Recognizing Women Who Revolutionized Technology

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The prominent faces for "Women in Tech" may be Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg, and Meg Whitman, but how does their popularity translate for other women in this field?

Unfortunately, not as you might think. For instance, did you even know that while women hold 57% of all employment in the computer/technical business, they only hold 25% of occupations?

Luckily, many people and groups are trying to alter that disequilibrium and to make progress.

We cannot discuss numbers without giving a small historical context.

Let's look at it now:

1938-1945-Code breakers in Bletchley Park squad

Codebreakers in the Bletchley Park squad that supported World War II for the Allies. A team of skilled code crackers. They managed to gain a better understanding of Germany's invasion preparations by cracking down on these codes. They interviewed for the crew, by answering the Times cryptic crossword. In the home at Bletchley Park, the ladies broke these codes.

1942- The women in the Moore Engineering School at the University of Pennsylvania 

These women have several tasks:

  •  Make tables computations
  •  Determine accurate trajectories for fire and bombing steps sequence to finish each problem calculation 
  • Create ENIAC (Electronic Computer and Numerical Integrator) To program ENIAC manually, operate 3000 switches and 80 tons of gear.


In 1968, she was the first female to receive a Ph.D. in computer science. She was responsible for computer language development while at IBM.


She was a staff member at Atari who created Indy 500, Star Raiders, and Dodge 'Em. At the time, she was just one of two women working at the firm.


She originally went to work at Atari and subsequently in Activision as a female Video Game Designer. She created River Raid, 3D Tic Tac Toe, Super Breakout, and Happy Trails.


Many people recognize her as "Mother of the Internet" since she created the protocol for the span tree. Spanning-tree is a network protocol that guarantees loop-free topology for any Ethernet network (fundamental to the operation of network bridges). She is also a major contributor to the education of computer programs for young children.

 2000-to Date

Many outdated preconceptions of gender are gradually disappearing and substitute for recognizing that women in leading roles may contribute to a good and vibrant workforce. However, before this shift could occur, some women smashed the glass ceilings and made them big in technology. Here are the five most important women today in the field of technology.

Susan Wojcicki is now one of the most influential women in the world of technology. Being now one of the early employees at Google and the CEO of YouTube, she contributed and impacted the way online search took shape. While Google was still developing, the search firm was proud of its clever market tactics that convinced university institutions to incorporate the search bar on their websites.

In 1981 Ginny Rometty joined IBM and had remained for several decades with the firm. She is also the first woman to lead the business, now the CEO and Chairman. With IBM, she led large projects, including PricewaterCoopers Consulting, and was #3 on Fortune magazine's 2015 list of the most powerful women. She is known for her motivating conversations, in which she advises women to take risks and not limit their aspirations. She earned a bachelor of science from Northwestern University in computer science and electrical engineering.

According to Forbes, Whitman is a self-made tech billionaire and ranked among the prominent technology women in 2016. She has been a lengthy business traveler and has worked in Procter's, Walt Disney Company, DreamWorks, Hasbro, and Procter executive teams before she became HP CEO in 2011. She has gained a firm place in technology and is an inspiration for IT women throughout the world. She is a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Business School both.


Here comes a big one, guys:

According to Forbes reports, the current Facebook COO and ex-Google employee have a net value of $1.37 billion. Sheryl has been the brain behind Facebook's ad-centric business strategy. It became the second Facebook showrunner and has taken creative steps, such as sounding Wall Street on the potential of an IPO. They are also the one that allegedly has remedied Facebook's over-inflated Instagram purchase transaction. She is also an author, philanthropist and devoted to encouraging women worldwide to accomplish their objectives. She graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Economics from the Harvard Business School.

Zhou Qunfei created a large touch screen manufacturer, Lens Technology, which was published in 2015. Zhou's net value momentarily reached 10 billion dollars, and she became the richest woman in China after the publication of her company list. She was one of the most important tech entrepreneurs, having a modest origin in rural China. Tech titans like Apple and Samsung are among its customers.

Bottom Line

Now you know women can rock the tech world. Hopefully, their efforts and impact would inspire women from throughout the world to strive larger and to reach new heights.