How does sales outsourcing work?

Outsourcing key statistics

Outsourcing is when a corporation outsources parts of its sales process to other employees or organizations.

Suppose your Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) lack the time, resources, or expertise to conduct our sales activities in-house.

What’s a Sales Executive got to do?

In that case, it's ideal to outsource your sales and marketing initiatives to a third party.

You might also find yourself crunched up in time to train a team for sales and marketing, which trained outsourced professionals can help you with.

Outsourcing allows your team to concentrate on higher-level tactical activities or strategies while maintaining greater flexibility.

We're currently in a global position where businesses are trying to save on labor and other non-essential expenses.

The most excellent answer is to outsource sales and marketing.

Why Do Sales Outsource: Benefits of Outsourcing

Without taking you away from your business, an outsourcing provider may fill in the gaps by providing the necessary expertise and experience at a low cost.

Benefits of outsourcing
Why companies outsource

An SDR outsourcing company can swoop in as needed and provide their expertise without you breaking the bank. 

Here's an example: Outsourcing sales development has an impact on your account executives. As a result, SDRs will request entirely different materials than your account executives are accustomed to.


Account executives concentrate on meeting discussions. They give a detailed description of the product and its benefits.

On the other hand, outsourced sales executives are primarily concerned with securing such a meeting. If you don't consider this strategy, you might not be patient enough to listen to their difficulties, feedback, and objections.

Still unconvinced? 

Here’s why you should do outsourcing: 

1. Reduce Overhead Expenses

Reduce overhead expense

For any company, sales are a significant expense. When it comes to cutting direct costs, rep salaries are (unfortunately) often the first item that comes to mind.

Finding a strategy to cut payroll costs has become necessary for running a successful business in this challenging economic environment.

You can reduce your overhead costs by outsourcing and focusing the time and money that you would otherwise spend in-house on something else.

You can reach a larger audience for less cost by outsourcing. Rather than concentrating on one or two markets, diversify your portfolio. It allows for greater specialization across the board and frees up resources better spent where they're needed most - on the product and sales funnels.

With the help of an external organization, you can save your overhead costs by up to 50%. Even with a minimal sales team, you might achieve incredible results faster!

2. Generate Leads in a Systematic Manner

Systemic lead generation 

This is the most outsourced part of the sales process

Inbound sourcing services identify and prequalify named target companies and real buyer personas based on your company's ideal customer profile (ICP).

Cold calling and email prospecting agencies (outbound lead generation) and SDR services (sales development) are tapped to qualify, follow up on, and nurture leads through email and phone and uncover quality prospects for your account.

That’s one task off of your list!

When these generated leads turn into qualified prospects, the outsourced team will hand them over to you, and you can focus on turning them into a client.

3. Help You in Finding a Product/Market Fit

What are the true pain points of your target market? 

What other options (internal and external) do they have to alleviate their sufferings right now?

How well does your solution blend in with the rest of the group? 

Is there a strong competitor? 

Would the product fit the target market?

These are some of the questions whose answers fall into the expertise of an outsourcing agency.

As part of your Go-To-Market plan, every new market you wish to penetrate requires a product/market fit assessment (geographically and target segment).

Selling well in your native country does not automatically imply that you will be able to expand worldwide.

By speaking with genuine buyer personas within their Ideal Customer Profile(ICP), firms can realign their value proposition to market specifics by outsourcing sales.

4. Free Up Time of Your Sales Team

Free time for sales team

An SDR typically stays for 1.5 years. Unfortunately, 15% of active company employees who get promoted after less than a year fail in their new capacity and are terminated from the company! 

Outsourcing a third-party sales representative helps companies avoid this.

And what’s more, they benefit from the experience of seasoned SDRs while also impressing potential clients.

You can avoid wasting your team's time on manual data entry activities, which wastes their essential skill set.

The average sales representative spends about 3 hours on administrative work, but that's not their forte! 

As a result, outsourcing companies can help you free up this squandered time so that your salespeople can focus more carefully on generating income.

You also save money because you're hiring people who are already experienced, know your business model, and have put their profits towards the essential tool.

5. It Can Help Hurdle Technology Constraints

Technological constraints 

You can upsurge technology limits with the appropriate marketing. This aid is priceless for those wishing to promote new products or services via social media channels in today's competitive market.

Because they operate globally, outsourcing is an excellent technique to assist you in overcoming technology challenges. 

Experienced outsourced sales partners can help you If your existing sales team has technological problems.

