Are you ready to up your cold-calling game and close more deals than ever?

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Although it may appear intimidating, there are specific techniques and strategies that you can adopt to make cold-calling much easier.

Did you know nearly 80% of sales require five follow-up calls after the initial meeting?

That means having a strong list of prospects is crucial for success in sales.

But where do you start?

How do you build a list that is both targeted and effective?

We've covered everything from utilizing social media to leveraging industry events.

By utilizing our guide, you can generate a complete cold-calling roster that will significantly increase incoming calls.

And with our tips and best practices, you'll be well-equipped to handle any objections or challenges that come your way.

Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and prepare to take your cold-calling game to the next level.

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What are cold call lists?

Cold call lists are just your prospects' names and phone numbers (both work and mobile).

Other information on the cold call list may include the prospect's job title, firm name, and other pertinent characteristics such as location/time zone.

They provide an effective technique for your outbound sales force, which is often made up of sales development representatives or business development representatives, to make cold calls.

Cold call lists eliminate the need for outbound salespeople to hunt for each person's phone number.

They'd waste a lot of time if they did that. Manually looking up a phone number might take a few minutes for each contact.

You'd be lucky to have four or five chats and arrange one appointment if you made 80 calls every day. That is why high-quality cold-calling lists are essential.

Sales management must do everything necessary to increase the number of calls a salesperson can make each day to have more discussions, which means they can book more appointments.

A high-quality cold call list increases the chances of having more conversations. In fact, 27% of sales reps agree that cold calling is effective and valuable.

Cold calling is still effective

Elements Cold-Calling Lists Should Contain

A well-maintained and up-to-date contact list is essential for successful cold calling. With a high-quality contact list, your sales staff can guarantee their message reaches the right individuals at the right time.

They can continue to provide in-demand services to maximize the return on their cold-calling efforts. 

Cold call lists are essential to any effective outreach operation and must include all relevant information.

You should include the person's name, job title, company name, contact information, industry, and city. This data type ensures you have the correct contacts likely to be interested in your message. 

Furthermore, segmenting contacts by geography focuses on campaigns or services that are regionally specialized.

Using as much first-hand data as feasible when developing cold call lists is critical. Obsolete or misleading information that sneaks between the cracks can derail your efforts and cause your target market outreach approach to suffer.

Let’s look at the items that you should incorporate while creating your cold-calling lists

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Organization
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Location

By including these elements in your leads' information, you can stay up-to-date on information from your contacts and give the most relevant information throughout their customer journey.

More significantly, this component of the sales plan ensures that you can continue to contact your target market where they are.

Why Your Business Needs a Cold-Calling List

A cold calling list can be a game-changer for your business, providing a targeted approach to reaching potential customers and generating sales.

A well-crafted cold-calling list can help maximize your sales team's productivity and effectiveness. It also:

  • Saves time - Not having salespeople look up each number saves time.
  • More dials per hour - Salespeople mustn't look up each number.
  • More conversations - An excellent cold call list can help salespeople get more prospects on the phone.
  • Less frustration - Salespeople become upset when prospects do not respond. Better Results - More interactions result in more meetings.
  • More productive salespeople - Salespeople are often unreliable. They'll schedule more meetings if they have more talks.
  • Tailored pitches - You may target your pitch to an ICP instead of a random list using focused lists.
  • Stay away from gatekeepers - If the cold call list has direct mobile numbers, you can circumvent gatekeepers.
  • Salespeople who are content - Cold calling is difficult, but your staff will be happy if they are successful.

The key advantage of a high-quality B2B cold call list is that it allows you to schedule more appointments

Here’s a chart comparing how buyers still prefer to be contacted and how the sellers connect.

How do buyers prefer to be contacted

Ways to Get Qualified Cold Calling Leads

It can be challenging but effective for generating cold-calling leads and sales.

However, to make the most of your cold-calling efforts, having a record of potential customers who display a significant interest in your products is crucial.

A comprehensive comprehension of your intended audience and leveraging referral sales from existing customers can effectively get qualified cold-calling leads.

In the following paragraphs, we will explore these strategies in more detail.

