B2B Sales Consulting Strategies SaaS Companies Need to Know

B2B Sales Consulting Strategies SaaS Companies Need to Know
Updated date:
Apr 18, 2022

Do you find the B2B sales process perplexing? Have you been considering a B2B sales consulting company, an individual sales consultant? 

Perhaps you're having trouble finding new business possibilities for your SaaS firm, or maybe your entire sales process needs to be overhauled. Depending on the difficulty you’re facing, you might be unsure what a sales consultant is and what they perform.

Here are several sales consulting strategies you should know, but first, let's define a B2B sales consultant.

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What are B2B sales consultants?

B2B sales consultancy firms are businesses that create sales strategies just for you. Furthermore, B2B sales specialists assist you at every stage of the sales process. A B2B sales consultant will take care of all of this and more for you. 

Whether you're having trouble generating leads, engaging with prospects becomes more complex, or sales lifecycle management is burdensome.

Why Should you Hire a B2B Sales Consultant?

The overarching goal of outsourcing sales consulting services is to increase sales and, as a result, profitability. B2B sales consultants, on the other hand, offer a variety of services to their clients.

1. Provide a third-party perspective 

Sometimes employees in a company are unable to spot weaknesses in the standard sales process. B2B sales consultants offer such enterprises a third-party perspective and analyze the fundamental cause of the discrepancies between expected and actual outcomes.

2. New-age repair strategies 

The sales consulting firm's diagnostic approach reveals the organization's most acceptable practices and those that need improvement. They're also well-versed in the industry's best practices. As a result, the B2B sales expert restores the organization's sales process by utilizing the best of both the internal and external environments.

3. Customized solutions 

Each sector is distinct from the next. Similarly, each company in the same field is unique in its way. When it comes to sales consulting services, there are no hard and fast rules. A sales consultant first learns about your sector before recommending sales methods that will perform best for you.

4. Focus on the tactics 

Sales leaders and executives are frequently so preoccupied with the sales cycles of diverse customers that they cannot identify or implement new methods. They may be working hard, yet they may not realize they are betting on the wrong horse.

Sales managers may not have enough time in their daily routine to respond to changing industry needs. Sales consultancy services can meet this need. Sales consultants develop ways to assist organizations in enhancing their sales processes and closing deals.

5. Sales Expertise

Most start-ups and small businesses cannot afford to hire a professional sales force. On the other hand, consultants are crucial for such companies to launch a successful sales plan.

What do SaaS companies need to know about Sales Consulting Strategies?

1. Generating Warm Qualified Leads

The sales process begins with the generation of high-quality leads. I can't emphasize enough how critical it is to produce high-quality leads for a growing sales-focused company.

Sales consultants are aware of the difficulties that a firm experiences when taking this first step. They understand that traditional cold calling will not suffice. They know that only one or two lead creation tactics are no longer effective.

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As a result, they provide a 'Generating Qualified Leads' outsourced sales solution. Not only does this solution identify, engage, and qualify verified leads, but it also revives dormant opportunities.

2. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Service 

Repeat customers are a valuable resource for any business. Because a returning customer is nine times more likely to convert than a new consumer, it is why ABM is so important to sales consultants.

They offer an ABM solution for businesses looking for high-value consumers. The three steps in the ABM process are the identification of high-value customers, individualized content marketing, and execution of content campaigns through the appropriate marketing channel. They can also work on pricing, and other influencing elements can attract repeat clients to the company.

3. Market Research and Insight Services 

No company can be successful without a strong marketing department. Sales consultants investigate activities at every stage of the sales lifecycle to assist this team.

This marketing study aids in the reduction of unnecessary resources, the concentration of efforts on certain high-level accounts, and the optimization of sales and marketing values. They can uncover dangers using regressive marketing analysis before they significantly impact the organization's procedures.

4. Sales Lifecycle Management

Sales is not a single activity, but a collection organized in a specific order referred to as the sales lifecycle. It is easier to generate leads, but sales are all about seeing the process through to the conclusion and effectively sealing the deal. Creating and managing an end-to-end program is a significant task for salespeople.

Sales consultants can assist you in this regard. They can help you not only with sales strategy but also with managing the sales lifecycle. They help you by preparing a business plan appropriate for your industry and assisting you in closing as many agreements as possible.

5. Digital Marketing

Without the digital marketing sector, today's corporate world would be impossible. Visibility online is essential to reaching your full potential. However, because everyone is now growing a sales-focused company online, you must do things differently to get noticed.

In 2021, there will be 4.66 million online users. However, by 2020, there will be 4.5 billion internet users. This year, it is expected to grow by 1.11 million users through 2021. These figures illustrate that the number of people using the internet is growing every day. As a result, these figures boost the likelihood of sales and leads. 

Sales consultants may assist you with brand awareness campaigns. They will help you boost followers to make you more visible to a bigger audience, increase website conversions, and paid advertisements on social media platforms.

