Over the years, online video marketing has been a big part of content marketing. There is no question that this technique's popularity has exploded and will continue to be extremely popular in the years to come. 

These days, more than 250 million hours of videos by over 122 million people are watched each day on YouTube. It has become the new format of choice, especially for younger generations. 

Convenient and compelling for consumers, this marketing method also provides marketers with an enticing, engaging, and highly shareable medium to reach audiences.

So the question is: how can I market my videos online?

What is an online video marketing strategy?

This marketing approach is the perfect way to create a company and brand personality, enabling a business entity to connect with audiences and earn their trust.

They present opportunities for businesses to inspire, persuade and appeal to the emotions of their audiences genuinely and authentically. 90% of users say that product videos play a big part in buying decisions. 

The more videos out there to help educate and inform customers, the more a brand can build on that foundation of trust. And trust translates into sales. 

Is it effective?

Here's a rundown of the important ways this technique can aid your company:

1. Help you rank higher on SERPs

The seconds/minutes that users spend browsing on a page are elements Google considers when analyzing and ranking websites. Visitors are more likely to stay on a website if it contains a video. Simply having a video enhances your chances of appearing high in the SERPs. 

2. Boost engagement

In today's fast-paced environment, it's becoming increasingly difficult to hold people's attention. On the other hand, video can give your plan a unique and fascinating twist. 

You can use materials to create a captivating and memorable tale about your brand's objective and provide information about the value of your product. One that immediately gets the audience's attention and holds it till the finish! 

3. Build credibility and trust

Using video content to remove the "business" from your brand can help you gain credibility and trust. You can engage with your intended audience more intimately and personally by using a narrative to appeal to emotions that resonate with them. 

Something that will ultimately assist you in humanizing your brand, establishing credibility, and fostering consumer confidence. When developing trust, testimonial videos are frequently the first choice.

4. Improve conversions and increase sales

This is related to the point mentioned above; creating compelling and valuable video content that develops customer trust will help you enhance conversions and the ROI of your approach. 

Simply incorporating this method on a landing page can boost conversion rates by as much as 80%. Furthermore, it is a fact that after watching a video on a product (or service), customers are more likely to buy it!

Consider this: After extensive research, Wyzowl released a definitive report on consumer behavior. 

Consumer Behavior

A study found that an average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with videos. A recent development that no marketer should ignore.

In a fast-paced, competitive, and aggressive environment where the bounce rate of any given website is faster than you can say, "Here's what we can offer," marketers must keep up with the ever-changing demands and attitudes of audiences.

As consumers claim that videos help them make a purchasing decision, marketers must consider these:

According to Google, YouTube is preferred by 18- to 49-year-olds in an average week than all cable TV networks combined. It is undeniable that videos have become an essential part of the shopping experience. 

But, it's crucial to get the tone right. Your content must be able to engage the audience right off the bat. Make sure that the content is engaging and the quality is excellent.

In light of all that, let's go through some of the most popular – and beneficial – promotion tactics available to you. We will also run through some key information on making video marketing work for your company!

As people's attention span keeps getting shorter, it has become challenging to keep the audience interested in a marketing campaign long enough to click through and open a message. Video marketing seems to be the best solution.

Video content represents pure connectivity creating an immediate, natural, and authentic connection and interaction. They often provide reactions and comments in real-time. More than two-thirds of marketers prefer videos for marketing. It is not wise to belong in the bottom one-third. 

What is the best video marketing strategy? 

Now you may ask, how can I market my video online?

You can use a range of video marketing tactics to promote your business. However, some will work better for you than others, depending on your objectives.

Regardless of the style you choose, keep in mind that all parts you create should share some characteristics. They should be purposefully built to work together as a whole as much as possible. 

They should, for example, have the same aesthetics for characters, sound design, and so on. This will strengthen brand identification and help you communicate your message more effectively.

As you may be aware, customers go through a three-stage process known as the "Buyer's Journey" before purchasing. When potential consumers know they are coping with a specific problem, the awareness stage begins. They begin by conducting educational research to frame the issue.

Buyers then define the problem and begin exploring solutions during the consideration stage. They conduct a more in-depth study at this step to determine whether the approach or method is superior or more convenient for addressing their goals.

Then the choice stage begins when they've reduced their alternatives to a shortlist and must choose a solution or make a buying decision. As a marketer, you have to provide different messages about your product or organization to potential customers based on their sales funnel.

With this in mind, you may utilize a funnel-focused digital video marketing approach to help potential buyers progress further down the sales funnel. Essentially, you'll create specific pieces for each stage to nurture prospects and urge them to take action - that is, to buy your goods! 