Manually Qualify Your Leads

Converting qualifying leads into paying clients is a high goal for 57% of B2B organizations. 

And it is by far the cheapest strategy. Still, it is also the most time-consuming method of obtaining a qualified list to conduct prospecting calls.

The main concept is to search for your prospects on Google and LinkedIn, locate a list of firms, and then hunt for contact information for the decision-makers.

Sifting through these sites and creating your highly qualified marketing list might take up to a week.

Buy A List From A Leads Provider

Because 68% of organizations struggle with lead creation, it stands to reason that acquiring lists is still a widespread B2B activity.

One reason to do the entire qualifying procedure manually is that it takes so long to compile a list of target firms initially.

Buying an affordable list from a leads broker is one approach to reduce that procedure and make it less intimidating. Choosing a broker isn't easy, and you must have realistic expectations.

Sometimes list providers are incorrect, but it doesn't matter because you need the names of C-level decision makers.

Use Artificial Intelligence to Qualify Your List

Because practically all the information we're attempting to acquire about these prospects is available online, why not utilize AI to gather that information and automatically generate a qualified marketing list?

80% of company leaders believe they will use AI technology between 2020 and 2027.

retail companies to adopt AI between 2020 to 2027.

Some businesses have previously done this and have successfully made this approach work for salespeople.

The one drawback is that while this technique can save you significant time, it will require some training to get it up and running.

You should check through the data and verify it to have a decent list. This is a cost-effective alternative that most SMBs can incorporate into their budgets without breaking the bank.

The Dangers of Buying Cold Call Lists

Buying a cold call list is a quick and easy way to get leads for your sales team. 

However, it comes with several dangers that can harm your business's reputation and bottom line. Understanding these risks and exploring alternative strategies for generating leads is important.

It’s A Waste of Time

When you buy lead lists, especially cheap ones, you may expect a large percentage of the information to be out of current. In our experience, we're talking about 30% to 40%.

Your salespeople might waste 40% of their time on pointless phone calls.

Up-to-date numbers are frequently a waste of time because over 80% of individuals in the United States disregard calls from unknown numbers.

cellphone calls from unknown numbers

As a result, conversion rates are poor, and sales professionals spend most of their time hunting down prospects with little promise.

So, in most circumstances, purchasing lead lists is not the way to go. Instead, consider convincing prospects to provide you with their contact information before phoning them.

Cold Calling Is Expensive

Several factors determine the cost of purchasing a cold-calling list, including:

  • The number of leads you purchase
  • How tailored the data is (a list of B2B SaaS companies will cost more than a list of all enterprises)
  • What information are you obtaining (phone numbers, email addresses, yearly revenue, contact names, positions, and so on)?
  • The cost of purchasing a cold-calling list depends on how accurate the data is.

Your line of work may also play a role. In retail, the average cost per lead is $34.

However, in finance, the cost is closer to $160. Purchasing 1,000 leads may cost you between $34,000 and $160,000.

Cost per lead data by industry

The cost may be worth it if buying lead lists yielded a strong ROI.

However, this is not the case. Especially when you consider that your lead list will cost you twice: once to purchase the list and again to contact all those unqualified prospects.

Might Ruin Your Reputation

We've all encountered a telemarketing representative who tries to sell us something we don't want.

cold call example

Greetings from the desert, David."

"Would you like to talk about snow blowers?”

No, not at all.

The issue is that not only David becomes irritated in these circumstances. All individuals (and prospective customers) who are with David when you call, as well as David's social media connections, will be irritated.

The more the spread of this aggravation, the worse your company's reputation gets.

Aside from that, specific call lists that aren't well-maintained may include numbers on the Do Not Call Registry, and dialing them might get you in trouble.

Top Tips for Building a Cold-Calling List

If you want to build a successful cold-calling campaign, a high-quality contact list is essential.

But where do you start? Let’s explore.

Create A Clear Customer Profile

Consider your desired customers' traits while creating a customer profile for cold call lists to ensure success.

Begin by investigating your target audiences to discover the age range, geography, and daily needs of customers who purchased from you. Then, to create a full profile, start thinking about the advantages and solutions they seek. 

