Did you know that the average human attention span is only eight seconds?

Thus, you have a limited time window to make an impact and persuade potential customers to pick your good or service over your competitors.

But fear not because these sales pitch examples are designed to be engaging, persuasive, and memorable.

In this article, we've gathered over 18 killer sales pitch examples to grab your prospect's attention and generate quality leads for your business.

From storytelling to social proof, each example is tailored to a specific industry and showcases the unique features and benefits of the sold product or service.

So if you're ready to up your sales game and generate quality leads, dive into these 15+ sales pitch examples and get inspired to create your winning pitch.

Let’s make pitching a breeze for you!

What is a Sales Pitch? 

A sales pitch- or as others call it- a sales presentation  is a condensed sales presentation in which a salesman introduces the nature and benefits of the business

When trying to sell your product or service to potential or current clients, a sales pitch is essential. This means presenting the features and benefits of what you offer in an effort to persuade them to make a purchase. Although sales pitches can last up to 20 minutes, it's recommended to keep them short and sweet, as brevity is the key to being memorable and effective. 

A perfect pitch should focus on the product's benefits and last no longer than 3-5 minutes to capture customer attention.

Remember, a human's average attention span is decreasing daily to the average attention span of a goldfish.

Average attention span of human beings

That's why they're sometimes described as lift pitches, as they should be available within the time limit of just one elevator ride. 

How so? 

You just don't have the time to start selling a product in an hour when you're in a lift. You must be direct, informative, and, most importantly, concise. 

They are called elevators for some reason.

So when presenting your sales pitch, describe how your product can help customers make money and generate income.

The Sales Pitch Framework

The Sales Pitch Framework 

Bring relevant topics if you have the time to develop and build on a conversation. You can use the following structure to create your elevator pitch:


Start by making a claim statement or asking a question regarding the issue you resolve. A personal narrative, provocative inquiry, or startling statistic can all be used to illustrate the problem. Clarify the why.

Value Statement

Give a very succinct, clear description of your values. Be result-driven and action-oriented. Don't use jargon. Share the rewards.

How We Operate

Emphasize your distinctive differentiators and describe your business.

Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds means listing recognizable accomplishments and giving specific instances as references—sharing industry recognition and prizes.

Customer Stories

Provide success stories and examples from your customers. Share affecting and unique customer tales. Make it attainable and tangible.

Stories make the best pitch

Engaging Question

Provide room for discussion by ending the pitch with an open-ended query.

To close the deal, many businesses leverage success tales in their pitches. Use name-dropping to your advantage since it's effective.

Also, you should always have a product sample to show potential customers if it is tiny enough or lightweight to fit in your pocket.

Nothing is more repulsive than a salesperson who brags about themselves, their business, or their products. This refers to it as the "myself monster." The main character in your story is the customer, not you — period.

Elements of a Good Sales Pitch 

Follow these elements if you want to create a compelling sales pitch:

A Distinct Value Proposition

How does your offering deal with this problem? Originality as a precise and unambiguous presentation of the solution is essential. ‍

Evidence or Statement of Credibility

Defend your assertion. Use figures, testimonies, instances, or other evidence to prove your products' value. ‍‍

Fulfill Your Promise on the Value Proposition

The value proposition's promise can and will be delivered in this one- to three-sentence synopsis. Features of your products and services should be secondary to benefits for the customer. ‍‍

Types of Sales Pitches 

Not all sales pitches are created equal. Depending on your product, business, and where you are in the sales funnel, there are a variety of potential sales presentations. A few examples of sales pitches are ‍‍

Social Media Pitch

A sales pitch intended to attract buyers on social networking sites like X, Facebook, or LinkedIn. The objective is to pique interest and motivate them to take the next action, like visiting a website or getting in touch for further details. ‍‍

Most people use social media to learn about new products and services- and the number is huge- 57%! 

