According to a famous saying in the marketing world, an email finder will make your job easier.

It isn't easy to scour the internet for prospect email addresses. Filtering through your prospects' emails may take hours, if not days. But now you don't have to go through all that trouble.

Thanks to creative minds and technological advancements, there are ways to get emails with just a few clicks using email finders. 

Is email marketing good for lead generation?

When it comes to lead creation, email marketing has proven time and time again to be the most acceptable option. It might become your ideal lead generation tool if you use the appropriate approach and tactics. Any significant improvement in outcomes, on the other hand, does not occur overnight. 

It requires the correct contacts, approach, and strategies to succeed. The lead creation process is ongoing, and it gains velocity over time. By following the guidelines described above, marketers may raise their lead creation through emails and even increase their income through quality lead conversions.

It has a high success rate to obtain client reactions. That is why, in today's world, most organizations, whether in healthcare or technology, use email as a communication, promotion, and relationship-building tool. 

Even today's millennials prefer email for business communication, demonstrating the widespread use among users of all ages. 

forms of communication that millennials use at work

According to Neil Patel, email marketing is the most effective approach for generating leads online for over 48% of marketers.

Most effective tactics for lead generation

The goal of obtaining these leads is to nurture them into a devoted tribe of customers through permission marketing. Your leads will be the cornerstone of your email marketing efforts, and if properly maintained, they will become the primary source of revenue for you.

How do you generate leads through email?

1. Know Your Potential Customers

Many businesses make the mistake of always sending marketing emails to CEOs. They are oblivious that decision-making staff differs from one organization to the next.

What should you do? Find out who makes purchasing decisions for your items or services similar to yours and go after them directly.

Your mails will be more likely to reach the correct people, resulting in more productive lead generation techniques and sales results.

2. Segment Your Potential Customers

The money, they say, is on the list. While this is true, you must also understand how to maximize the value of your list. One approach to achieve this is to segment your prospects and send them the most relevant or appropriate emails.

Let's be honest: what works for the goose might not work for the gander. If you want to get a lead from a company's CEO, for example, approach them differently than you would a marketing manager. While both individuals are decision-makers, a CEO will be more invested in their company than an employee marketing manager.

stats on segmented campaigns

3. Use a Catchy Subject Line

As I previously stated, your prospects are busy people who must also deal with daily communications. As a result, they don't spend their days reading emails. When they're scrolling through their inboxes, they usually check the subject lines to see which ones they should open.

As a result, subject lines are the key to getting your target to open them. If your subject line is relevant and exciting, your prospects will likely open it. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in writing great subject lines. 

4. Don't Use 'no-reply' Email Addresses

Avoid spamming your consumers' inboxes with promotional emails. Some marketers flood their subscribers' inboxes with replies that contain disproportionately large responses from them.

However, many businesses use the no-reply format for transactional and marketing emails. In gaining customer trust, avoid a "no-reply email address."

5. Consider Timing 

Some marketers say Tuesday is the finest day, while others believe Wednesday is the best day.

Email timing 

The optimum time to send to subscribers is on Thursday. Every business has its collection of customers, each with its habits, preferences, and options. Things that work for me may work for you may not work for others. As a result, marketers must research their target consumers to determine the best day and time to deliver newsletters.

6. Call-to-action

Every email should include a call-to-action button so that readers may easily take the desired action. To attract your reader's attention to a strong CTA in your newsletters, you must use innovative phrasing.

By incorporating effective CTAs, you can increase conversion rates by adding excitement and urgency. You can use text like 'Try for Free,' 'Get the Discount,' and so on to encourage people to take action. Short CTA wording of two to three words might generate a sense of urgency.

It's critical to address your audience directly. By altering the term 'you' to 'me' in their CTA, a recent study witnessed a 90 percent increase in conversion. The offer should make readers feel like it's for 'them.'

Stats on using CTA

7. Create Mobile-friendly Emails

Compared to other devices, users read emails more on mobile devices. People prefer to read them or any other content on smartphones and tablets rather than on laptops and desktop computers. Marketers must create a template and put buttons compatible with mobile devices and tablets. 

8. Monitor Essential Metrics by Analyzing Your Results

A superb method to make your lead generating more productive is to use data as a driving force. You'll have a continual supply of data to work with if you track and analyze essential indicators.

Don't be concerned if these numbers appear to be overwhelming. The email marketing software you employ will assist you in analyzing these indicators and making sense of them. You can even make reports in some circumstances to provide you quick access to the specific information you need at any given time.

Knowing your numbers will make it easier for you to identify marketing flaws. You'll also know what to do in the future to ensure a steady stream of leads.

Analyze results by monitoring metrics

Let's look at what an email finder is now that I've convinced you of the need to use email marketing for lead generation and how to go about it.

What exactly is an email finder?

Lead generation businesses offer software that lets you collect all internet-published email addresses for outreach. It generates them by parsing HTML web pages. It allows you to get a validated business address using the person's name, domain name, and company name. It employs various techniques to extract the lessons from the database's existing data.

How do you generate leads through an email finder tool?

The idea is simple: you type someone's name and company name into the finder tool, and it searches its database for an accurate address. In certain situations, finding tools will also let you conduct mass searches that will return addresses for everyone in a specific company or any individual who fulfills certain criteria.

What is the best email finder service?