Furthermore, the facts placed in front of your company's reps will make it easier for them to sell because they can produce more appealing pitches and build stronger relationships with prospects.

6. Tap into a Wealth of Data

Wealth of data

Investing in the most up-to-date sales tools combined with extensive knowledge can help businesses increase earnings. Outsourcing agencies automate sales in your organization and deliver leads, so the data is simply a click away. 

Everything you need is kept and stored to revisit as needed, with this out of the way. You can delegate your time to other tasks.

This way, you can concentrate on closing business rather than doing the same things repeatedly. 

7. Sales Growth is Powered

powered sales growth

Outsourcing personnel accelerates your company's growth

Of course, sales are dependent on various things, but investing in the proper team members and developing a successful plan makes it easier to close deals faster than ever before.

Outsourced sales and marketing allows you to design your plan and then build it from the ground up with the assistance or supervision of a trustworthy outsourced partner.

Outsourcing is typically faster than doing everything in-house, allowing teams to focus on more critical tasks while also conserving resources that you would otherwise waste.

8. Scalable Outsourcing Services

B2B Outsourcing services

Sales outsourcing services, especially if you're seeking flexible and scalable solutions, can be a terrific way to get the most out of your company with a competent workforce.

This is because an outsourced sales and marketing company will have more flexibility than in-house resources when responding rapidly to new markets.

If you're having trouble finding new consumers for your company, don't worry – outsourcing to third parties can help! They identify your best-fit market, and it will save you time and work by reaching out to the relevant clients and focusing on relationship building.

9. Explore the Forest More

Explore B2B options

It's easy to get locked into the same old pattern as a B2B business owner.

You may continue with the same techniques that you know work out of familiarity, necessity, or both, without investigating alternative options.

You often assume you know your firm so well that you fail to see the broader picture—the forest—for all of your weed-whacking.

You may think you understand your audience, but you can't put yourself in their shoes.

You may be too close to your product to be able to separate your emotions enough to see it through the eyes of your client.

10. Cost-Effective Customer Acquisition

Cost-effective customer acquisition

Outsourcing advances your sales return by tagging in some help from knowledgeable external sources.

Even with an excellent sales team and a healthy CAC, you can still lower labor costs and alleviate the burden associated with market analysis.

It’s unnecessary to exhaust your own sales team when fewer people from an outsourced team can do the same job quickly and for less. 

Doing it on your own may sound like the practical choice, but consider the costs of increasing your in-house sales team to do the duties you're contemplating outsourcing.

Examples of in-house costs include:

  • Insurance and retirement benefits.
  • Commissions and bonuses.
  • Management and employees' sales tool stack subscriptions.

When you outsource some of your sales functions, you can keep your team smaller while adjusting your outsourced expenses on an as-needed basis.

11. Shorter Sales Cycle

Shorter sales cycle

Outsourced SDR teams prioritize training on sales tactics and the latest marketing technologies.

When you connect with professionals who prioritize sales and marketing, you can save time. You’re given a developed service to reflect your unique position in the market.

This level of accuracy eliminates prospects that don’t fit your profile, and you can spend more of your time and resources on those who do.

Outsource experts, let them do the work for you, pursue better leads and ultimately shorten your sales cycle.

Approximately how much time does your sales team spend selling?

While you know how tedious the sale process can be, did you know that your sales team spends around 30% of their time selling?

They dedicate time to different tasks such as appointment setting and creating sales strategy before they can close a sale, look at this breakdown for reference:

A salesperson’s time

While time, effort, and resources seem to be an inevitable part of the process, a big jump in cost savings can be done when you outsource.

The sales process is not a one-way road; there are multiple skills and efforts brought in for its success. You have to consider your team’s sales experience as it plays a crucial role in their effectiveness.

Read further in the next section if you’re interested in reducing this time spent and how outsourcing can help you. 

Reduced Employee Training Cost and Churn

Training is expensive!

In-house Sales Development Representatives (SDR) can cost your company up to $6,000 to $10,000 per month per person. 

Training cost and churn

On top of these expenses, your SDR team is not instantly functional after assembly. They will need training, and this employment cycle can take three quarters which you’ll spend on onboarding.

Even after spending around three months training, you might still see some adjustments before getting your desired ROI

When you outsource, the ramp-up period is accelerated. It will take less time and money to assemble your SDR team.  

Prioritize Customer Retention  

Customer Retention

Ever worried about getting your plates too full?