Reason people use social media

Presentation Sales Pitch

This is a thorough pitch created for significant clients or audiences. It frequently entails developing a presentation that emphasizes the advantages of a good or service and may use visual aids, examples, or data. ‍‍

Follow-up Sales Pitch

A sales pitch was created to re-engage a potential client who has expressed interest but has yet to purchase. It frequently entails addressing objections or worries and providing extra details or incentives to nudge them into the next move. ‍‍

One-Line Sales Pitch

A brief, memorable pitch conveys the core of a good or service in a short amount of time. It is frequently applied in settings with short attention spans or limited time, such as networking gatherings or advertising.

Elevator Pitch

A pitch that is brief and effective enough to be delivered during an elevator ride. It instantly grabs a potential investor's or customer's attention and leaves a positive impression. 

Phone Sales Pitch

A sales pitch is given to a prospective client over the phone. It involves the capacity to immediately establish rapport and answer objections and a clear and captivating tone.

Email Sales Pitch

A clear and concise email pitch that gets right to the point. It should be simple to understand and contain clear calls to action, like a website link or a request to book a call.

Investor Pitch

A sales pitch is intended to convince potential investors to fund a venture or idea. The possible return on investment is frequently emphasized, and any risks or worries they may have are usually addressed.

Pain-Point Pitch

A sales proposal focusing on the problems or difficulties a potential client could face. It illustrates how a good or service can resolve these problems and make things better for them.

One-Minute Sales Pitch

When more time is available, a slightly lengthier variation of the one-line sales presentation is usually given. It must be memorable, clear, concise, and entertaining to the audience.

What Constitutes a Good Sales Pitch?

A good sales pitch should have a strong opening that captures the prospect's attention and builds rapport. It should also include a clear call to action that motivates the prospect to take the desired action.

Here are some constituents explained:

It has a Strong Narrative

The presentations that perform best are narratives,  65% of the time

The presentations that perform best are narratives, 65% of the time

What does this tell you?

Tell your story and introduce your employees to humanize your business and increase likeability. Make sure to include a history of your company and products. Explain to your audience what motivates your employees to come to work each day. Provide humorous personal advice to your audience as well.

Builds Good Relationships

You can quickly compel a modern customer to want to learn more if you have a brand and product story that supports your assertions.

You’d be amazed to know that 68% of customers leave a brand or a company when they find out you don’t care about them! See for yourself:

Reasons why customers leave a Company

When you succeed, your relationship with your client will be vital. Prospects usually relate inspiring stories to their own experiences, which increases their motivation to purchase.

It has tempting Solutions

A good sales pitch prioritizes a client's pain points, and provides them with appealing answers to their problems.

Give your consumers just the right amount of options. If you communicate effectively, customers can picture the outcomes. Make it quick and simple to understand. Provide examples to illustrate the value of your offering.

Has a Strong Call to Action (CTA)

This is your call to action: It is not a good sales pitch if it does not result in a sale.

Encourage your prospects to act by speaking with them directly and asking them open-ended sales questions.

Examples include a scheduled phone conversation, a free demo, a face-to-face meeting, or a visit to your website.

Everything depends on how your sales approach is structured overall. Instead of simply saying "Thank you," strive to generate an emotional response from your audience as you wrap up your presentation.

Establish a rapport with them so they will trust you with their money.

18 Sales Pitch Examples That Guarantee Quality Leads 

Qualifying leads is a challenging task. This is the second most demanding job in terms of sales.

As you can see in the chart below, qualifying leads is the most challenging task just after prospecting. Following up, closing, and using multiple lead sources come next.

Most challenging sales tasks

That’s why we will provide 18 excellent sales pitch examples to help you qualify leads.

Adam Goldstein Two Sentence Pitch

The CEO and co-founder of Hipmunk struggled to raise money for his company. He introduced himself to the CEO of United Airlines with the following two-sentence pitch:

Adam Goldstein Two Sentence Pitch

The CEO responded to Goldstein directly within 15 minutes. Later on, investors gave $55 million to Hipmunk as funding.