1. Centered on Customer Delight 

A buyer's journey may appear to end when a customer agrees to purchase your product. Don't get me wrong: that's a lot of money! However, a customer's initial purchase is – or should be – only the start of your engagement with them.

As a business owner, you should endeavor to maintain such relationships and keep customers returning for more. Customer joy is about improving your existing customers' experiences and giving value after they've purchased your product or service.

It establishes a level of trust that goes deeper than a one-time purchase. Customer happiness can be achieved in various ways, especially when implementing a promotion plan. You can send a heartfelt birthday message to your users via email, or you can offer a short how-to video with valuable tips and tricks. There are numerous options available, and you should select the one that best fits your brand. 

Overall, remember that pleasing your consumers is about cultivating your relationship with them. You are developing a degree of confidence that extends beyond a one-time purchase.

2. A social media-centric approach

Businesses may use social video marketing to reach out to, engage with, and communicate with their target consumers most rapidly and effectively, especially if it's done through stories that elicit solid emotions or elicit a response.

People use these channels mainly for enjoyment, considering this while creating social videos. They do, however, utilize social media to learn about new products or brands, as well as to make purchases.

As a result, when planning your B2B marketing strategy, you should think about creating social media pieces that promote your product and engage with audiences on their preferred channels.

Not only would such a strategy improve your online visibility, brand awareness, and engagement, but it will also increase your revenue. They also assist you in increasing site traffic, generating new leads, and increasing conversions!

3. A customer-centric approach

Prospects are almost ready to clinch the deal at some point. They've acquired all of the necessary information and are debating between you and a few other choices. It's an important stage in any sales funnel since you need to give them the correct information to make them want to choose you over your competition.

So, at this point, the most exemplary types of films assist you in forming stronger connections with your prospects. Videos build consumer trust and persuade potential purchasers that your product is what they've been looking for.

Culture Videos and Testimonials could be valuable in such a digital video marketing plan. The latter is ideal for making your brand more approachable, human, and compassionate. The former can assist you in persuading prospects to make a buy – nothing beats hearing about a happy previous customer's experience!

4. A tutorial-centered approach 

Simply said, tutorial videos are made to show how to do something, share knowledge, explain a topic, or teach someone how to do something. Hundreds of these have most likely already been shared on social media or YouTube!

Developing tutorials for your product or service is usually an excellent marketing approach. Why? Because they swiftly respond to particular issues posed by your target audience, providing immediate value to the viewer.

However, your product or service may be too complicated or sophisticated, and prospects are skeptical. As a result, the most successful way is to create a series of tutorials that address each process, method, feature, or concern in greater depth and complexity. 

People value (very!) a brand that pays attention to their most pressing demands or worries. A tutorial video promotion technique effectively builds consumer trust and increases sales.

5. Educative in nature

Progressively, people are turning to various educational videos to learn new things online, whether it's how to grill a perfect steak or the ins and outs of complex software.

You may capitalize on this rising demand by creating Educational Videos, which teach your audience about particular concerns or address themes they are excited about.

Now, for your videos to gain notice, they must provide helpful information to the viewers. Choosing evergreen topics is also vital to ensure that your content remains current and never goes out of date.

A fantastic instructive promotion technique for a cryptocurrency platform, for example, could be to develop a series of short movies offering your knowledge on many themes pertinent to a not-so-understandable industry. What are bitcoins, blockchain, and other related terms?

In terms of its advantages, integrating material that teaches your audience in your digital video marketing technique is a great way to establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information, gain consumer trust, and maintain traffic over time.

6. Explanatory 

Certain businesses, such as those in the financial or technology sectors, deal with complex themes, complicated processes, or constantly changing concepts. It's a constant effort for them to explain what they do, how they do it, or why the service they give is valuable.

Explainer films are an excellent resource for addressing this issue, translating potentially complex topics into simple-to-understand and digestible content. They use storytelling and relevant animations to express a company's message in a way that speaks to the pain points of its target audience.

However, you may discover that you need to provide additional details to convey your message. As a result, creating multiple parts to address each topic or notion can also assist you in filling in the gaps for prospects.

Final Note

Don't be left out in antiquated marketing strategies. The rise of video marketing has arrived.

It has become indisputable that this marketing strategy is the most effective marketing tool today and in the future. 

To create a more trusting environment among potential clients, marketers have acknowledged the importance of creating videos for audiences. What draws consumers in is a brand's authenticity. It is what makes a product stand out to consumers. 

So, go where they are, lure them, engage them, convince them, and convert them into clients and consumers with compelling videos.

Need help? You may be in the process of identifying your pain points or, further along, finding the best solutions for your B2B business. But either way, as a multi-awarded digital marketing company, AI bees can and will gladly help you on your journey to success. Please feel free to contact us.