilities than their initial plan, was less expensive than the starting prices of most other systems on our list.

Small teams needing sophisticated software on a tight budget might choose Myphoner's cost-effective feature options.

2. Gong

Gong analytics

Gong is a calling program that records, transcribes, and analyzes client conversations using conversational intelligence.

The Gong app records, transcribes and extracts data from client touchpoints such as voice, video meetings, SMS, email, contacts, engagement software, and CRM systems.

Gong analyzes these client conversations for essential themes, questions raised, action items, and relationship details using powerful AI that understands and speaks over 70 languages.

It analyzes to-do lists and dangers and suggests increasing coaching, supervision, and agent feedback.

The Gong app dashboard organizes and tracks client deals, win/loss ratios, lead nurturing stages, and the activity chronology for each transaction or prospect. It is available on browser, desktop, and mobile.


Gong is more expensive than most of its competitors. Its base purchase is $5000 upfront, plus a monthly membership starts at $100 per user.

However, your monthly membership will be less expensive when you purchase more active seats. Gong has several licensing categories, each with its feature options.

Who should look into Gong?
Gong works well for sales-focused teams with a mix of leads and prospects at various stages of the conversion pipeline. Gong works incredibly well for sales teams where agents outnumber supervisors by providing them with data to deliver more appropriate feedback.

3. VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft dashboard

VanillaSoft assists sales teams in managing large numbers of leads. Its lead scoring tools allow you to develop custom formulas to analyze leads as they come in, ensuring your agents speak to the most important leads first.

Its simple dashboards allow you to track your team's real-time performance, evaluating call activity and sales success.

VanillaSoft supports both progressive and preview dialing. These auto-dialing tools enable your staff to access contact information without searching.

They will also avoid contacting you manually if click-to-call facilities are available. VanillaSoft also provides various industry-specific solutions, such as insurance, fundraising, and higher education.


VanillaSoft's basic sales engagement platform costs $80 per user monthly, with extra capabilities costing more. Its free trial lasts up to six days and gives access to all features.

Who should look into VanillaSoft?

Compared to the other systems on our list, VanillaSoft's initial pricing is very high. Yet, its approach has a built-in CRM designed expressly for teams that call on many leads and customers.

You can save money by not having to buy two separate systems in the long run. Teams who can afford VanillaSoft's higher launch expenses and are willing to convert their sales data to its native CRM might choose this system to satisfy their outreach needs.

In addition, if you work with lead qualifiers for lead qualification who route leads and prospects to the appropriate salesperson, VanillaSoft's appointment setup tools may save your team time in the long run. 

4. Toky

Toky interface

Toky's cloud-based solution works with many of the technologies you currently have in place to offer real-time updates and information to client profiles.

Its call-forwarding function enables agents to take calls while on the road, ensuring they never miss an opportunity to contact a lead.

Its power dialer allows you to develop processes around call campaigns to assist agents in reaching the appropriate lead at the right time.

You may organize your agents to make call handling more efficient and segment your leads depending on campaigns.

Lastly, Toky allows you to monitor agent calls in real-time. It also helps with agent training and call script adherence.


Toky’s price starts at $20 per month per agent. With its beginner’s plan, you'll be paid depending on how frequently you use a la carte services like the power dialer and call records.

The use of these functionalities is included in the base price of the system with higher-cost plans.

Who should look into Toky?

Toky may interest small teams because its basic plan does not require an agent minimum to get started. It also has a lower beginning cost than the other systems on this list.

Nevertheless, its volume-based pricing for certain advanced features on its basic plan may increase the price for smaller teams.

Toky's ability to link with several prominent business tools, like Hubspot, Salesforce, and Slack, may be its most compelling feature. If you want software that works well with your other tools, Toky may be worth a look. 

5. RingCentral

Create customized scripts with RingCentral

RingCentral is a household brand in communications software, so it's no wonder it's made our list of top systems.

Its engage voice solution, designed primarily for outbound sales and service, provides a variety of call kinds, including manual, preview, progressive, and predictive.

You may tailor the sorts of calls offered to your agents based on the campaigns they work on.

To further personalize the agent and lead experience, create call scripts suited to each lead. You may link RingCentral to your platforms using its integration marketplace and API.


RingCentral's price needs to be listed on its website. However, considering its position in the communications industry and extensive feature set, we anticipate its price will be greater than that of the other systems on this list.

It offers different packages with varying features to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Who should consider RingCentral?

RingCentral is a well-known brand in the communications industry. With over 400,000 clients worldwide, individuals looking for a tried-and-true technology with global reach should choose RingCentral.