Fascinating, right?

Elevator Pitch by G2Crowd

G2Crowd is a platform that enables software users to discuss a product in their opinions.

Watch this:

Even though it lasts less than 20 seconds, the pitch conveys the goal of the G2 platform and the issue it solves for software users.

Always remember a good elevator pitch should be short and personalized. 

An elevator pitch criteria

The Phone Pitch from Mark Cuban

Entrepreneur, businessman, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban spearheaded the campaign by calling past season ticket holders to help increase low ticket sales.

At the beginning of these conversations, Cuban first overheard sales complaints, such as how awful the team was. He would respond by reminding those who had previously purchased tickets of their own experiences attending games as children when it didn't matter whether a team was winning or losing.

The game itself was the point. 

The stadium. 

The time spent with family, friends, and neighbors, as well as the popcorn and cheering.

It was a distinctive experience that was more valuable than going to the cinema or McDonald's and only cost $8 per ticket.

His strategy was successful, and ticket sales increased. Cuban spent $280 million to purchase the Mavericks. At this time, the squad is worth $3.3 billion.

The Email Pitch from Ryan Robinson

An expert in content marketing named Ryan Robinson routinely approaches companies to offer his services. However, he searches for anything of value to give the prospect before making his pitch, like a Twitter share. He then talks about what he did for the receiver in his pitch.

Finally, Robinson sent an email and was paid a monthly retainer of $10,000.

The Email Pitch from Ryan Robinson

Personalized Social Media Pitches

You may tailor your pitch by looking at the prospect's LinkedIn or Twitter pages. —invest 10 to 20 minutes learning more about the buyer online before contacting them.

Start with a social talking point, such as a link you have in common or an experience you've both had, to establish rapport and demonstrate that you've done your research.

Next, adjust your offer to meet the prospect's demands. You should text several times before asking for an appointment to convey confidence.

Personalized Social Media Pitches

ScrubDaddy's Pitch to Potential Customers

It's worth revisiting Aaron Krause's pitch from Season 4 of Shark Tank:

Shark investor Lori Greiner put $200,000 into the smiling sponge product, now making over $50 million in sales.

The Follow-Up Speech by MailboxValidator

Make a follow-up sales pitch using a call, email, or social media message. A member of the MailboxValidator team sent the following follow-up pitch after speaking with a prospect at an event:

The follow-up speech by MailboxValidator

Party on a Demand Investor Pitch

Willie G's Startupfest pitch was given with contagious zeal. In a room with people hawking IT solutions, Willie provided a distinctive party experience. He brought his outsized personality to the stage and made the most of each chance.

Watch this:

Willie G's startupfest pitch

The pitch from Willie G wasn't actually about him. He did something different, which made him stand out.

He was animated, amusing, and joyful—all the things a party should be—so his pitch worked. Of course, not everyone is as charming as the next one.

Brightwheel's Own Stumbling Block

Here's another Shark Tank success tale. Creator and CEO of Brightwheel David Vasen start his pitch by saying that he knows every Shark investor is a parent, proving that he has done his research. Next, he discusses a particular issue that affects parents of young children and those in preschool.

Here is the video:

Brightwheel's pitch

Every parent or guardian struggles with this issue: not knowing what their child does daily in daycare or preschool. Vasen's lecture focuses on this issue.

With 1.62 million preschoolers in the US alone, ignorance is widespread. Through a mutually shared, intensely personal experience, he engages his audience.

The Quick Sales Spiel from Formcraft

Check out this video:

That may be done in as little as 60 seconds, as Matt Macnamara of the architecture firm Formcraft demonstrates.

In his one-minute pitch, he explains what his organization can accomplish for Philly commercial renters. He even allows the audience member to think about their ideal office setting.

That’s amazing!