6. Sales Leader Recruitment 

Sales consulting services can assist you in finding sales leaders for your business. They can assist you in developing and implementing a strategy. That isn't all, though.

They recognize that sales are a continuous activity that necessitates brains that work tirelessly to increase your profits. As a result, they may also assist you in hiring top sales performers with proven sales experience, particularly in the same or related business. 

They can assist you in making better hiring decisions! Are you still not yet convinced?

What's the truth about hiring a sales consultant?

Choosing to hire a sales trainer or consultant is similar to selecting to go to counseling. You have three options:

1. Take ownership of your situation.

You can accept responsibility for it, recognize that you require assistance, and actively seek guidance and support while demonstrating a commitment to change.

2. Go Through the Motions 

You may have decided to seek assistance, but your ego hinders you from listening and acting on the advice you receive. Because of a lack of consistency, coaching, or self-accountability, you may go through the motions, but nothing sticks. The ego frequently boils down to "budget" or

3. Don't do anything (Smokescreen for job security)

It's a fool's errand to believe that things will improve without a significant systemic change. No, "beatings will continue until morale improves" is no longer a feasible strategy. That strategy may have worked for Gen-X sales teams, but this is the twenty-first century, and you must change or suffer a slow and terrible death.

Core Pains vs. Surface Pains

If you hired a sales expert, the first question they'd likely ask is, "Why now?" They like to get "Surface Pain Responses," as they call them.

You must be thinking that your surface Pains are: 

  • ‘We missed our goals.’’ 
  • "We're putting the crew together."
  • "We have a group, but everyone is doing things their way."

That is not the answer they are looking for, and neither should you. Here are five reasons why hiring a sales expert might be a good idea.

When Should You Hire a Sales Consultant? 

Here Are 5 Signs That You Do

1. Losing ground to competitors

Have you noticed any significant changes in your business, such as decreased sales, losing ground to the competition, investors withdrawing, or losing significant clients? If that's the case, it's time to start discussing the possibility of hiring a sales consultant. Their knowledge and abilities will assist you in devising unique tactics to resurrect your company.

2. Sales Forecasting Is Frequently Incorrect

Sales forecasting aids firms in predicting sales and revenue performance and implementing practical solutions. A sales expert will assist in developing a framework that will instruct sales representatives on how to anticipate sales accurately. They also define and assist in meeting a company's expectations.

3. Margins Are On a Down Trend

If you've noticed that your profit margins are shrinking or that your sales volume is continuously decreasing? Then hiring a sales expert would be a good idea. They will assist in identifying issues and developing strategies to address them. They will also help sales reps improve their sales cycles by implementing effective tactics for enhancing the company's sales margin.

4. The Sales Team Doesn't Know What To Do

A sales cycle is one of the numerous components that make up a successful firm. It's not only a sales cycle, though. It needs to be concise and unambiguous, with all processes defined and in a logical order. For successful sales, your sales personnel should understand and follow these processes.

5. A Significant Number of Employees Are Quitting

Perhaps you're losing employees at a faster rate than you're making sales, or you're spending more time recruiting and hiring new employees than you're meeting the company's financial goals. These are all compelling reasons to hire a sales expert. Their presence in your company or business will undoubtedly have a good impact. They'll assist you in identifying and resolving the issues that are causing you to lose personnel.

How to Hire a Sales Consultant

When hiring a sales expert, there are five crucial talents and attributes to look for. The following are some tips on how to hire a sales consultant:

1. Is the candidate aware of the value of your product?

A skilled sales consultant should be familiar with your company's product and its value. To comprehend your sales process, they need to have knowledge and awareness of your company's origins, mission, and history. They can achieve this by volunteering to sit in on a sales pitch so that they can completely understand your sales strategies.

2. Is there a design or technique that the candidate possesses? 

A successful sales candidate should provide innovative strategies or suggestions to enhance your company's sales process. Adopt the methods to your specific requirements and expectations.

3. Can they tailor their services to your specific requirements? 

An ideal applicant for the sales consultant position will identify and root out areas where your organization may be underperforming and a solution to these issues. They should be dynamic and fluent in sales and marketing knowledge to identify and implement areas that require improvement.

4. Can you tell me about their track record? 

Do they have verifiable evidence of their services, such as customer testimonials or case studies from previous clients? Do they have any referees that can attest to their credibility?

5. Do they take a different strategy than the others?

A successful sales consultant should have a fresh approach, which may be achieved through researching and staying current with evolving sales trends. They, like everyone else in your sales division, should have a thorough understanding of your product and its worth. A good sales consultant should be wise and able to see things from multiple perspectives. 

They should also develop innovative techniques and strategies and put them to use in regions where they are needed. Furthermore, train sales representatives on how to use these approaches.

The Final Note 

B2B marketing isn't easy, but a B2B sales consultant can help you expand your company. They can assist you in figuring out which parts of your sales plan are missing if you're having difficulties getting new business or developing existing ones.

A good B2B consultant can help you and your salespeople on the right track to more regularly closing deals.

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