Although we can't predict how much RingCentral will cost your company, its feature set will likely be a better fit for larger firms and teams needing to personalize campaigns for various lead kinds.

6. Aircall

Track sales performance against call volume in Aircall

Aircall positions itself as best friends with your CRM. Its many interactions with other platforms allow you to establish automated workflows and log calls.

Making these procedures less manual allows your agents to work through call lists faster while capturing all relevant lead information. The power-calling and click-to-dial capabilities of Aircall will also assist representatives in connecting contacts more effectively.

In Aircall, you may compare sales performance to call volume.

Aircall's statistics will show how much its time-saving features contribute to your sales force's success. Look at team trends and individual performance to discover where there is still opportunity for progress.


Aircall offers plans that start at $30 per user per month and have a minimum requirement of three users. All plans comprise limitless calling services within the United States and Canada.

For advanced features, opt for Aircall's Professional plan at $50/user/month. A minimum of 3 users is required.

Who Should Look into Aircall?

Aircall's focus on automated processes and its mid-tier price may appeal to small and medium-sized teams wishing to make sales calls more effectively.

The offer of unlimited calls within the United States and Canada in all of its plans may also be an incentive for American and Canadian businesses trying to reduce their call expenditures.

7. Hubspot Sales Hub

Hubspot sales hub

Sales teams prospecting across various channels can find everything they need at Hubspot's sales hub. This sales outreach platform interacts with Hubspot's flagship CRM.

The call tracking software included in their sales platform includes basic features such as placing calls from your desktop or using VoIP to call from the country you're prospecting in, automatically logging calls to your CRM, allowing you to track and update lead status easily, and automating tasks and follow-ups with leads based on their status in the pipeline.

This cold email app is compatible with mobile phones.

Price: Conversation Intelligence is included in the Enterprise plan for $1,200 monthly, whereas Sales Analytics is only included in the Professional and Enterprise prices.

8. Klenty

Klenty interface


Klenty is a sales engagement software that assists SDRs in increasing sales outreach and scheduling more meetings.

You can use Klenty to send targeted, one-on-one cold emails, schedule follow-up emails, track open, click, and reply rates, and reach out via LinkedIn. Klenty also has cold-calling options to help you grow your multichannel outreach operations.

Some of the benefits of Klenty:

  1. One-click Sales Dialler to efficiently conduct call after call.
  2. Call recording allows you to examine calls at your leisure.
  3. Voicemail Drop enables you to send customized, pre-recorded voicemails with a single click.
  4. Use Local Dial to call your prospects using their area code.
  5. Call Notes to sync your notes to the CRM immediately.
  6. Call Outcome promptly marks the state of each call.
  7. Enable incoming voicemail to allow prospects to leave you a voicemail.
  8. Call Reports to assess your performance and identify areas for improvement.

9. Close

Close is a cold-calling CRM that offers an end-to-end solution for salespeople prospecting over different channels.

Depending on which of their four plans you invest in, you may receive everything from call recording to automated dialers to Conversation Intelligence.

The basic plan includes built-in worldwide inbound and outgoing calling, call forwarding, and the ability to send and receive text messages.

10. Revenue

Revenue advertises itself as a cold calling program that boosts productivity by advising salespeople on making the most of their phone calls.

With practically every function a sales professional requires and more, RingDNA has a significant edge. Sadly, pricing is only provided upon request.

RingDNA helps sales teams expand smartly with technologies like Intelligent Dialer, Conversation AI, Assisted Selling, Call Tracker, and Yoda AI.

11. Kixie PowerCall 

Kixie PowerCall is a powerful Chrome plugin allowing salespeople to make sales calls from anywhere, dial a contact list on spreadsheets, or even on websites like Yelp.

Call recording, AI-powered local presence, reporting insights, live call coaching, anywhere usage, and voicemail drop are among the other capabilities of this cold calling tool.

12. Dialpad 

Dialpad AI is an all-in-one commercial communication solution that provides cold calling software, Dialpad Sell, to sales teams. It uses artificial intelligence to deliver advanced coaching features such as real-time recommendations and reminders to count objections. Yet, these are merely a few of their characteristics.

Other features include call recording, extra phone numbers, rep leaderboards, coaching groups, call analytics, transcriptions, (salesforce) power dialer, voicemail drop, and mobile usage.

Dialpad Sell has correctly positioned itself as an AI-driven solution for sales teams, with several productivity-boosting features for the manager and the rep.

13. PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner interface

PhoneBurner is a robust platform for managing outbound sales calls and removing repetitive chores and procedures.

PhoneBurner is a cold-calling tool that allows you to make more calls in less time while streamlining your post-call process.