Vidyard Product Pitch

Vidyard Product Pitch

The reason Vidyard has gained popularity is due mainly to the fact that salespeople are finding video to be an efficient prospecting tool. They discovered that the best sales pitches are tailored, and what better way to achieve so than to give your message a human face?

They identify their target market in their product presentation (salespeople who find email time-consuming and ineffective) and immediately emphasize their competitive edge. It matters that they "make remote selling easy" rather than merely selling this service.

Your transaction can also be lost if you bring up the subject of competition too late in the dialogue. Vidyard mentions this in their pitch because they are aware of it.

LISNR Product Pitch

LISNR Product Pitch

The founders of LISNR came together in 2012, united by the idea that ultrasonic audio is superior. These people saw the growing demand for a software-based solution for transmitting brief communications back and forth between platforms and devices.

They believed businesses shouldn't be required to invest in expensive hardware or procedures to promote more frictionless and connected experiences."

This product pitch, seen on the LISNR website, leverages the organization's history to describe how it came to be and its goals.

As a result, buying from them becomes more than just a business transaction and contributes to a larger goal and set of values.

FlixBus Holidays Email 

FlixBus' email marketing shows how urgent messaging can drive purchases, with a subject line that reads, "Holiday planning is now necessary."

This type of marketing works. Why? It takes advantage of the season and is simple for a marketing team to put up.

Here is a stat showing the top five days of email marketing. You can see that the holidays are the best times.

Top 5 Days of Email Marketing

Your team only needs to write and schedule an email a month before the holidays.

Apple Product Pitch 

This straightforward pitch's two-sentence, the attention-grabbing headline is "The best experiences. Just on Apple.” The pitch's confidence is established in the opening sentence. 

Apple Product Pitch

The brand, Apple, must be connected to the finest experiences, end of the story. These "greatest experiences" are also exclusive to Apple.

What a powerful statement, huh?

The presentation then lists all the advantages of utilizing Apple devices, including how they can provide excellent entertainment. Overall, the pitch clarifies why having confidence in your sales pitch copy is beneficial.

Citi Bike Membership

Citi Bike Membership

There is a ton of helpful information in this sales pitch for the Citi Bike bicycle-sharing program based in New York City. It starts by dividing the membership fee into daily costs. 

This works well since it makes the subscription appear inexpensive. Next, it discusses the advantages of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which can be quickly done by routinely riding a bicycle.

The ad says fewer people will drive vehicles if more people ride bikes, which is better for the environment overall.

Lastly, the audience is informed that cycling is frequently a speedier and more effective means of transportation in a congested city like New York.

Wondery Podcast Network

A wide variety of narrative podcasts are created by the Wondery podcast studio, with a heavy emphasis on the historical drama subgenre. This pitch begins with describing the product on their website's "about" page.

Take note of their use of the term "binge-worthy." Although it has evolved into a buzzword in the production of audiovisual content, it speaks volumes about the caliber of content Wondery creates.

The pitch continues by listing the numerous accolades the studio has received for its podcasts. The pitch's natural incorporation of the company's "feel the story" tagline is an important lesson.

Slogans are a good way to ensure your company's messaging stays consistent throughout your communication platforms.

Alsace, France Tourism Brochure

Alsace, France Tourism Brochure

The intelligent positioning of the region and its many attractions as the topic of some type of collective imagination is evident in this pretty quirky sales pitch from a tourism brochure for Alsace, France.

It's a risky proposition but one that works very well. The opportunity to visit exotic locations is one of travel's allurements. The "magic" of Alsace is emphasized in this sales pitch, which entices the audience to live out their fantasies there.

A crucial lesson for salespeople to learn from this: do your best to connect your product with a well-known ideal.

Let's say you sell sponges. Is creating a sales pitch more effective in emphasizing the caliber of the sponges' manufacturing process? Or would it be more effective if you described and displayed pictures of sparkling cutlery and plates that your sponges had cleaned?

The more successful sales technique is the cleaner kitchenware pitch or the idea that your product will help customers realize.