Consider any potential barriers or objections during a sales call as part of this process and predict how you will answer them in the most friendly and successful manner.

A detailed consumer profile establishes the foundation for successful lead-generation operations via cold calls. In fact, organizations with a strong ideal customer profile (ICP) similar to a buyer persona - achieve 68% higher account win rates.

higher account win rates

Invest in High-Quality Leads

Investing in quality sales leads while establishing cold-calling lists is critical to business development.

Not only does acquiring low-quality data endanger your reputation, but it also means you'll spend more time sorting through inaccurate or redundant contact information.

Look for Direct Dials

Time is money, as any salesperson knows, and cold call lists are critical in enhancing sales efficiency.

Finding direct dials is crucial to establishing an effective cold calling strategy since it helps you to contact potential prospects more efficiently.

Direct access to an organization's decision-makers means less time communicating with secretaries or other team members to get to your decision-makers.

According to studies, reaching and engaging with a decision-maker takes at least six touches.

It also keeps you from becoming bogged down in bureaucracy and allows you to act fast when presented with an opportunity.

When establishing your cold call lists, look for direct dials to avoid wasting time attempting to reach your desired clients.

Provide Value to Your Audience

The most ethical strategy to create leads is to provide genuine value to your target audience.

Offer them a convincing incentive to contact you, and they'll gladly give you their contact information. Then, instead of cold leads, you'll have warm leads who have previously expressed an interest in your product.

The answer is simple for those who don't know where to start: start with B2B inbound marketing

In fact, 80% of company decision-makers would rather read a series of articles than watch an advertisement.

This marketing tactic involves creating helpful, instructive, or entertaining content to attract clients to your organization via SEO (search engine optimization), social media, or other channels.

  • At first, you must determine what kinds of free information or goods your target audience requires the most.
  • The following stage is creating a landing page encouraging visitors to stay, learn, and participate. This includes smart UX design and numerous chances for users to take action, like filling out a form, requesting a demo, or providing their contact information.
  • Then, choose the best outlets for promoting your content. What are the places your target market spends time? LinkedIn? TikTok? Google? Distribute your material through the appropriate sources to drive traffic to your website.

social media platforms that offer the highest ROI

Join Industry Associations

Joining relevant industry groups, regardless of your firm's size, is another approach to obtaining new leads.

Since the newcomers are already involved in the sector, you will almost certainly meet decision-makers and make high-quality contacts.

Additionally, joining industry groups aids in validating your product or service. It demonstrates to potential consumers that your company is professionally recognized.

And finally, it's a great way to boost your profile. Many associations offer blogs where members may post and share their expertise.

You can advertise your company in the association's directory, post press releases under member news, and sit on numerous panels.

Use Affiliate Partners

In exchange for a percentage of sales, affiliate partners advertise your product or service through various channels (blog posts, social media, email, and other marketing initiatives). 

Because you're effectively purchasing access to someone else's audience, generating leads and bringing in new business for your sales team to qualify is an efficient approach.

80% of brands and 84% of publishers use affiliate marketing today.

Affiliate marketing stats

It's an efficient approach to growing your list because the affiliate handles all of the promotion, and you gain access to new audiences.

Remember that not all relationships are equal when building an affiliate marketing program. It's ideal to seek partners currently involved with your product or service since their recommendations will be more credible.

Update Your Cold Call List Frequently

Building accurate and up-to-date cold-calling lists is essential for lead-generating success. 

Outdated lists may be a big waste of time since information quickly becomes obsolete, and specific prospects with whom your sales staff has interacted may no longer be legitimate leads. 

Regularly updating your cold call lists guarantees you're always dealing with the most relevant data, resulting in more fantastic campaign performance and higher returns.

Regularly updating cold call lists helps you to locate fresh leads and track who in the business is worth contacting.

Regular updates give you a competitive advantage, placing marketing teams well ahead of rivals relying on static and out-of-date contact databases. 

Best Practices for Using Your Cold-Calling List

A well-defined strategy must align with your business goals and values to maximize your cold-calling list.