The top email finders include searchable databases, browser plugins, and other methods for locating contact addresses. They should also be simple to use and assist you in obtaining and verifying addresses without costing you a fortune. 

Consider the capability of each tool against its pricing to select the best overall program.

1. Voila Norbert

If you're looking for accuracy (and who wouldn't be?), then Voila Norbert is the clear victor among the email discovery tools on this list. Selling Signals states, it has a 98% accuracy rate.

Voila! You can search for emails using Norbert by first name, last name, or domain. It sends pings to mail servers to see if the address is correct when it performs a search.

By using Voila Norbert, you can verify the validity of the addresses you already have in your database that you wish to contact.

It also comes with a Chrome plugin, making using the tool a breeze. It's simple to try it and see for yourself with 50 free search credits for new users.

Voila Nobert data enrichment 

2. Find Emails

It is a tool that assists users in locating confirmed addresses. You can search for them by name, company, and role. The tool employs mail server tests to verify that all the ones it sends are genuine, which can help you keep your Sender Score up and contribute to the product's claimed 98 percent accuracy.

You can utilize Find Emails' API if you have developers on your team or a developer yourself. It also has a Chrome Extension that captures emails while browsing the web.

Find Emails API and chrome extension

You can ensure that you're sending authentic emails by using Find Emails' verification tools, which can help you enhance your ROI.

3. The Hunter

Hunter locates all the emails in a domain by searching them in a specific domain. Hunter can help you find all the addresses associated with, for example.

Of course, this could result in many addresses, so Hunter includes tools to help you sort through them and discover just what you need. Hunter is especially well-suited to gather vast leads for cold outreach efforts because of this. It can, however, handle more specific searches.

The Hunter email address database

Hunter presently has over 100 million email addresses in his database. Hunter displays either a confidence score, which it generates using its proprietary algorithms or a verification mark, which shows that the email is legitimate when you do searches.

4. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is an application that collects email addresses from LinkedIn, AngelList, CrunchBase, and other similar websites. Unlike the other tools we've seen so far, it can also find phone numbers, which makes it ideal for multi-channel marketing campaigns that include phone outreach. It also provides information such as the firm name, job title, etc.

AeroLeads is a Chrome extension, so you install it, search with it, and save the contact information you desire. According to the firm, it is 95% accurate. Adobe, IBM, Gartner, Grubhub, Domino's, and TATA are among the companies that use AeroLeads.

It's easy to use the tool. Sign up, search LinkedIn, AngelList, Crunchbase, or any similar site, and add the leads to AeroLeads. The program will then locate and add the necessary contact information to your prospect's page.


You can export the data as a CSV file or transfer it to Salesforce using the tool. 

5. Find That Lead

Find That Lead combines standard email search capability (name, company name, and domain search) with its Prospector application. You can utilize sophisticated search parameters in Find That Lead's Prospector to find cold leads by geography, job title, industry, and more.

Users can search for contact information on Twitter and LinkedIn profiles using Find That Lead's Google Chrome plugin. It makes it simple to go to a lead's profile, install the Chrome extension, and receive their contact information immediately.

Find That Lead google chrome plugin 

Find That Lead also has an email sender that allows you access to metrics and sales funnels if you want more in-depth features.

6. Agile Email Finder 

Agile Email Finder will now take care of these issues for you, allowing you to focus on nurturing your prospects and converting them into satisfied customers by importing contacts from LinkedIn, Twitter, or even a CSV file. 

Agile will then attempt to locate these people's addresses for you, which you can then add as your contacts and nurture campaigns for them directly. Adding and using Email Finder is as simple as it gets; follow the steps below to get started:

Setup Instructions

  • Select Preferences > Widgets > Social from the drop-down menu.
  • Under Social, look for the Email Fetch widget and click Add.
  • Enable the widget when it has been added.
Email fetch widgets

When you enable Email Fetch Widget, it will automatically search in Contact View.

enable email fetch widget

After that, add the found email to contacts, and you can launch an email campaign strategy.

7. LeadMine

Many businesses worldwide rely on LeadMine as a simple and effective lead creation solution. LeadMine provides verified, accurate, and highly qualified professional business leads. You can identify your prospects in under five seconds using our email finder.

LeadMine email finder

Lead Finder is one of the essential tools for finding business leads in any field with a quick response time. Filters such as a person's title, company name, location, domain, or industry are used in the search process. The system generates accurate results, including high-quality, well-targeted contacts with deliverable email addresses.

Benefits of Email Finders 

Email finding software is the way to go if you want to reach out to more people and expand your business. Effective technologies like this software are critical in today's demanding competitive environment. It has some fantastic features that make achieving your objectives much more effortless.

  • It aids in the generation of fresh leads. You can utilize it to generate leads. It helps you contact marketing leads that may become customers in the future.
  • It facilitates company growth. Find investors and influencers who may spread the word about your firm. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for finding addresses.
  • It aids in the recruitment process. You may search the addresses of experts in a particular field, contact them, and schedule a job interview. An email finder can help you save time and money by finding the perfect person for the task faster.

Final Note

There are a lot of tools in the email finder tool space that can help you reach out to fresh prospects more quickly. However, this means there are many more possibilities to pick from, making it difficult to decide. With this information in hand, you should make an informed decision based on a solid foundation of knowledge.