It is essential to let your audience know what your product can do for them, whether you are marketing a holiday resort that is out of this world or a box of sponges.

“Sell Me This Pen” Scene From The Wolf Of Wall Street

This scene from the blockbuster film The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) speaks directly to one of the fundamental principles guiding every sales pitch: discovering and satisfying a need.

Sell Me This Pen

Without stating the market need your product is trying to fill, your sales pitch will probably fall flat with your audience. In the scenario from The Wolf of Wall Street, the salesperson who makes it painfully clear that his prospect needs his product makes the best and final argument.

To accomplish this, he hands his prospect a piece of paper and requests his signature. His potential immediately understands that he needs a pen to do this assignment -— precisely the product the salesman is trying to sell. 

Of course, only some companies sell pens, so it could be challenging to devise a clever method to emphasize the gap that your offer covers. But rest assured. The work will be well worth it.

The "Sell me this pen" incident demonstrates that the best sales proposals highlight the benefits of their goods by quickly and unambiguously identifying customer needs.

Steps To Follow When Creating a Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch Steps

With so many pitch choices, deciding where to begin may be difficult. The six-step sales pitch framework is recommended.

Whatever your scenario, the structure below will not lead you astray.

These are six stages to creating a sales pitch:

Identify the Problem

Determine your prospect's pain point first. While creating your sales pitch presentation, start with the problem your audience is now experiencing and back up your statements with statistics. (This is also the problem you want to address with your solution.)

State Your Value Proposition

Following that, state your value proposition.Your company, product, or service's value proposition, also called a unique selling proposition, highlights the value it provides to clients.

Mention how your offering can assist in solving the problem you identified in step one of your value proposition. Be sure to discuss the offering's characteristics and benefits.

For example, your value proposition may be as follows:

Our [Company Name] helps [the audience] with [pain point] to help them obtain [benefits].

The value proposition is the most critical sales skill. Delivering a compelling value proposition is regarded as the top sales skill.

The importance of value proposition

The success of a B2B sales pitch often depends on the salesperson's ability to effectively communicate the unique value proposition of their product or service to potential buyers.

Share a story

Engage your audience and establish a deeper connection by sharing a story about your business beginnings and who you are. This may be done similarly to what is done on an About Us page.

Customers are 55% more inclined to consider purchasing from a business if they like a brand's story.

Add details about what inspires your team and success stories from the past, and add something personal. If you have a team, you can also introduce your members here.

Offer Solutions

Discuss how your product or service may provide your audience with a solution after identifying the issue(s).

To do this, segment your value proposition into benefits-related solutions, such as:

X aids Y in time and money savings.

X aids Y in increasing revenue by Z percent.

Tip: Avoid providing too many options, and make sure your solutions are simple to understand.

A recent poll of 1,000+ sales representatives found that more than a quarter (27%) think selling is now more about delivering solutions than pushing items.

selling has become more focused on presenting solutions

Show Social Proof

Use social proof by including endorsements, references, and client success stories demonstrating how your product or service has aided other successful companies.

87% of buying decisions starts with online research pre-purchase.

Provide the evidence for your offering's value to your audience and the solutions listed in step four.

End with a CTA

Ask open-ended questions to carry on the discussion. Then, provide a clear CTA to advance the prospect to the following step: 

End with a CTA

Tip: To start a dialogue and encourage more participation, allow your audience to ask questions and offer feedback. During the presentation, it's crucial to be accessible to questions.

Best Practices of a Good Sales Pitch 

A good and effective sales pitch should always focus on the customer's needs and pain points while offering a solution tailored to their situation. It's also important to listen actively, build rapport, and establish credibility to create a positive relationship with the prospect.


Research for a good sales pitch has identified that a customer-centric approach is crucial to success.

This includes conducting thorough research on the prospect and their industry, actively listening to their needs, and tailoring the pitch to address their pain points.

Additionally, building rapport and establishing trust through effective communication and a strong value proposition is crucial to closing the sale.