It's crucial to prioritize your leads, personalize your approach, and continuously evaluate and refine your methods for better results.

Refine and Automate Your Process

When starting, you may A/B test alternative introductions, conclusions, and phrases to see how each prospect reacts.

Use the results to improve your cold-calling script till it is genuinely exceptional. You should keep looking at reports and creating script variations based on prior performance data, even when you've found the proper script.

You'll constantly find fresh approaches to the close business if you continually tweak your script. This doesn't have to take a long time—we advocate scheduling a concentrated sales script session with your team every month for 15 to 30 minutes.

Rehearse Your Sales Call Scripts

You should continuously strive to improve your sales script. You can increase conversion rates by adding new information and adapting to prospects' reactions.

And, with each revision, have representatives rehearse the script until they know it by heart; this is the most effective method to create confidence.

Schedule Follow-Up Calls

Never end a cold call without a plan for the follow-up! Schedule another phone conversation, set up a meeting, or offer to send relevant material to your prospect through email—do whatever it takes to keep the sale lead alive.

You get a 25% reply rate if you follow up 24 hours after the first contact.

Sales follow-up cadence stats

If not, your chances of contacting the prospect again are significantly reduced. If you utilize Close, scheduling sales follow-ups is as easy as a single click in the Close CRM.

Assigning follow-ups to certain people

This screenshot demonstrates how simple it is to assign follow-ups to certain people and set dates and hours for specific assignments. Additionally, you can employ the platform to arrange automated phone calls and email follow-up sequences.

Conversations in one location (rather than jumping between several applications) help your team operate much more efficiently.

Focus Your Sales Pitch on Their Pain Points

Here's an old-school marketing rule: 

If you can express your consumers' existing issues better than they can, they'll subconsciously think you have the answer.

So, to keep your prospect interested and engaged, be prepared to identify common pain areas and how you can fix them.

Anticipate Objections

Even your most fabulous customers will have objections when you undertake outbound sales.

Don't allow a few objections to prevent you from following up on a prospective lead. Sales representatives may raise their conversation rate by up to 70% by being more persistent.

Persistence pays off.

Create an objection-handling document to prepare for whatever prospects may throw at you.

Use Quality Sales Prospecting Tools

Sales prospecting tools and technology can assist you in closing more offers with less work.

These tools can help sales representatives identify potential customers based on specific criteria and gain insights into customer behavior and interests.

By using these tools, sales representatives can save time and effort in prospecting efforts while increasing their sales pitches' accuracy and relevance.

Ultimately, using quality sales prospecting tools can lead to higher-quality leads and more successful sales outcomes.

Cold calling software streamlines the process, enabling sales reps to reach more prospects with personalized pitches efficiently.

Where To Buy Cold Call Lists

Prospect phone numbers may be obtained from various providers when purchasing cold call lists.

You'll likely invest in purchasing business leads from the companies listed below. You'll buy email addresses and phone numbers for cold-calling lists.

Cold calling will also likely be a component of your entire prospecting approach.

ZoomInfo – Category leader, premium offering, annual-only contracts.

Cognism – Great for international data, annual-only contracts.

Uplead – Monthly contracts, outstanding for SMBs.

Lead411 – Flexible contracts.

Lusha – Another international option.

RocketReach – Good Value.

Apollo – Great for individuals.

Seamless – Another option in the category.

You can create cold call lists from sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

Hiring a VA to construct them is one approach to gathering new data, but it might be difficult for them to obtain mobile numbers. Other firms solely sell certified cold call lists.

How To Crush Your Cold Calls with AI bees

Building a cold-calling list requires research, analysis, and creativity.

By implementing the suggestions and best practices described in this article, businesses can create a high-quality and effective list that can help generate leads and boost sales.

But it’s not always easy! That’s why AI bees is here to help!

We can help businesses streamline their cold-calling processes by identifying the right leads, providing insights into customer behavior, and automating various tasks.

Embracing technology and combining it with the human touch can lead to a successful cold-calling campaign and increased business revenue.

Get in touch with us to optimize the efficiency of your cold-calling marketing and strategy!