When you have expert sets of hands working for your sales, you free up your in-house team for other tasks.

Outsourced SDR firms will get the first half of the job done for you. When you receive the sales outsourcing services you require (which I’ll introduce later on), you can focus on how to keep your customers.

The connection between outsourcing and customer retention is not directly related to each other.

However, the role that outsourced teams play allows your team to focus both time and resources on customer service, developing desired features and seeking referrals. 

This strengthens the increase in client retention.

What services do outsourced sales agencies provide?

You now know why you should go for an outsourced sales team. You’re probably wondering, How much time you can save by working with them.

Let’s dive into the specifics of what agencies like ours can do for your company:

Top-Notch Lead Generation

Lead generation

Data is a crucial component of a B2B lead generation process. It can influence the result of your export campaign's success.

The correct data can help you complete your sales funnel with qualified leads and make things easier for your sales team. 

Your company may have the best pitch and the most committed SDRs, but if the data quality of your lead list is poor, the efforts of your lead generation team will go down the drain.

It is vital to find an outsourced sales team that can identify and connect you to businesses that might be potential clients, then engage with them to generate quality leads.

Take Cold Calls Off Your Plate!

Cold calling

Telemarketing is a tried and tested method to drive sales. Cold Calling, for example, happens when a salesperson reaches out to a potential customer who has not demonstrated interest in your product or service.

Outbound sales teams place high importance on cold calling. Often, it is the first step in developing sales prospects.

You can't connect and begin a relationship with your ideal clients without making the first contact to describe your services and evaluate their interest in pursuing the partnership further. 

Quality Customer Onboarding

Client onboarding

The onboarding campaign establishes how your clients perceive your services or product.

Your customers are more likely to stay in business with you, depending on their impression of the onboarding process. It’s a direct correlation; give your clients a good experience = and they’ll patronize your products and services.

Onboarding boosts retention

Your first impression matters most when inviting clients and achieving your sales goals. When prospective customers notice discrepancies and are confused, they are less likely to renew with your company. 

Customer onboarding can have flaws, but you can mend them by providing your clients with resources to learn more about you. Provide them with FAQs or a website they can visit.

Structured Email Campaigns 

email campaigns

Marketing by email is an effective, inexpensive, and simple method of promoting your products and services with many benefits.

Like every other form of marketing, email marketing also has its disadvantages. However, its pros can easily outweigh its cons. You can easily manage this type of campaign because it is simple.

Email campaigns give you so much for less!

You can have a cost-effective and fully customizable campaign that establishes your brand identity directly to your consumers. It also allows you more opportunities to nurture leads compared to other digital mediums. 

Outsourced sales partners can help you fully automate this process and show you how easy it is to create, launch and test.

Social Selling as the Norm

Social selling

In the height of social media, there's no surprise that business entities hopped on the train to promote their products and services. Like them, you can also do it and connect with both prospective and new clients and develop potential connections. 

A recent survey by Hootsuite revealed the reasons why companies tap into social media for their businesses:

Social media for business

There are a lot of B2B Social Media Marketing Strategies available to you. Using social media allows you to expand your options in the ever-changing platforms brought by technology.

You may not understand how social selling works, or you may be interested in other methods to execute a successful social selling campaign but are on edge about how much this could cost you and your sales team. This is when b2b sales outsourcing can come in and help you.

When to consider full-service B2B sales outsourcing?

When to outsource B2B services

Knowing the Hows, Whys, and Whats, it's time to check the boxes for when you should consider full-service sales outsourcing. 

Which of these concerns is your top concern?

  • Our marketing department produces inconsistent results, which causes us to lose to our competitors
  • We do not have the best tools and platforms 
  • Our website needs traffic increase
  • Sometimes we don't get the targeted audience, so deals don't close
  • We need assistance with lead generation
  • All of our sales collateral are either obsolete or not up to date

If you couldn’t stop nodding or saying yes to most of those, outsourcing is a perfect solution for you!

Our downloadable Comprehensive Guide for Outsourcing

Over To You

Outsourcing might be exactly what your company needs for its troubles.

AI bees can provide you with a team of experts with a skill set that surpasses an average salesperson. Book with us to go on work sessions with our team to understand your solutions for developing the best tailor-made strategy for your business.

With AI Bees, you’ll receive weekly reports and constant testing and tweaking to find your best-performing strategy and market.

Your contract is based on performance and not on expectations.

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