You can preload your prospect list, and PhoneBurner will ring through for you. You may speak with prospects when they pick up the phone. When they don't answer, you may leave a voicemail, make a note, or text to plan a follow-up call.

The processes you can create allow you to accomplish this with no effort. After completing your outbound campaign, you can evaluate your campaign data and identify areas for improvement for the next time.

PhoneBurner allows you to stay organized by effortlessly managing various campaigns targeting different groups of prospects using folders.

The monthly cost is $149 per user.

Important aspects include:

  • Sort leads into folders to manage your outreach.
  • Automate post-call procedures and ensure that necessary steps are always completed.

You can instantly run through extensive prospect lists with the power dialer.

14. CallTools

CallTools landing page

CallTools' call center software has everything you need to manage your cold calling campaigns, including an inbound and outbound call management platform.

It is designed to handle both incoming and outbound calls. CallTools' call center software has all the essential features your sales force will require, such as power dialing to increase call rates, call script visibility, call coaching, and recording.

You can also filter your prospect list depending on the criteria you provide, such as region, firm size, or other custom segmentation data you wish to include, to ensure you're targeting the correct individuals.

CallTools' call center software allows you to quickly export your contact list to a spreadsheet for use in other programs or manage your contacts directly in their lead management system.

The price information is available upon request.

Important aspects include:

  • Lead management software that tracks hot, warm, and cold leads.
  • Filter prospects using any criteria you specify.
  • Power dialing allows you to contact more prospects in less time.

15. JustCall

JustCall landing page

JustCall is a cloud-based phone solution that automates cold calling and call management.

This sophisticated tool can assist you in increasing your success rates.

You can obtain local numbers that work in over 58 countries to ensure that your calls originate from local, toll-free lines, increasing the likelihood of your prospect picking up the phone.

There's also an Auto Dialer to cut down on downtime. Following a conversation, you can set up automatic processes to deliver critical materials like a sales deck or estimate to your prospect as quickly as possible.

JustCall connects with most CRMs, and your call information is instantly uploaded to lead records.

You can also utilize the Call Monitoring function to listen in on live calls made by your team so that you can collaborate to better how you conduct cold calls.

Pricing: $25 per user per month.

Important aspects include:

  • Set up call and SMS sequences to maximize interaction.
  • Sync your CRM with JustCall to automatically update records.
  • Call tracking and recording to aid in the optimization of outreach efforts.

16. CloudTalk

Cloudtalk landing page

CloudTalk's cold calling software is an all-in-one contact center with cold calling capabilities to help you discuss more with potential clients.

CloudTalk is ideal for large or small teams if you are your company's sole salesperson.

Using it is simple, and you can upload your prospect list with phone numbers and begin going through the list fast using the one-click call option.

CloudTalk also has many connections with leading CRMs and sales platforms to help you integrate it into your cold outreach strategy.

A simple campaign builder allows you to prepare everything you need for your campaign, add your prospects, and then run it through.

It has a Zapier link to connect it to cold outreach tools like QuickMail and interacts natively with most CRMs.

Pricing: €25 per month per user

Important aspects include:

  • Virtual phone numbers are available for 140 countries and locales.
  • CRM and Zapier connectors to guarantee you always have critical prospect information
  • Click-to-call and a power dialer can boost productivity.

17. VICIdial

VICIdial interface

VICIdial is a configurable, sophisticated, free, and open-source cold-calling program.

Despite the antiquated user interface, the software has almost everything you need to conduct an effective cold-calling program.

The API allows you to generate individual tracking IDs for agents, measure activity, examine overall campaign analytics, and link VICIdial to other applications.

The primary disadvantage is that it's a free platform, so there are certain limits. If you run into challenges, you'll have to fix them yourself or seek assistance from other VICIdial users in their support forum.

Pricing: It’s free.

Key features:

  • A robust and feature-rich platform that is entirely free
  • There are no additional expenses for more seats or users
  • The API may link it to any product in your sales software stack

Over To You

All these software are valuable for sales teams looking to improve their cold-calling efforts in 2024. 

Cold calling is incredibly successful for establishing appointments, identifying who could need your products and services, creating relationships, and closing transactions.

Your sales should stay current with new technologies and trends so your business can meet sales targets.

Are you still wondering how to leverage these tools in a competitive sales landscape?

Don’t worry! AI bees is here to help you!

With advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, we have perfected the art of cold calling.

We can analyze data, identify potential leads, and deliver personalized pitches to capture their attention.

Trust the experts in lead generation and try AI bees today. Schedule a demo today, and you'll be amazed at the results!