Ongoing analysis and pitch refinement based on customer feedback can lead to continuous improvement and success.

Know Your Target Audience

Know your buyer persona and research your client's needs beforehand, then highlight the product's qualities to help them address their problems.

To motivate someone to acquire your solution, it's important to clearly explain the benefits they'll gain. This includes how your product can save time, and money, increase profits, and more. It's helpful to provide an example of how your solution has already helped someone.

Concentrate on Communicating

Rather than being a monologue, a strong sales pitch is a debate. People frequently have questions, which is a great chance to engage them in a conversation and get to know them.

Pay close attention to what they say, then show them how your product solves their issue.

Asking questions, paying attention to the prospect's concerns, and offering a solution are all essential components of an effective pitch.

Outshine Your Competitors

You must first comprehend your market before revealing your unique secret.

Specify the key characteristic that sets you apart from others. What distinguishes you from your rivals?

Be Enthusiastic

Show your passion for the products. Like a virus, emotions may spread quickly. Add life to your pitch! If you're not excited about it, why should anyone else be? Take the lead!

Speak with Confidence

Inform your audience that they should pay attention to your pitch and that they will be able to purchase the product you are showcasing.

Once you've prepared your pitch, practice giving it until you feel confident. Naturally, perfect practice makes perfect!

On average, 74% of people suffer from speech anxiety!

Fear of public speaking

If you fear public speaking, sales, and pitching may differ from yours!

Take Notes

You can discover valuable sales pitch ideas, models, scripts, and success tales online.

Take inspiration from other people's work or watch films in which successful companies reveal their best-kept sales pitching techniques.

Top Tips To Nail Your Sales Pitch

Below, we have provided some of the best tips to nail your sales pitch:

Reference Past Conversations

Only begin your pitch by discussing yourself, your product, or your company if you've already spoken with the prospect.

Use the rapport you've previously established! Bring up previous interactions to demonstrate that you remember and know their issue.

Your last conversation should have contained good discovery questions like these: What's the problem you're trying to solve? How are you currently dealing with it? And how are you measuring your progress towards your goals?

Here’s an email pitch example that refers to a previous conversation:

email pitch example

Start Your Pitch With a Question

Ah, yes, the age-old query. Even though it might be viewed as overdone, it should not be disregarded.

A pitch can be started very well by posing a query. Once more, the question should center on the issue.

When presenting, stick to yes-or-no questions and address the company specifically.

Create a question expressing a problem that real estate firms encounter if you're speaking to one.

The question may be as straightforward as, "Do you spend too much time following individual property sales? That time would be better spent showing homes to potential buyers.

Keep it Short

Keep pitch length in mind.

Your customers will only sit around lounging and browsing for their next purchase during the day.

It will take some time to convince the buyer that your company can help solve their problems, but you don’t need to take half of their day for a pitch. 

Use a short sales pitch to get them to listen and get involved quickly. 

Keeping the pitch brief allows for refinement and focusing on your value proposition. 

With this goal in mind, you can avoid discussing irrelevant things with your prospects, given that you're only allowed a short period. 

Make it Comprehensible

This relates to the last point. You only have time to ramble or discuss things than the point you're attempting to make.

Your pitch must be concise and direct. Your listener needs to understand it right away. It entails speaking clearly and with purpose.

While presenting a product, you should explain how it would alleviate your prospects' problems, showing how their lives will be better if they decide to buy.

Define the Problem

Explain why your clientele needs you. The value of your target market depends on the difficulties you can help them with.

Tell them about a persistent issue they have. If you're promoting a spreadsheet program for accountants with capabilities Excel doesn't, you may mention how challenging bookkeeping is without the unique features of your program.

Highlight Benefits, Not Features

You undoubtedly hear this often, but how can you implement it?

Here is an example from G2Crowd:

Highlight Benefits

You are conversing with folks who use the product and hearing straight from the consumer. This pitch is appealing. It makes it abundantly clear how consumers benefit from G2Crowd.

The representative should have mentioned that G2Crowd gathers written, video, and star ratings and can verify whether reviewers are current users.

He may have explained how G2Crowd's review classification system makes it simple to contrast various software solutions.

But even if he said all that, the advantage remains because we collect the data from actual people! Information is more relevant to a prospect or customer when the benefit is the main focus.

Anchor Your Pitch in Data

Your potential customers are exposed to many claims from your rivals. After a while, those claims begin to sound shady, particularly if your prospect has yet to make investments that didn't pan out.

As a result, your pitch should be supported with specific data from reliable sources. 

Here is a slide from Tien Tzuo's pitch for Zoura, one of the key players in the subscription economy.

Some stats about global business and consumption

In his pitch, Tzuo didn't just state that the subscription economy is the way of the future; he provided his audience with credible, concrete data points they could use to reach their conclusions.

Here's another illustration.

Which do you think is stronger? Today's sales leaders prioritize optimizing sales content for desktop use.

Alternatively, "Desktop, not mobile, accounts for about 85% of visits to sales collateral." 

Relevant specificity reigns supreme in data. (That statistic is accurate and is included in DocSend's Sales Benchmarks Report.)

A fantastic strategy to demonstrate the prevalence and importance of your solution's issue is to condense the explanation and focus on presenting quantitative facts. This is crucial in getting your prospect's attention and creating the conditions for an effective sales pitch.

Tell a Story

Create a story demonstrating how your product helps your consumers if you have more time for your pitch or are ready for a product demo. 

The "About Us" slide that some individuals still use in their sales decks is not this one.

Your prospect is interested in something other than the history of your company's creation or the location of your offices.

In contrast, this narrative casts your potential client or customer as the hero; their issue becomes the monster they must battle, you become their go-to source for advice, and your product serves as the magical weapon.

This illustration, which has already received much attention, deserves special mention because it serves as the model for pitch deck storytelling.

The TLDR version is as follows: It starts by informing the audience that a significant change has occurred. It identifies a foe. It alludes to the "promised land"—what the world will resemble for those who successfully adapt to the new changes.

It draws attention to a few characteristics as ingredients in a potion that can transport individuals to the promised land. It emphasizes the argument by providing some evidence that the entire account is valid.

You’d be amazed to know that 55% of responders are more likely to buy the product in the future if they love a brand story!

brand story

Keep it Conversational

You should practice your elevator pitch, but it shouldn't be a monologue. Just because someone has inquired about what you do doesn't mean they need to know everything. Thus, to get them interested, start by giving them only a brief overview of what you do.

If they verbally or nonverbally express interest, that's your cue to keep talking.

Brian Walter refers to this as the WOW, HOW, NOW framework, and it works as follows: 

  • WOW – Make a brief, intriguing sentence that will cause the other person to exclaim, "Wow!" As long as this phrase isn't just industry speak, it might even be a bit perplexing.
  • HOW - If you did it right, you might have gotten a confused look or raised eyebrows. Now you can provide more information.
  • NOW - Finish by citing an exact instance of how you practice what you preach.

Here's an illustration:

Interested party: "So, what do you do?"

"I help salespeople turn into the fly on the wall," I said.

Potential: "Huh? How does that make sense?”

Me: "I market a platform that enables salespeople to monitor the responses they receive from prospects after sending out offers. For instance, I'm now assisting one customer with changing their deal prioritization based on how interested prospects are in the proposals.”

Final Thoughts

You may think you have the perfect sales pitch ideas, but how sure are you? It's one thing to read about but another to see in action.

What are some ways to determine if your sales pitch is effective? It should feel more like a healthy dialogue rather than a commercial presentation. By fostering an open and honest conversation, you gain a better understanding of their needs and tailor your approach accordingly. Remember to listen actively, ask thoughtful questions, and provide relevant insights and solutions.

But why worry about this? 

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